Songs About Angels For Funerals

Sometimes, finding the best funeral music after losing someone close to you can feel overwhelming. A common theme incorporated into several funeral songs is angels.

Check out our list of songs about angels for funerals to narrow down the best music to honor any loved ones you lost.

“Angels Among Us” by Alabama

Song Year: 1993

The first song on this list is Alabama’s “Angels Among Us.” If you’re a country music fan, this emotional song is the perfect tribute for any lost loved one.

Its lyrics describe how angels watch out for us and give us hope when life feels grim. The piano accompaniment and child choir enhance the emotional tone of the song.

“Angels” by Robbie Williams

Song Year: 1997

The lyrics of Robbie Williams’ number-one hit “Angels” delve into the idea that the loved ones we lose watch over us as guardian angels.

Whenever the song’s narrator looks toward the sky, he knows he received their love. Despite its bittersweet themes, its guitar accompaniment and vocals have an uplifting, hopeful tone.

“Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton

Song Year: 2017

Another excellent country-style song about angels perfect for a funeral is Chris Stapleton’s “Broken Halos.” At its core, it’s a song about losing those close to us. The narrator expresses how he sees everyone close to us as angels, even before death.

No song expresses how a loved one’s legacy lives on more than this Grammy-winning single. Stapleton’s soothing voice, paired with the song’s moderate tempo, gives the song a warm tone.

“Heaven Got Another Angel” by Gordon True

Song Year: 2009

Gordon True’s “Heaven Got Another Angel” encapsulates the feeling many people experience after losing a loved one.

The lyrics describe how the world feels sadder and duller after someone’s death, describing how the sky looks less blue and the stars look less bright. Its gentle piano backing track and subdued vocals emphasize how grief affects people.

“Angels” by John Farnham

Song Year: 1993

Another one of the greatest songs about angels for funerals is John Farnham’s “Angels.” It has an uplifting tone suitable for comforting those experiencing grief after the death of a loved one, emphasizing how their love lives on once the angels reach heaven.

It was a featured track on Farnham’s album Then Again, which topped the Australian Albums Chart.

“Jealous of the Angels” by Jenn Bostic

Song Year: 2012

The main inspiration behind Jenn Bostic’s “Jealous of the Angels” stems from the loss of her father at an early age.

The lyrics reference how Bostic’s father helped her overcome her problems and how his memories and love remain inside her. The piano accompaniment blends well with Bostic’s enriching vocals.

“Touched by an Angel” by Stevie Nicks

Song Year: 2001

This emotional Stevie Nicks song is about an angel guiding a lost loved one to heaven after everyone gathers around them during their final moments. The lyrics describe the angelic figure as glowing, emphasizing the figure’s heavenly essence, and reference grief through the imagery of trying to smile through the tears.

The hauntingly beautiful tone of Nicks’s vocals and the light musical accompaniment perfectly establish the song’s sad yet hopeful mood.

“Angel Standing By” by Jewel

Song Year: 1995

Released on Jewel’s debut album Pieces of You, “Angel Standing By” is a simple yet effective song about a loved one watching over someone as an angel.

The symbolism of a loved one appearing in your dreams makes it relatable to anyone who’s experienced loss. Jewel’s soprano vocals and the folk-style guitar accompaniment give the song a heavenly vibe.

“Dancing in the Sky” by Dani and Lizzy

Song Year: 2016

The lyrics of Dani and Lizzy’s “Dancing in the Sky” reflect the singers’ feelings of emptiness people feel after losing the people they love and how they hope they’re happy in heaven.

The duo wrote this song after a close friend passed away, giving the song a relatable emotional connection. The song’s slower tempo emphasizes its bittersweet tone.

“To Where You Are” by Josh Groban

Song Year: 2002

Josh Groban released this song on his self-titled debut album, peaking at the top spot on Billboard’s Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks Chart.

The song has a straightforward message about how loved ones watch over us, emphasized by lyrics about feeling a loved one’s presence, such as the memory of their voice.

The song’s mellow tempo and Groban’s’ passionate vocals complement each other well, encapsulating the universal feeling of honoring loved ones’ memories.

“When the Angels Sing” by Rhonda Vincent

Song Year: 2001

Rhonda Vincent’s “When the Angels Sing” is a bluegrass song describing the narrator telling a loved one that love and a belief in God will lead them to the heavens.

It was a featured track on the album The Storm Still Rages. The lyrics compare their loved one to a shining light, ensuring they won’t feel sad anymore as their memory lives on through their family and friends.

“Calling All Angels” by Jane Siberry

Song Year: 1991

The next track on our list of songs about angels for funerals is Jane Siberry’s “Calling All Angels,” a powerful song encapsulating the feeling of trying to grasp onto hope and push forward after losing a loved one. The slower tempo and piano accompaniment give the piece a spiritual touch.

The lyrics reference several religious saints in the song’s intro, emphasizing the song’s spiritual energy.

“Borrowed Angels” by Kristen Chenoweth

Song Year: 2005

Kristen Chenoweth’s “Borrowed Angels” encapsulates the initial feelings people experience after losing a loved one, asking why many of them are gone so soon.

The song’s title references the idea that our loved ones are angels who spend their time on Earth to fulfill a purpose before returning to heaven.

“An Angel” by The Kelly Family

Song Year: 1994

Many songs about angels for funerals incorporate lyrics about flying to the heavens to meet with a departed loved one, as is the case with The Kelly Family’s “An Angel,” featured on their album Over the Hump.

The lyrics describe the narrator’s dreams about being an angel and being with the person they lost, emphasized by the song’s soulful folk-style vocals.

“My Angel” by Kellie Pickler

“My Angel” by Kellie Pickler

Song Year: 2006

Kellie Pickler’s “My Angel” is a slow country tribute to her grandmother. The lyrics reference how Pickler’s grandmother was an influential guardian in her life, such as greeting her every day after school. She states how she wishes she was still here to see her achieve her dreams.

“Fly with the Angels” by Jimmy Scott

Song Year: 2020

“Fly with the Angels” is a heartfelt song by Jimmy Scott that resonates with anybody who lost their mother.

The song has a soft, folk-inspired sound, enhanced by its guitar accompaniment. The lyrics incorporate a recurring question about the narrator wondering if his mother’s angel will visit him in his dreams and when they’ll be together again.

“Angel by Your Side (Unplugged)” by Francesca Battistelli

Song Year: 2013

“Angel By Your Side” is a song about how God’s angels are always by our side, providing comfort through the most painful moments in our lives. Although the song has an uplifting tone, its lyrics might resonate with those looking for extra support while grieving for their loved ones.

Although this song has a sentimental, acoustic-style sound to emphasize its emotional and spiritual themes, Francesca Battestilli also released a version with an uplifting Christian rock-themed sound on her album Hundred More Years.

“Angels Calling” by The Tenors

Song Year: 2015

The Tenors released “Angels Calling” on their album Under One Sky. The song takes the perspective of a loved one departing the ones they love, referencing how the angels have come for them.

The last few minutes of the song showcase the slow, operatic style of the vocals, gradually building as the music swells.

Those who lost a loved one might find the lyrics describing how they lived a happy life together might find this song tear-jerking.

“Dancing With The Angels” by Monk & Neagle

Song Year: 2005

Monk & Neagle’s “Dancing With The Angels” is another song about loss, but it also highlights the acceptance of a loved one passing away for those experiencing grief. It was released on the duo’s self-titled debut album.

The song’s guitar and violin accompaniment blend well with the singers’ vocals, providing comfort for those experiencing loss and reminding them how it’s essential to keep a loved one’s memories alive, despite life being brief.

“Wings to Fly” by Nathan Carter

Song Year: 2021

Nathan Carter’s “Wings to Fly” is a song about reflecting on the death of an old, close friend. The lyrics describe how Carter’s friend was always there for him, acting as his metaphorical wings that lift him during the hardest times, and how the friend’s memories will live on, despite everyone’s sadness about his passing.

The piano accompaniment enhances Carter’s country-style vocals, giving the song a bittersweet yet warm tone since his friend got him interested in music at a young age.

“When Mama Sang (The Angels Stopped To Listen)” by George Jones

Song Year: 2003

Initially released on George Jones’ album The Gospel Collection, this gospel-inspired country song is about a man remembering his mother’s love of singing after her death. The guitar and piano accompaniment and Jones’ heartfelt vocal performance give the song a sentimental vibe.

This song is an ideal funeral song option for anyone who lost a mother who was close to them. Its moderate tempo gives it an uplifting yet melancholy sound.

“Angel Like You” by Una Healy

Song Year: 2017

Una Healy’s “Angel Like You,” featured on her album The Waiting Game, is a song about missing someone who recently died. The lyrics capture the feeling many people experience after losing someone, from remembering a loved one’s smile to thinking about the conversations they wish they had.

The song’s chorus reiterates how every person has an angel looking over them, offering guidance through their grief.

“Angel in Heaven (Unplugged)” by Queenera

Song Year: 2019

Choosing a funeral song after losing a child can feel overwhelming for family members. Queenera’s “Angel in Heaven (Unplugged)” is an emotional ballad with a beautiful acoustic guitar accompaniment with lyrics describing a mother’s pain and sorrow about losing a child and asking God to take care of her child in heaven.

Queenera wrote and dedicated this song to the child she lost, making it extra relatable to anyone experiencing grief after their child passed away.

“Ten Thousand Angels Cried” by LeAnn Rimes

Song Year: 1997

Written by David Patillo and featured on LeAnn Rimes’ second album You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs, “Ten Thousand Angels Cried” is a slow ballad with several religious references.

The lyrics comparing the rain to angels’ tears are excellent imagery that might resonate with anyone who lost a loved one.

“Streets Of Heaven” by Sherrié Austin

Song Year: 2011

“Sherrié Austin’s “Streets Of Heaven,” featured on her 2011 album sharing the same name, is a song about a mother worried about losing her young daughter, asking God to lead her to heaven.

The mother hopes that God will give her daughter another chance at life, despite things looking so slim.

Austin’s compassionate country vocals enhance the piece, capturing the emotions parents might experience after losing a child.

“Angels Watching Over Me” by The Oak Ridge Boys

Song Year: 2001

The Oak Ridge Boys’ “Angels Watching Over Me” is another song about angels for funerals with a recurring theme about our loved ones watching over us when they’re gone.

The group incorporates a gospel and country-inspired sound to enhance the song’s spiritual energy, making it ideal for honoring the memory of a loved one who dedicated their heart to God.

“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

Song Year: 1998

Sarah McLachlan‘s “Angel,” featured on her album Surfacing, remains one of her most famous songs that make excellent songs for funerals because of its slow tempo, McLachlin’s emotional vocals, and subdued piano and bass accompaniment.

Initially written after the death of Jonathan Melvoin, the song’s lyrics reference how those who pass away are at peace once they leave our world. It ranked fourth on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart and topped several other weekly charts.

“Even Though You’re Gone” by Angelis

Song Year: 2006

Angelis’ “Even Though You’re Gone” is a song about missing someone who passed away, incorporating lyrics about hearing their voice in your dreams.

Like many perfect angel-themed songs for funerals, it has an emotional drive about how a loved one is still with you even when they’re gone.

The group’s vocal performance enhances this song’s slow, majestic, and emotional tone, despite their young age during its initial release, making the song sound like an angelic choir honoring a loved one’s memory.

“Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)” by Billy Joel

Song Year: 1993

Billy Joel’s “Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)” is an emotional song enhanced by compassionate vocals and a comforting piano accompaniment. The lyrics describe a man telling his child how he’ll always be with them until the end.

Part of the song’s title and lyrics compare a child to an angel, adding extra emotion to a song that might resonate with families dealing with the loss of a child.

Best Songs About Angels For Funerals, Final Thoughts

Losing someone we know can take a toll on people with the strongest wills, but several songs about angels for funerals, regardless of genre, remind us that our loved ones will live on in our memories and we’ll meet them again someday.

We hope our list can help you narrow down your top song options when preparing for your loved one’s memorial services.

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