Hip Hop Funeral Songs

Death is an unfortunate occurrence, but sadly one of life’s realities. In such stressful conditions, music can be quite therapeutic. If you’re seeking some songs to help you deal with the grief, look no more. Here are the best hip-hop funeral songs.

“Goodbye” by DMX

Song Year: 2006

“Goodbye” by DMX is the final track of his album Year of the Dog…Again. DMX raps about the individuals he knew who passed away without being able to say their final farewells. X wants not to depart in the same manner, so he reconciles and makes amends with others while he’s still alive.

After losing our loved ones, we often long to see them again and at least say the final goodbye. DMX encapsulates this message on this track, making it a great song to play when bidding your final farewells to a beloved during their funeral.

“In Memory Of…” by Gang Starr

Song Year: 1998

Rap music has long been associated with violence and the untimely passing of many artists. Gang Starr is one of the legendary hip hop duos of the 90s and used the track “In Memory Of…” to remember all their loved ones who died.

Throughout the song, the rap duo also highlights how some of their friends were murdered. It’s a great funeral song to play if you’re dealing with the unexpected death of your loved one, as the lyrics are quite relatable.

“Tha Crossroads” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Song Year: 1995

“Tha Crossroads” is a track off Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s 2nd studio album E. 199 Eternal. The track is an ode to the legendary rapper Eazy-E, the group’s mentor, and other family members. The tune debuted at #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and topped the chart for eight consecutive weeks. Besides, it bagged an Academy Award for Best Duo Rap Performance.

True to its title, the lyrics talk about how much the singer’s miss their deceased loved ones. Its popularity and soothing hook make it a great funeral song.

“Life Goes On” by Tupac Shakur


Song Year: 1996

“Life Goes On” is conscious rap at its best as it touches on various themes that 2Pac frequently addresses. Pac remembers his deceased friends and reflects on his life and potential demise. Sadly, considering his sudden death, the message of this tune becomes even more touching.

This tune depicts how the streets take someone’s life and how the deceased wouldn’t want you to mourn for long. The song inspires the surviving persons to make the most of their life, which is a great message to pass on to anybody grieving and feeling as if life has come to a standstill.

“Fallen Soldiers” by Cormega


Song Year: 2001

“Fallen Soldiers” is an emotional track off Cormega’s debut album The Realness. On the track, Cormega talks about his memories of his deceased friends. Cormega also pleads with God for forgiveness for the life he’s living and wishes that his deceased loved ones are in a better place in heaven.

This tune’s lyrics and slow tempo will have you reminiscing about all the good times you shared with your loved one. Play this song during the funeral to allow mourners to grieve, as it’s likely to make them tear up.

“Can’t Stop This” by The Roots


Song Year: 2006

“Can’t Stop This” by The Roots starts with a brief shout-out to J Dilla. With this moving ode, the band ensures that the world recognizes the significance of Dilla’s influence on music. The song features heartful lyrics of how much they miss their friend and how they’ll continue pushing his legacy.

Let your deceased loved one know that you’ll always keep them at heart by playing this track at their funeral. The hopeful and inspirational lyrics are also quite soothing.

“See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Song Year: 2015

After the untimely passing of Paul Walker during the filming of Fast & Furious, Wiz and Charlie decided to pen an emotional tribute to the actor. “See You Again” is a dedication by friends and fans to Paul and a message of hope to grieving friends that they’ll meet again.

Although nothing can bring your loved one back to life, it’s reassuring to know that you might meet them again in the afterlife. The lyrics give mourners something to cling to and overcome their grief.

“Legends” by Juice WRLD

Song Year: 2018

“Legends” by Juice WRLD hails from his EP Too Soon. The tune is a tribute to deceased rappers, notably Lil Peep, who passed after an accidental drug overdose, and XXXTentacion, who was killed before the EP’s release.

After Juice also passed on due to a seizure, this song is alleged to have foretold his death. The lyrics embody the untimely death of young persons in the modern world. If you’re mourning a loved one who died too soon, this funeral song with rapping can help grievers come to terms with the tragedy.

“Six Feet Deep” by Geto Boys

Song Year: 1993

Geto Boys released “Six Feet Deep” as the 6th track from their album Till Death Do Us Part. The lyrics symbolize death and how everybody the singer knows keeps falling prey to death’s cruel hand.

This conscious rap will have you reflecting on life and death. It’s a great funeral song, thanks to its slow, slightly bumpy tempo. Mourners will also appreciate the soothing theme of acceptance that this song brings on.

“The Good Die Young” by D12

Song Year: 2004

“The Good Die Young” is one of the most heartfelt rap songs you’ll ever come across. The track came about following the tragic death of D12’s Bugz. Unfortunately, a similar tragedy hit the rap group after another artist, Proof, suffered a similar fate two years after the song’s release.

This song centers around the sadness and grief that follows the passing of somebody at an early age. The pain in the lyrics will have you, and other grieving persons, shed a tear in memory of your loved one at their funeral.

“Mourn Till I Join You” by Naughty by Nature


Song Year: 1998

“Mourn Till I Join You” by Naughty by Nature is featured on the Ride soundtrack. However, the tune is a tribute to the group’s friend Tupac Shakur and focuses on the relationship between the main rapper, Treach, and Tupac.

Although this song wasn’t a huge commercial success, the sorrow is evident in the rap lyrics. It’s a heart-wrenching funeral song to mourn a close friend with whom you share many memories. Play it during a photo slideshow of your beloved’s life during their memorial for a deep reflection of how much they meant to you.

“I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy ft. Faith Evans

Song Year: 1997

“I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans is an ode to their fellow Bad Boys Record rapper Notorious B.I.G. After Notorious’s murder, the grief took a toll on Diddy, and he decided to pen a song to honor his friend and let him know how much he meant to him.

This track is one of the most popular funeral songs today, thanks to its touchy lyrics and melodic hook. Let your deceased beloved know you’ll always remember them by dedicating this song to them during their send-off.

“Without You” by Quavo

Song Year: 2023

In 2022, Migos rapper Takeoff was fatally shot, marking the passing of one of hip hop’s brightest stars. Quavo, Takeoff’s real-life uncle and fellow Migos member, was devastated by the loss, particularly considering he died before his eyes.

In “Without You,” Quavo expresses his deep emotions as he reflects on their shared bad and good times. If you share a similar experience, this melancholic song will have any mourning person grieving deeply.

“Dead and Gone” by T.I ft. Justin Timberlake

Song Year: 2008

“Dead And Gone” by T.I. is a conscientious hip hop track, the 8th single from his 6th album, Paper Trail. In the track, T.I. mourns the death of his former bodyguard and close friend, Philant Johnson, who died from a fatal shooting as his crew left following a show.

If you’re trying to deal with the death of a loved one, the lyrics on this tune can be soothing and inspirational. As T.I. talks about how he’ll see his friend again, this track will give grieving persons the slightest bit of strength they need to soldier on.

“Till We Meet Again” by Mr. Cheeks ft. Stephen Marley

Song Year: 2001

“Till We Meet Again” is the 9th track off Mr. Cheek’s debut album, John P. Kelly. The track features the incredible vocals of Jamaican musician Stephen Marley to make it hearty and touching, especially in grief.

The lyrics are sad but, at the same time, inspiring. While saying the final goodbye can be quite difficult, this song also gives you the promise of meeting your beloved again someday. This message can give mourners at funerals the strength to overcome their grief.

“Tribute” by D.I.T.C.

Song Year: 2000

“Tribute” is the final track off the self-titled debut album by hip-hop group Diggin’ in the Crates Crew. Before the album’s release, one of their members, Big L, fell victim to a fatal shooting at only 24 years old. In the song, D.I.T.C. ‘s members share their personal experiences with Big L and how much they wish he’d still be alive to continue his career.

The slow tempo adds to the melancholic vibe, and the lyrics will trigger strong emotions. Play this song at a funeral to commemorate all the memories you shared with your beloved.

“Veterans Memorial” by Prodigy

“Veterans Memorial” by Prodigy

Song Year: 2000

Traumatized by repeated exposure to violence and death and numbed by the opioids prescribed to suppress sickle cell anemia, Prodigy’s pain was ever-constant in his tracks. As Prodigy described it, constant physical suffering was as integral to the artist’s life as the songs that became his savior and source of popularity.

“Veterans Memorial” by Prodigy is one of Prodigy’s many conscious rap songs from his debut solo album, H.N.I.C. Prodigy talks about how he misses his friends who passed away. The heartful lyrics on this track are perfect for a funeral service as they portray the loneliness and sorrow of losing a loved one.

“Miss U” by Notorious B.I.G


Song Year: 1997

Biggie’s “Miss You” demonstrates that his stories of street life weren’t all about money and violence. Notorious performs a moving and emotional song dedicated to his friend, Big O. This song allows Notorious B.I.G. to expose the tragic side of drugs, which leaves many dead.

It’s normal to grieve and long to see your deceased beloved someday. Playing this tune during a funeral is sure to bring many to tears.

“Tell Me Why” by Kid LAROI

Song Year: 2020

After the death of a loved one, grieving friends and relatives are always left with unanswered questions. “Tell Me Why” is a tribute to Kid LAROI’s mentor and friend, Juice WRLD, who passed away from a drug-induced seizure.

As you’d expect, the song features an emotionally charged trap beat, and sensitive lyrics, making it a popular choice at numerous funerals. It’s a great song for mourners to convey feelings about their loved one’s death.

“Dance” by Nas

Song Year: 2002

Nas’s mother passed away before he released his album God’s Son. As such, most tracks on this album are devoted to her. However, none of the tunes is as emotional and touching as “Dance,” which is one of the best hip-hop funeral songs. Lyrically, Nas envisions a final dance with his mother.

Nas’ delivery of this song is full of wishes and hope of seeing his mother again. If you’ve lost your mother, “Dance” is a great song to play at her funeral as it’s quite consoling. 

“Falling Over” by Kodak Black

Song Year: 2022

XXXTENTACION passed away in 2018, but his soul has never departed. Numerous artists whose lives the deceased rapper impacted continue to find new ways to honor him. Kodak Black, one of the individuals with whom X had the opportunity to collaborate with, paid tribute to the artist with his track “Falling Over.”

Although you’ll hardly hear Kodak mention XXXTENTACION’s name, he does let his heart bleed on this tune. When grieving, it’s common to feel as if a part of you dies with the deceased, which makes “Falling Over” an ideal funeral track.

“Dead & Gone” by M.O.P.

Song Year: 1996

Another popular rap funeral song is M.O.P.’s “Dead & Gone.” The song features on the rap duo’s 2nd studio album, Firing Squad. The song has a slightly upbeat tempo and inspirational lyrics that are relatable to anybody who’s mourning.

The tune provides some consolation by portraying a better place in the afterlife, where we’ll meet our departed companions. However, its stark description of a funeral makes it an appropriately somber song for the occasion.

“Flowers for the Dead” by Cuban Link

Song Year: 2000

“Flowers for the Dead” is a tribute by Cuban Link to his childhood friend, Big Pun. Pun died from a cardiac arrest caused by respiratory failure. As evident in the lyrics, this tragedy caused much pain to Cuban, but he’s still courageous enough to move and carry on his deceased friend’s legacy.

This song featured on Link’s debut studio album 24-K. Interestingly, it’s one of the most commercially successful songs Cuban has ever produced, peaking at #2 on the US Rap Chart. For a funeral tune that embodies grief and acceptance, “Flowers For The Dead” is a great selection.

“Eulogy” by Gang Starr

Song Year: 2003

“Eulogy” is a sad song featured on Gang Starr’s 6th album, The Ownerz. In the song, Guru officiates at a hip-hop funeral. Premo concludes the ceremony by highlighting a list of departed notables and praying for them to find peace in heaven.

This track displays Gangstarr’s rich sound but also contains heartful lyrics.

“Live in the Sky” by T.I. ft. Jamie Foxx

Song Year: 2006

“Live in the Sky” is the third and last track from T.I.’s fourth studio album, King. This rap and R&B tune incorporates the gentle vocals of American actor Jamie Foxx. The heartful lyrics are a tribute to the artist’s deceased loved ones, particularly T.I.’s late friend, Philant Johnson.

This upbeat song is about the afterlife transition to heaven. T.I.’s view of the sky as a new residence is consoling to the bereaved. There’s optimism and faith in the lyrics of an eventual reunion with deceased loved ones, making it a great funeral song.

“Gone Too Soon” by Diaz Brothers

Song Year: 2010

Continuing the rap tradition of vulnerability, Diaz Brothers’ “Gone Too Soon” is another song to consider while preparing for a loved one’s funeral. Rappers Doo Wop and Tony Touch deliver touching lyrics as a tribute to their close friend, Guru.

If you’re struggling to come to terms with the untimely passing of a loved one, this track can be soothing and comforting. You’ll find solace in the gentle drums and Soni’s smooth melody.

“Dead Homiez” by Ice Cube

Song Year: 1990

“Dead Homiez” is one of Ice Cube’s classics, where he spills a little booze for all his fallen homies. The tune focuses on the death, violence, and socioeconomic issues in communities, while Cube pays homage to all those killed in gang violence.

If you’ve lost a friend to such tragedy, this tune’s lyrics will resonate with you.

“The Message” by Dr. Dre

Song Year: 1999

Dre is renowned for his club bangers and party anthems. However, the murder of his brother while he was still on the road with N.W.A. inspired him to pen a tribute song. Although Dre doesn’t hold the bragging rights for writing this song, “The Message” reflects anger and sadness, typical feelings one experiences during grief.

Dre addresses God in the song, questioning His reasons for taking Tyree away. It’s a great funeral song to play when you feel lost in God’s faith because of your tragedy, but also a great way to celebrate the life they lived.

“Survivors Guilt” by Joey Bada$$

Song Year: 2022

Joey Bada$$ pays tribute to two of his deceased cousins, including artist Capital Steez, on “Survivors Guilt.” Besides rapping about their misfortunes, Joey also raps about their shared happy moments.

Although you’re likely accustomed to listening to a furious Joey, he sounds somber in this song, which matches the gloomy production.

Best Hip Hop Funeral Songs, Final Thoughts

Emotions are strongly connected to music. Music can be quite therapeutic if you’re dealing with the tragedy of losing a loved one. In this respect, rappers haven’t been shy in portraying their emotions over the years, as evident in these rap funeral songs.

Whether you’re grieving or are related to somebody who is, you’ll find these hip-hop funeral songs to be emotionally intense and consoling.

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