Songs Starting With H

How has H had… I can’t think of any words with H to finish that sentence!

Thankfully, you’re here for songs that begin with H, and those we got plenty of.

Here’s our list of the best songs starting with the letter H.

“Hell or Highwater” by Zach Bryan

Song year: 2021

Zach Bryan’s sweet love song “Hell or Highwater” is about a man who wants to give his girl all his love. He will go through anything, hell or high water, for her. Reflecting his devotion, he wants to show her and the whole world that he is in it for the long run.

“Hey Like A Child” by Kurt Vile

Song year: 2022

“Hey Like A Child” is a hazy love song. Each line stumbles over another, making as much sense as a dream. The man dreams of a love he longs for, trying to make sense of the situation.

“Hurt Somebody” by Dierks Bentley

Song year: 2014

Dierks Bentley offers a bittersweet track about a love that does not go right. He is so infatuated with this woman that he will endure hurt and heartbreak to be with her for a short period.

The narrator knows she is the type of person to bulldoze through and hurt everyone in her way, but he still hopes that the person she hurts is him.

“Happy Instead” by Zach Bryan

Song year: 2022

“Happy Instead” is about a man who thought he wanted a particular kind of love. However, in the end,  he realizes things are better because it didn’t work. He was distressed about the love he lost at first.

Years later, he gets a call from his once-lover. When he talks to her on the phone, he realizes the two would not have been happy together. Instead, he’s moved on and can’t even remember her name. Now, he knows it is more important to be happy in life.

“Hard To Love” by Lee Brice

Song year: 2012

In this emotional and heartfelt song, Lee Brice sings lovingly to his wife. He expresses the thanks and gratitude he has towards her and the love she gives him every day.

While he acknowledges he is not the easiest person to love, she continually shows him grace and affection. He wants her to know that he appreciates all of the efforts she puts into their love story.

“He’s Mine” by Rodney Atkins

Song year: 2011

“He’s Mine” tells the story of what many fathers go through when they have a son. Most boys go through a rambunctious stage in life. When his son starts to get into trouble with neighbors, the dad has to claim which son is his.

The song fast forwards to the future, By this point, the son is older and successful, with the proud father happy to yell “he’s mine!”

“Honest” by The Band Camino

Song year: 2019

This deep track is all about asking ourselves whether we truly want someone or something, and the need to ask how sincere that desire is.

Are we just lonely and need someone to feel the void, or are we really in love with that person? The overriding message is to be self-aware and honest.

“Halfway Up” by The Brook & The Bluff

Song year: 2019

“Halfway Up” is about the struggles and effort that must go into every relationship. Relationships are not easy-going all the time, but rather take continual effort by both parties.

Hiking a mountain is used as a metaphor to demonstrate a relationship. The man is trying to be honest, but he stopped halfway through, just like stopping halfway up a mountain on a hike.

“Half of My Heart” by John Mayer

Song year: 2009

A poignant song, “Half of My Heart” revolves around a man who can’t fully commit. Although he loves his girlfriend, it is only with half of his heart. But he loves her enough to tell her that he can’t keep the relationship going if he can’t fully love her.

In his eyes, she deserves more. Yet, even after they break up, half of his heart will always love her.

“Hurt Somebody” by Noah Kahan and Julia Michaels

Song year: 2018

Noah Kahan and Julia Michaels team up to deliver a song about the opposing side of a breakup. Most songs about the hurt of a relationship come from the person who was broken up with.

They show the opposite perspective. The man knows the woman loves him, and she is making it difficult for him to tell the truth. He doesn’t love her and he has to tell her, no matter the hurt.

“Heart With Your Name On It” by New Medicine

Song year: 2014

This punk-rock track deals with a person struggling to get over a girl. The man knows he should just enjoy life while he is young and not worry so much about the future, but he can’t.

All he can do is keep coming back to the girl whose name is written on his heart.

“Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

Song year: 2012

A huge hit when released in 2012, “Ho Hey” is all about a man that is feeling lost. He doesn’t know where home is or who his family truly is.

The only place he feels at home is with a girl, but that feeling is unrequired. If only she had taken a bus to come to find him, things would be different and he would finally feel at home.

“Hotel California” by The Eagles

Song year: 1976

Legendary band The Eagles scored big with “Hotel California,” making this track one of the most iconic songs starting with H. It tells the tale of a man traveling late in the night. He grows tired, so he decides to stop when he sees a light.

While he thinks something is off about the place, he opts to stay anyway. The hotel is a brothel, and the man learns all of the women there feel as if they are prisoners. He tries to escape, but the night watch tells him he is to never leave.

“Hand to Hold” by Benton Leachman

“Hand to Hold” by Benton Leachman

Song year: 2015

Benton Leachman sings this sweet song about being infatuated with a woman. He is respectful and sweet, wanting only to ask to hold her hand for the next dance.

While in this dance, he declares he’ll be all hers, if only for five minutes.

“Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Song year: 2009

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros redefines what home means. To some people, it means a place, maybe the house they grew up in or where their family is.

However, in this song, home is defined as being wherever the woman is with her man. He has become her home.

“Hypothermic” by Goodnight, Texas

Song year: 2020

“Hypothermic” takes you on a journey with a man who is on the run from the law. Trying to escape justice, the man makes his way to Alaska to build a new life, going so far as to assume a new alias.

As he heads northbound, he drives along dark, ice roads, seemingly into the unknown.

“How Does It Sound” by Dylan Schneider

Song year: 2017

Dylan Schneider sings this song about a  person he thinks is his forever girl. The lyrics explore the dreams he has for their future and of all the memories they’ll make together.

His feelings for her are certain, but he wants to be sure she is thinking the same thing.

“Hurricane” by The Band of Heathens

Song year: 2016

“Hurricane” tells the story of living in the South from a man who grew up in the rough parts of town. He has lived through the storms that come and go through Louisiana.

A man comes down to try to change things but doesn’t know the history of the area. The local knows the man won’t last long, claiming he’ll head back to Chicago any day.

“Hold Me Back” by Parker McCollum

Song year: 2020

Parker McCollum sings about a spiraling life in this somber track. The narrator’s issues have taken control of his life.

He always goes too far and messes things up, with destructive consequences. In the end, the gloomy lyrics reveal he needs someone to put him back on the right track.

“Houston County Sky” by Whiskey Myers

Song year: 2019

“Houston County Sky” revolves around a couple who never left their hometown. The two have a bad reputation in town, but they don’t care.

They lead a simple life raising their family while dealing with personal challenges. Despite being together, they can’t seem to get out of the cycle they are in.

“Humble Folks” by Flatland Cavalry

Song year: 2016

Flatland Cavalry sings this catchy tune about the band’s humble beginnings. Growing up, no one believed they would make anything of themselves.

The track reveals the band kept their humble view even as they grew up in popularity. They owe everything they’ve done to their families back home.

“Happier” by Ed Sheeran

Song year: 2017

Ed Sheeran tells the story of a breakup from the man’s point of view. He knew he had to leave because of how he hurt his girlfriend.

The narrator sees her just a month after their breakup. She is with another man and he can tell she is happier than she ever was with him. While he was happier with her, he hides the truth for her sake.

“Heartbreak Weather” by Niall Horan

Song year: 2020

Niall Horan can’t catch a break in this anguished track. Horan laments how lonely he is, with an empty heart to boot.

The gloom starts to go when he finds a girl who makes him feel different when she’s with him. He feels like he is flying through lifted clouds.

“Homecoming Queen?” by Kelsea Ballerini

Song year: 2019

“Homecoming Queen?” epitomized a vulnerable stage in Kelsea Ballarini’s music career. Ballerini fields questions to a homecoming queen who is seemingly not as put together as she seems to be.

She points out that it is okay to show what is going on in your life. You don’t have to hide behind your popularity and act like everything is okay.

“Horses in Heaven” by Kylie Frey

Song year: 2020

Kylie Frey delivers an emotional and deeply nostalgic track with “Horses in Heaven.” She reminisces about her childhood riding horses with her grandpa. He told her that riding was in her blood.

After the passing of her grandfather, she imagines him in heaven. She doesn’t know if he’s herding cattle or teaching youngsters the way of life, but she is sure he’s up there riding horses.

“Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s

Song year: 2005

When it comes to songs beginning with the letter H, few are as catchy as “Hey There Deliah.” In this song, The Plain White T’s sing about a man who left his girl behind to chase his dreams of music.

Although the distance is hard for the couple, he wants her to know she can always play his music and know he is there with her. The narrator plans to come back to her once he makes it in the music world and can pay the bills.

“Honestly” by Hot Chelle Rae

Song year: 2011

Hot Chelle Rae tells the story of a girlfriend who is done dealing with her boyfriend. She goes crazy on him during the breakup, but he doesn’t care. He knows he should care more and be sad, but he goes out to party instead.

Songs Starting With H, Final Thoughts

Music can make you feel every emotion. It can make you happy and upbeat or sad and down in the dumps. Everyone uses music for different things and can find a song for every situation. Whatever genre is your favorite, listen to these songs starting with H!

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