Songs About Being 19

Many say age is just a number, but reaching 19 years is often momentous. At 19, you are growing out of your teenage phase and entering adulthood.

Here are some of the best songs about being 19 that may transform your way of thinking, confidence, and love for this new phase.

“Perfect Places” by Lorde

Song Year: 2016

There is no better way to start this list than with the musical pop icon Lorde for her indie-rock track “Perfect Places,” which is from her album “Melodrama.”

“Perfect Places” is about being 19 and wanting to have fun without restrictions. It also expresses her desire to have someone nearby. Thus, she chooses to hang out with friends instead of being alone.

In hindsight, “Perfect Places” is a fantastic song to portray what 19-year-olds feel in this awkward stage.

“Not Nineteen Forever” by Courteeners

Song Year: 2008

This track is perfect for all 19 years old as it captures the essence of youth with its underground rock tempo and hot lyrics.

It is a catchy song that epitomizes the need to grow, mature, and be responsible for your life. The Courteeners advise their fans that being young, foolish, and getting drunk is not the way to live.

If you are 19 and have not gotten your life together, listen to this track and find your way.

“Nineteen” by Tegan and Sara

Song Year: 2007

“Nineteen” by Tegan and Sara is a fantastic song that depicts the themes of love and loss.

From the lyrics, the listener can understand what the narrator felt when meeting the other person. They are romanticizing a young love, where they speak of needing and loving the other without even knowing them all too well.

However, in the end, they say goodbye to the relationship indicating the end of one chapter of life and the dawn of a new one.

“Fast” by Juice WRLD

Song Year: 2019

Juice WRLD was an iconic rapper whose life ended too soon. His song “Fast” is the sixth track of his album Death Race of Love, released in 2019.

In “Fast,” Juice is nostalgic about his former life and how fame has changed everything. Although he talks of making music, becoming rich, and wearing designer clothes, he believes that this new stage in his life is confusing but strives to live it fully.

The song reminds all the young ones to slow down, rethink their future and do better in life.

“19” by Landon Cube

Song Year: 2017

Landon laments the difficulties he is experiencing while transitioning to adulthood as a 19-year-old. He mentions themes of love, loss of friendship, anxiety, and depression of not knowing how to handle this new stage of life.

From Landon’s point of view, becoming an adult seems like a big task he is willing to take on. It is a feeling that other 19-year-olds can relate to and understand. Thus, there is a chance you will enjoy this song. 

“Dear John” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2010

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Taylor Swift. She is a famous pop musician who has amassed billions of followers worldwide through her music.

Her song. “Dear John” talks about how one’s teenage years can be wild and exciting simultaneously. However, she insists that this period leaves one with many life lessons to learn from and use in the future.

She also sings about her lost years with her older lover, “John,” and his manipulation towards her. The song warns all 19-year-olds to be on the lookout when seeking love from older lovers.

“I Was Only Nineteen” by Redgum

Song Year: 1983

Contrary to the rest of the list, “I Was Only Nineteen” is a tribute song to Australian Vietnam veterans. They experienced war while young, survived, and returned home with many mental issues.

The protagonist tells his view of the war and the horrors he experienced and endured at a young age. The song is perfect for young veterans who have experienced war or come out of one to find peace and solace.

Instead of succumbing to fear, the song reminds them of their survival.

“Nineteen in Naples” by Jonathan Richman

Song Year: 1998

Are you looking for a song that offers you a sense of adventure? Then, Jonathan Richman’s “Nineteen in Naples” is an ideal choice.

The singer recounts his travels in Naples, adventures, discoveries, and experiences. He speaks of his insecurities as a foreigner in a new land and the vast stares he receives, making him conscious of his presence.

However, that did not deter him from having the experience of a lifetime at only 19 years.

The song is an important reminder to all 19-year-olds to enjoy life and build their confidence as they enter adulthood.

“Coxton Yard” by Title Fight

Song Year: 2011

“Coxton Yard” is a hard rock track by Title Fight.

The song is about loneliness and emotional difficulties, a familiar concept with most 19-year-olds. Based on the lyrics, the protagonist is speaking of thoughts on committing self-harm and loneliness.

Nineteen is considered a weird age in a person’s life and the most critical because it is the period that can break or make a person. With uncertainties about life, listen to this song and remember you are not alone in the fight.

Reevaluate and purpose to live a good life in your adult years.

“Nineteen” by Movements

Song Year: 2016

“Nineteen” is an indie song with incredible drum beats, electric instrumentals, and simple vocals that make the video enjoyable.

The track sights the theme of self-insurance, confidence, and accountability mostly realized towards the end of one’s teenage years.

The singer insists that despite having doubts about the future or the challenges you may face, it is vital to understand who you are by building your confidence and taking responsibility for your actions.

This concept is vital in succeeding as a young adult in the world.

“Anything You Want” by Spoon

Song Year: 2001

“Anything You Want” by spoon is a dedication to all rock lovers.

The protagonist speaks about a previous relationship and the problems they had. He says that despite having issues and their long-term separation over the years, he loved his partner right from when he met them when they were 19.

He states that he would want to make it right with them and rekindle the love they once had. As a 19-year-old, listen to “Anything You Want” and remember that you can find and lose love as quickly.

So, never give up on it during your adult years.

“19 and Crazy” by Bomshel

Song Year: 2009

This country music track, with a hint of banjo, is a fantastic song to listen to if you need a pick me up after stressing over life in your twenties.

The female singer in “19 and Crazy” recounts her childhood memories and expresses her wishes to teach her kids not to try out some things.

However, that does not stop her from expressing her excitement over her teenage years when she experienced everything deemed crazy and fun.

The song advises all 19-year-olds to live without regrets and make the right choices while having fun.

“Kilby Girl ” by The Backseat Lovers

Song Year: 2019

There is always something so intriguing about people who live boldly without much worry, right?

Well, “Kilby Girl” is an example of such an analogy. This indie rock track is about a 19-year-old girl who is a mystery to the narrator. The singer expresses how free-spirited she is; even though she seems young, he cannot resist spending time with her.

Although the song portrays an unhealthy relationship with a young woman, the audience or listeners can learn the beauty of living life unapologetically.

“Don’t Like Who I Was Then ” by The Wonder Years

Song Year: 2015

“Don’t Like Who I Was Then” is an educative song making it one of the best songs about being 19.

The narrator expresses his contentment with how responsible he is now compared to when he was a teenager. He appreciates his maturity and embraces his past mistakes to prevent any hiccups. 

Throughout the song, the singer encourages his audience to own up to their past mistakes, take risks when they can, and never be afraid to mess them up because they are part of the learning cycle of life. 

“Once and Never Again ” by The Blondes

Song Year: 2006

The Blondes recorded and released “Once and Never Again” to empower younger viewers.

The lyrics to the song portray some themes of self-harm, low self-esteem, and feeling empowered. The singer repeatedly says that the protagonist must understand that love is not everything at a young age.

They also encourage their listeners that it is essential to leave toxic men and relationships behind and focus on their future.

As a youth, consider listening to this song and purpose to leave your toxic relationship and start fresh.

“She’s Nineteen Years Old ” by Muddy Waters

“She’s Nineteen Years Old ” by Muddy Waters

Song Year: 1958

Are you a jazz and blues lover? Then “ She’s Nineteen Years Old” is right up your alley.

Recorded and released by the legendary Muddy Waters, the track is perfect for young people who identify as old souls.

It features excellent blues vocals and rich piano and guitar notes you can listen to when needing to relax at home. Although the song is about loving a young woman, as a blues and jazz fanatic, “She’s Nineteen Years Old” should not miss from your song list.

“Hey Nineteen” by Steely Dan

Song Year: 1980

“Hey Nineteen” is a jazz number that illustrates the challenges of dating younger people.

The narrator describes his dissatisfaction with dating a younger woman who could not understand some of the things the singer knew. However, he insisted that he still liked her company.

The song reminds the 19-year-olds to choose their lovers wisely to avoid a generational gap shock and misunderstanding.

“Pushing 20” by Sabrina Carpenter

Song Year: 2019

Sabrina Carpenter is a talented millennial with an incredible voice you can listen to all day long.

Her songs are always mesmerizing. For example, “Pushing 20” is a track that shows her musical versatility and a reminder to her audience that turning 20 years means growing up and being responsible.

It is a message to her 19-year-old fans to take control of their lives.

“Twinkle Lights” by The Sonder Bombs

Song Year: 2018

“Twinkle Lights” deserves this list, as it speaks candidly about having a support system that can help one in their healing journey.

Noting the challenges that come with being 19 years, the song is a reminder that there is hope in finding healing with others by your side.

“Trouble” by Imagine Dragons

Song Year: 2015

If you have ever heard of “Believer,” then you are aware of Imagine Dragons, a fantastic pop band with incredible musical talent.

In their song, “Trouble,” the narrator speaks of finding their way and needing help and prayers to figure out their next move.

Most people aged 19 need guidance and advice to navigate life as they start adulting.

“19” by Paul Hardcastle

Song Year: 2013

“19” is another song that pays tribute to soldiers who fought and survived the Vietnamese war in the 1960s.

Although not your typical average song, it features reliable information about the war and how the young 19-year-old soldier experienced a tough time during and after it.

It is a reminder to always respect the veterans.

“Falling Down a Hole” by Crywank

Song Year: 2016

“Falling Down a Hole” is a song best fit for the emo generation.

The song is a remembrance of a time when the narrator wanted to change things once he reached 19 but soon realized life is not that easy.

For the 19-year-olds who do not know what to do in their adulting years, the song reminds them that you should take it easy and go with the flow. Things will work out eventually.

“Nineteen Forever” by Joe Jackson

Song Year: 1989

Most 19-year-olds are afraid of the world and what awaits them in their twenties, but “Nineteen Forever” reminds them that they can still grow old but remain young at heart.

The song is about living your life without fear, enjoying it to the fullest as though you are still 19 years. For all those afraid to step into their twenties, listen to “Nineteen Forever” and feel encouraged.

“19 Somethin’” by Mark Willis

Song Year: 2002

 “19 Somethin’” is a nostalgic song that Mark sings about his life as a young person.

He starts by stating how amazing it was being a kid, falling in love in his teenage years, and wishing he was young again.

It is a song that reminds individuals to relish in their youth before adulthood, and life’s challenges and responsibilities take over.

“Nineteen” by Lil Peep

Song Year: 2016

“Nineteen” by Lil Peep is a hip-hop song familiar to the young generation.

The song references his age gap with a sexual partner who thought he was older than he seemed. The song also points out some of Lil Peeps’ struggles, such as drug abuse and feelings of depression, eventually leading him to lose his life before turning 21.

Although the song does not speak much about being 19, it depicts the struggles 19- and 20-year-olds go through. Let this song remind all young people of the beauty of following the right path to survive well into adulthood.

“Goblin” by Tyler, the Creator

Song Year: 2011

If you are into rap songs with deeper lyrical meaning, then “Goblin” is an ideal track you can listen to as a young person.

In the track, rapper Tyler expresses his opposition to societal expectations towards his life. He insists that he is not fit to be a role model because he is a 19-year-old trying to make it work and figure out his life while making a few mistakes and learning from them.

His listeners can understand how it feels to have people expect much from them while figuring out their lives. The song reminds all 19-year-olds to let go of the pressure of being perfect and learn from their mistakes as they continue growing up.

“19 You + Me” by Dan +Shay

Song Year: 2013

It is only fitting to end this list with the iconic Dan + Shay country duo’s song, “19 You + Me.” The song is about young summer love, where a couple met at the beach and loved every minute they spent together.

“19 You + Me” can mean many things, but the audience interprets it as love experienced when one is 19 years. It symbolizes a time when things are easy, love is fantastic, and you hope for a better tomorrow with the one you currently love. 

Best Songs About Being 19, Final Thoughts

Being 19 can seem like a challenging phase in life. However, some songs portray an age of growth, making mistakes, and learning to overcome challenges. The songs celebrate life and offer advice to their audience.

Pick and listen to any song on this list and soak in the nostalgia of when you were 19, young, and full of life.

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