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“Eyes Open” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2012

Recorded for he Hunger Games Trilogy, Eyes Open is about the suspenseful time of being under pressure. Throughout the song, Taylor Swift emphasizes that you should keep your eyes open and always stay alert in tricky situations, especially when everyone is looking at you to lead them.

“West Texas in My Eye” by The Panhandlers

Song Year: 2020

This song is about a man who is deciding it is finally time to leave West Texas. He never thought he would see the day that he should leave, but he knows he needs a life change. He claims he is not crying, but that it is West Texas in his eye. He decides to leave his renegade days behind him and start a new life outside of West Texas.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Song Year: 1982

Eye of the Tiger is a classic song about resilience and standing your ground. When you get knocked down, get back up and keep fighting. The ferocious tiger is used to portray the tenacity that one must have after dealing with hard times in life.

“Lonely Eyes” by Chris Young

Song Year: 2003

Chris Young sings this song about a woman who walks into a bar while everyone notices her. She takes a seat beside him. He sees the lonely eyes that this woman possesses. She is looking for a relationship with substance, and he knows he can make her lonely eyes less lonely tonight.

“Angel Eyes” by Love and Theft

Song Year: 2012

This song is about a man who knows a woman isn’t just what she portrays with her angel eyes. She is a preacher’s daughter who is the sweetheart of the town. However, he knows that her angel eyes possess a little bit of the devil, and he loves that wild side to her.

“Looking at Me Like That” by Vance Joy

Song Year: 2022

Vance Joy sings this sweet song about a lazy morning with his love. He is taking in the beauty of his woman and prays she never stops using her eyes to look at him with the love and admiration she has for him.

He is falling deeper and deeper in love with her. He doesn’t want her to ever stop loving him the way she does now.

“My Eyes” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2013

This song is about a man captured by a woman he sees. Her lips, her dress, and her jewelry are pulling him in. She begs her to come closer to him, claiming that his eyes are the only thing he doesn’t want to take off of her.

The man doesn’t care about all of the beautiful things that surround him. He is focused on the woman in front him.

“Heavy Eyes” by Zach Bryan

Song Year: 2022

Heavy Eyes is about wild times kids have on boring nights. Getting drunk on Budweiser, smoking weed, and running around with your friends are memories of being a kid in the Midwest. The song’s title refers to the side-effect of this lifestyle.

“Song About Missouri” by Michael Tyler

Song Year: 2017

Michael Tyler is a Missouri native who sings about his home state and the heartbreak he went through. He references green-eyed girls and different memorable things, pointing out there would be more country songs about Missouri if other saw its beauties like he does.

“In Color” by Jamey Johnson

Song Year: 2008

This song opens with a young man asking his grandpa about an old black-and-white picture he found. The grandfather reminisces about the hard times he and his family went through back when pictures were in black in white.

The grandfather states that his grandson should have seen those days in color. If he had seen those days with his own eyes, he would realize the heartache and love that those shades of gray keep covered in the photos.

“Details” by Billy Currington

Song Year: 2019

Billy Currington sings this song about a man who is so infatuated with this woman that his eyes notice every detail about her. He doesn’t notice all of the things going on around him, but he notices every small detail about her.

“Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell

Song Year: 2007

The man in this song is always paranoid. He feels like there are always eyes on him, watching his every move. He just wants to be left alone in his home in peace, but he can’t shake the feeling that somebody is always watching him. He doesn’t know who is watching him, and he is afraid to do everyday things because of his paranoia.

“Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes

Song Year: 1981

Bette Davis was an American actress with a career that spanned over 50 years. The actress was famous for her seductive eyes. This song by Kim Carnes is about a woman that resembles Bette Davis, with bright blonde hair and capturing eyes.

“Clarity” by Vance Joy

Song Year: 2022

This sweet song is about a man that realizes the importance of a significant other in his life. However, he comes to that conclusion when the woman is no longer close to him. With his future crumbling in front of his eyes, he discovered she is the only person he wanted to see, and that gives him the clarity he needed.

“Bud Light Blue” by Coffey Anderson

Song Year: 2018

This song is about a man who has met a woman that is not from around there. Winter is coming and she is not a fan of the cold, so she is headed back to California. He doesn’t know how or why they met, but he will always remember her piercing blue eyes.

He compares the color of her eyes to Bud Light blue, and her skin as kissed with mocha. She is a beautiful woman with beautiful eyes and he is going to miss her.

“Good Lord Lorrie’ by Turnpike Troubadours

“Good Lord Lorrie’ by Turnpike Troubadours

Song Year: 2012

Turnpike Troubadours sings this song about a man who has found his wife. The man has to deal with the struggles of her family not approving of him. As her green eyes look around, he knows the love she has for him is strong enough to withstand the pressure from family.

“Blue Eyed Sally” by Parker McCollum

Song Year: 2017

This song is about a man who is missing his woman when he is away for work. He knows that as soon as 5 o’clock hits, he can go home to his blue-eyed Sally. The man is away in the coal mines, and he is having a hard time away. The only thing keeping him going is knowing he can go home and lie next to the love of his life.

“Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2014

Ed Sheeran sings this song about a man who is so in love with his woman. She is dressed up beautifully in a dress with her hair fixed up. He lets her know that if this was the last thing he ever saw with his eyes, he would be happy. Her dress brings out the blue in her eyes, comparing it to the Tenerife sea.

“Seeing Blind” by Niall Horan

Song Year: 2017

Seeing Blind is about a man who never thought he would fall in love. He has read about love in books and seen it in movies, but he never thought it would happen to him with the girl he has secretly been in love with.

The woman finally starts putting him first and takes him by surprise. He claims he is seeing blind because he doesn’t know what to do next. He never thought he would have this kind of love in his life.

“Friends Don’t” by Maddie & Tae

Song Year: 2018

Maddie & Tae sing this song about two people who have always been just friends, but there has always been something more. It talks about the strength of the eyes, claiming the two friends have conversations with nothing but their eyes.

Many people can relate to this song. There are times when you have a friendship, but you both know there is something more. The two friends don’t talk about it because they don’t know what it will do to their friendship, but everyone knows the two are in love with each other.

“Lipstick” by Runaway June

Song Year: 2016

This song is telling girls the kind of man they should love. Breakups are heartbreaking, causing lots of tears to be shed from their eyes. Runaway June gives the advice to love somebody who kisses you and messes up your lipstick, not someone who makes you cry and ruins your mascara.

They want girls to know that they deserve someone who keeps their eyes dry. It is okay to wait for someone who treats you right.

“Through Your Eyes” by Morgan Wade

Song Year: 2022

Morgan Wade sings this touching song about seeing the world through the eyes of a child. A young, innocent child once told her she wanted to be like her one day. This comment got her thinking that she needs to get her life on track because you never know who is watching.

She misses having the innocence of a child, seeing the world as a good place. Growing up has made her grow cold to the world, but she wants to be more like a child and reset her ways.

“Notice” by Thomas Rhett

Song Year: 2019

Thomas Rhett sings this song about the struggles that come after years of marriage. It can feel like your partner no longer notices you and that they are too distracted with other things. He calms the worries of his wife by telling her that even when life gets busy, he still sees every little thing she does.

His eyes let him notice all of the little things that made him fall in love with her in the beginning. He names all of the little things that she thinks he no longer sees.

“Carried Away” by George Strait

Song Year: 1996

Carried Away is a song about a man who is stoic and doesn’t take many chances. His feet are planted firmly where he is and he is not planning on going anywhere until a woman enters his life. The light in her eyes carries him away to places he never thought he would go.

All that matters anymore is being with this woman he loves. The mundane things in life are no longer ordinary when he is with the love of his life.

“Carolina Eyes” by Scotty McCreery

Song Year: 2013

In this sad love song, Scotty McCreery sings about a boy who unexpectedly fell in love with a girl while he was on a visit to the beach. He met her on the beach picking up seashells. He thought he would never see her again, but didn’t realize he would spend years searching for what he found on that trip in the eyes of the Carolina girl.

“Young Girl Eyes” by Zach Bryan

Song Year: 2021

Zach Bryan sings this song about the eyes of a young girl who makes him feel like they are all he needs to be saved. He is lost in her beautiful eyes and they take him back to being seventeen when they went on their first date.

“Addict of Magic” by Picture This

Song Year: 2021

Picture This sings this song about a man who is utterly in love with a woman. He claims she is magic, and he is an addict that would do anything to be with her. He claims he gets a high from her eyes and would go to great lengths to get to the drug that she gives off.

The man is an addict and he needs his fix of the woman’s love. He describes being apart from her as having withdrawals like with a drug. His entire body misses her and wants to be with her.

“Look at You” by Big & Rich

Song Year: 2014

This song is about a man who has lost a woman who are still in each others lives. He runs into her around town, and every time he sees her, he rewinds to when he still was with her. Her baby blue eyes cut through him and he misses her more.

He regrets not telling her that he loves her. Every time he looks at her, he has regret. He knows nothing he can do but have hurt.

“In My Sheets” by John Vincent III

Song Year: 2019

John Vincent III sings this song about longing for the love of his life. The man is lonely and wondering where his life is taking him. He dreams that maybe one day, he will awake and open his eyes to find his lover in his sheets with him. He hopes when he opens his bloodshot eyes and sees her, all the struggles he is dealing with will disappear.

“See Through” by The Band CAMINO

Song Year: 2019

The Band Camino sings this heart-wrenching song about a man missing his ex. He has been trying to call and get in contact with her. She is not paying attention to him and is trying to move on with her life.

He feels like he is see-through, that her eyes do not even register that he is there. He knows he should have learned his lesson with her by now, but he cannot let go of her.

“Fresh Eyes” by Andy Grammer

Song Year: 2016

Fresh Eyes is about a man who is falling in love with his woman all over again. The couple dresses up and goes out one night, and he is stunned by her beauty. He feels like he is falling in love with a stranger because he sees her with new eyes.

This song is a beautiful way of describing how you keep falling in love with your partner. You see the old and the new as you get to know each other better.

Top Songs About Eyes, Final Thoughts

Music is a powerful tool that many use to tell stories. Eyes are a powerful way to communicate, too. Mixing the two by writing songs about eyes can tell so many stories. Listen to these songs about eyes and take a journey through the music world.

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