Songs Starting With Q

You can find songs that start with all kinds of letters, including the less common ones. For example, you may question if you can find songs beginning with the letter Q, but you’ll find more than you expect. You can start with these top songs starting with Q.

“Quitter” by Carrie Underwood

Song year: 2009

“Quitter” talks from the perspective of someone who has never stayed for long in a relationship. They always feel the need to quit and leave their previous relationships. However, she finally finds a man that makes her want to stay.

She feels she can move past her previous quitter lifestyle and stick with this man she loves. She does so because she recognizes the love he has for her.

“Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” by Doris Day

Song year: 1956

This song uses an exciting approach while using a sing-songy tune. It came out in the 50s and focuses on accepting life.

The singer asks her mom and husband about what she should expect in the future. They remind her that whatever happens will happen; we can’t see into the future, but we can remain happy with our lives.

“Queen of California” by John Mayer

Song year: 2012

The song talks about how a person plans to travel to the West. They do so because they want to escape the cold and the rain in the area. They then hop on a flight to leave their current location.

The singer refers to the queen of California multiple times and leaves the listener wondering about her and the ghost town.

“Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” by The Backstreet Boys

Song year: 1996

The song comes from a popular band from the 90s that focused on love songs. The singer feels like the lover may cheat on them. They also feel like they constantly face a state of limbo concerning the relationship.

The singer wants to move on, but they can’t because of their feelings. They also wish to return to how the relationship was before.

“Queen” by Shawn Mendes

Song year: 2018

People know about individuals in the world with pride. The singer follows that mindset by discussing a woman who believes she is above others. The woman pretends she doesn’t know the singer whenever she runs into them.

The singer then talks about how the woman looks beautiful but is ugly on the inside. They also talk about how the woman acts like a queen while putting herself above them.

“Quiet Town” by The Killers

Song year: 2021

The singer addresses how multiple good people live in the quiet town. Unfortunately, about two or three people die yearly because a train hits them. The most recent case happened to a young couple who planned to get married after they graduated.

Despite the bad things in the quiet town, people remain strong and hold onto their beliefs. They help others, do their best, and work hard.

“Queen of Clubs” by KC & the Sunshine Band

Song year: 1974

The song focuses on a person who recognizes a woman at a party. They view the woman as the life of the party and point out how the parties don’t have the same energy without her there.

Because of her ability to stand out at a club, they gave her the nickname Queen of Clubs. She can dance throughout the night and have a blast.

“Quiet Distress” by Killswitch Engage

Song year: 2016

You’ll enjoy this song by Killswitch Engine if you enjoy metal music. The song talks about a person who faced many struggles in life where someone treated them wrong.

The singer then talks about how keeping things to yourself won’t lead to healing. But, despite the problems you may face and the troubles in life, you can overcome them and become the victor.

“Queen of Hearts” by We The Kings

Song year: 2013

The singer talks about how they face problems in life and rely on their lover to survive. The singer sees her as a person that supports and helps them. They view her as the perfect match for them.

Despite when the singer feels like they need to face their demons or when the world falls apart, they can rely on this woman.

“Quicksand” by David Bowie

Song year: 1971

The song comes from the classic singer, David Bowie, who many people have loved over the decades. The song talks about a person who struggles with their thoughts and feelings.

The person feels like they can’t believe in themselves and that people should never deceive others with their beliefs. They think people will only know what happens after death once they die.

“Queen of Peace” by Florence & The Machine

Song year: 2015

You most likely know Florence & The Machine if you like pop music. The song uses tons of symbolism as the singer talks about how they feel like the queen of peace.

The singer must deal with those feelings while facing the damages caused by the king. The king lost his son during a battle, so although they won, the king lost so much.

“Questions 67 and 68” by Chicago

Song year: 1969

Chicago is a great rock band that dominated the 60s and 70s. The song emphasizes how the singer has a love for another person. The singer loves the idea of them and the other person together.

The singer continues to imagine them in a relationship and hopes to form it as they keep their relationship going.

“Queen of the Field” by Alicia Keys

Song year: 2013

This song addresses some of history’s darker moments by talking about a woman who faced slavery. The woman has to live in a cotton field, pick the cotton, and deal with the terrors around her.

Despite this woman’s royalty and beautiful face, she must go through the struggles of slavery and face a difficult life.

“Question!” by System of a Down

“Question!” by System of a Down

Song year: 2005

The song uses repeating questions to make people think of death and what people face. For example, it talks about whether ghosts are the same as people.

The singer also discusses how people dream throughout the night. They imagine themselves flying and wonder if flying is the same as dying. The song relies heavily on symbolism and how the listener interprets it.

“Queen of the Forest” by Ted Nugent

Song year: 1975

Ted Nugent stands out as a famous guitarist who created many songs. The piece discusses a woman known as the queen of the forest. She has many powers, including controlling the light, destroying towns, and caring for animals.

She has so much power and influence that the singer feels like her influence will keep everyone free and happy.

“Quest for Fire” by Iron Maiden

Song year: 1983

Iron Maiden is widely regarded as one of the greatest metal bands of all time, renowned for incredible live performances. In this song, they talk about how people valued fire during the prehistoric period.

The cavemen don’t realize they can make fire, so they try to find or steal it. The song reminds us how what we search for can sometimes be created by us.

“Queenie Eye” by Paul McCartney

Song year: 2013

Most people recognize Paul McCartney since he was a part of The Beatles. The singer discusses how they had to face rules and situations they never knew about.

The singer felt like someone didn’t help them understand life, so they had to seek wealth alone. They feel accomplished and like they made the big time despite any setbacks caused by the past.

“Queens Don’t” by Raelynn

Song year: 2018

The singer here talks about how they didn’t grow up like a queen but must receive proper treatment. They don’t want a person who will treat them wrong, but one who will respect and love them.

However, the singer also recognizes that true queens don’t hate others or bring negativity. Instead, they must remain kind and find a king who will do the same.

“Quarter Past Midnight” by Bastille

Song year: 2019

Bastille increased in popularity a few years ago and continues to make great music. The song talks about people who explore the city right before midnight. They have fun during that time, but they tend to make bad decisions.

The singer also feels like they’re always chasing something in life while wanting to be more physically attractive.

“Quasimodo” by Lifehouse

Song year: 2000

People know the character Quasimodo, a hunchbacked man who lived in a clock tower. The song has the person discussing how others view them as ugly.

Despite being viewed as ugly, the singer lets go of their pain, which offers some relief. They recognize that everyone wants to feel ok, so the speaker reminds them to love themselves despite any hate they may receive.

“Queen for a Day, Pt. 1” by Blackmore’s Night

Song year: 2003

The song has a person singing about their desire to become a queen. They want to sleep on a comfortable pillow, enjoy dancing, and even spend time in the rain.

The singer feels like they could be freed from so much pain and struggles if they become a queen. They want to feel that joy for a single day in their life.

 “Quite Miss Home” by James Arthur

Song year: 2019

Some people get homesick, so “Quite Miss Home” relates to those people. It sings about a person and how they had many memories at home, but they won’t return home until the winter.

They have to spend time working on their business and want to go home. The singer misses their home not because they want to be there, but to be with their love.

“Quietly Yours” by Birdy

Song year: 2022

The song talks about a person who experienced an amazing moment off the shore with someone. They dream about returning to those times and being with that person again.

Many years past since that moment, and the singer hopes to meet that person in the future. However, the song implies that the person may have returned by the song’s end.

“Quick” by Jill Scott

Song year: 2011

The singer talks about how their lover quickly left them. The lover left so soon that the singer couldn’t fathom or believe how fast the person had disappeared.

The singer doesn’t view themselves as a Casanova. Instead, the person truly loved them and went through so much pain and emotion once their lover left them. The song reflects this by being less than two minutes.

“Questions for the Angels” by Paul Simon

Song year: 2011

The song takes a unique approach by singing from a homeless person’s perspective. The person tries to figure out where they plan to sleep that night.

The singer asks who believes in angels, and they feel that only fools believe in them. However, the singer states they believe in angels and will continue with their life.

“Queen of the Supermarket” by Bruce Springsteen

Song year: 2009

The lyrics of this popular song by Bruce Springsteen delve into a person falling in love with the checkout girl at the supermarket.

As he sings praises to his queen of the market, he also notices that others seem oblivious to her presence and uniqueness.

Springsteen revealed that he drew inspiration for this song from visiting a brand new market that looked like something out of a fantasy book. This made him explore the sexual subcontext in American supermarkets.

“Quasar” by The Smashing Pumpkins

Song year: 2012

“Quasar” takes an exciting approach through its religious references. It mentions wanting to form relationships with a deity and the questions the singer faces.

The song can encourage people to seek further religious discovery and understanding. Because of the unique approach, spiritual and non-religious people can resonate with and understand the lyrics behind the song.

Best Songs Starting With Q, Final Thoughts

Even though Q stands out as one of the most common letters in the alphabet, you can find plenty of songs beginning with the letter Q. Each piece is excellent and offers unique meanings and genres.

Make sure to think about the different possibilities for music. You’ll find new songs and genres to fall in love with and make the most out of your experience.

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