Best Walk Up Songs In Baseball History

As America’s favorite past-time, baseball brings plenty of entertainment. The drama on the field begins with the iconic walk up song. Teams began using walk up songs in the 1970s, but they didn’t get the attention they deserve until the 1990s.

Players can show their personality through their walk up songs. They usually choose a song from a musical style they enjoy, and they pick their favorite portion of the song as they only get a few seconds. These songs are the best walk up songs in baseball history.

1. “Enter Sandman” by Metallica (Mariano Rivera)

Song Year: 1991

“Enter Sandman” by Metallica is the best walk up song choice of all time. When this song began, fans knew that Mariano Rivera would put the game to bed after striking them out. Interestingly, Rivera didn’t know the song, but the marketing team chose it for him, knowing his ability on the mound.

When the song began, Rivera sauntered out of the bullpen with the Yankees fans cheering on the first unanimous, first-ballot Hall of Fame closing pitcher. He was the last player to wear number 42, and his walk up song should also be retired.

2. “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC (Noah Syndergaard)

Song Year: 1990

Another great baseball walk up song. While Noah Syndergaard isn’t the first player to use the rocking AC/DC song, it seems as if the song was made for him. The starting pitcher wears his long golden locks like the Norse god Thor, so fans awarded him with the iconic name.

“Thunderstruck” is also the song the Marvel producers chose for the Thor movies, making it an ideal song for anyone who throws the hammer with the power of lightning behind him.

3. “Narco” by Timmy Trumpet (Edwin Diaz, William Contreras)

Song Year: 2017

The New York Mets closer brought the walk-out song to a new level with this unique song. The closer trotted out to the perfect beat with the trumpet sounding. As the Mets got closer to the playoffs in 2022, Timmy Trumpet played the tune live, creating more buzz about the popular song.

William Contreras also chose the iconic trumpet tune for his walk up moments in Atlanta, but the song didn’t hit quite the same as it did with the Mets fans. Neither team made it past the opening rounds of the playoffs in 2022.

4. Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin (Chase Utley and Scott Kazmir)

Song Year: 1975

The guitar riff makes this song an ominous warning that a good player is entering the diamond. Utley used the song to show off his prowess at the plate, while Scott Kazmir chose a song that fit his last name.

5. “Your Love” by The Outfield (Charlie Blackmon)

Song Year: 1985

Coors Field isn’t just rocking because it’s near the Rocky Mountains. It starts rocking when Charlie Blackmon approaches the plate. Not only does Blackmon play in the outfield at Coors Field, but the bearded wonder chose the perfect song to get the crowd belting with him.

The entire stadium sings along when “TONIGHT” arrives in the song. It’s a highlight of every game at Coors Field as the favorite player with the iconic beard gets ready to hit one over the fence.

6. “Big Poppa” by The Notorious B.I.G. (David Ortiz), A Top Baseball Walk up Song

Song Year: 1994

Big Papi had to pick this song by B.I.G. The guy who helped deliver a World Series title to Boston chose a song that featured his nickname. Once this song started playing, fans started bouncing their heads, as they knew the veteran designated hitter would probably poke one over the fence. He did hit 541 home runs during his 20-year Hall of Fame career.

7. “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses (Randy Johnson)

Song Year: 1987

The pitcher killed a bird with a fastball, so it’s only appropriate that he chose a song that described his dominating style on the mound. As the king of the diamond, Randy Johnson’s walk up song was perfect – especially as he brought several batters to their knees.

8. “Flower” by Moby (Bryce Harper)

Song Year: 2000

When the two-time MVP walks up to the plate with this haunting song, you know something is going to happen. “Flower” has become a popular choice for anyone who wants to get abs like Harper’s – especially now that everyone has seen them thanks to the 2015 ESPN Magazine cover that featured them.

9. “Wanna Be a Baller” by Lil’ Troy (Alex Bregman)

Song Year: 1999

The fans at Minute Maid Park go crazy when their third baseman approaches the plate to this song. They continue singing after the lyrics fade out. No one in the Astros lineup struts quite like Bregman, so this song fits his personality perfectly.

10. “HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar (Manny Machado)

Song Year: 2017

Ironically, there’s nothing humble about Manny Machado, so it’s good he chose a song to remind him. Unless he’s intentionally walked, every Machado at-bat is dangerous, so it could be a reminder to pitchers that should be humble when facing him.

11. “Warm It Up” by Kris Kross (Kris Bryant)

Song Year: 1992

Despite a quiet 2022, too many pitchers have had to listen to this song and the power of the man holding the bat. Kris Bryant’s bat is ready to go, but he chose the song because Kris Kross asked: “What up Kris?” The answer was that the World Series champion was up to bat.

12. “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake/Lil Jon (Justin Upton)

Song Year: 2013

Most MLB stadiums have exceptional sound systems, especially as they are used for concerts. When J-Up’s song started to play, fans got to hear why iconic musicians choose MLB stadiums for their concert events. This song hit just right which is why so many big hitters like Justin Upton, Yasiel Puig, and Justin Turner chose it to pump themselves up before a big at-bat.

13. “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne (Chipper Jones)

Song Year: 1980

Watching Chipper Jones walk out to this song was iconic enough for the Braves to release a bobblehead of the moment. It’s the perfect song for a batter who could deliver like Jones, and like Rivera’s “Enter Sandman” – this rock tune should be retired – like Jones’ iconic number 10. No one else could carry this song as Jones did.

14. “‘Til I Collapse” by Eminem (Justin Verlander)

Song Year: 2002

After the Detroit Tigers picked Verlander, he had to pick a walk-out song by a Detroit favorite. The future Hall of Fame pitcher kept the song when he was traded to Houston, and as he approaches age 40, he has proved he will pitch until he collapses. The veteran pitcher even knows when to clap his hand into his glove as he approaches the mound.

Eminem and Verlander are both at the top of their field. The rapper is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and no one doubts that Justin Verlander will quickly become a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

15. “Hustlin’” by Rick Ross (J.D. Martinez)

Song Year: 2006

When you need a song to echo through a stadium, this is it. “Every day I’m hustlin’,” everyone in the stadium hears it, as the booming voice echoes through the speakers. Martinez certainly hustles when he’s at the plate, proving that his song fits his style of play. Another great MLB baseball walk up song.

16. “Javy Báez El Mago” by D.OZi (Javier Báez)

Song Year: 2022

El Mago has an eponymous walk up song that’s all about him. His fellow Puerto Rican friend made this song that showcases the shortstop’s magic plays. If you’re a baseball player and a friend makes a song about you, you’ve got to use it as your walk up track.

17. “Hells Bells” by AC/DC (Trevor Hoffman)

Song Year: 1980

AC/DC creates guitar riffs and drum beats that are perfect for pitchers who need a loud and proud walk-out song. Trevor Hoffman’s song delivered like Mariano’s as opposing batters certainly knew that all hell would break loose when he closed games.

The hellacious pitcher delivered, just like the tolling bells at the start of the song. This is another perfect hit that can be used as a youth walk up song, or maybe should be retired along with Hoffman’s number.

18. “Party Up (Up in Here)” by DMX (Joe Kelly)

“Party Up (Up in Here)” by DMX (Joe Kelly)

Song Year: 2016

While most baseball fans know that the party’s at Napoli’s, fans also know that Joe Kelly brings the part with him. The pitcher isn’t one to hide his emotions whether he’s winning or losing. 

There have been a few moments where batters might have worried about whether or not he “gon lose his mind” or when he’s going to throw a pitch “up in here” as he’s known to throw some chin music when he faced the Astros as a member of the Dodgers in the 2020 season.

19. “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins (Carlos Ruiz)

Song Year: 1980

The drum solo in this iconic Phil Collins song fired up the Mariner’s catcher. While the drum solo delivers like no other, the song hasn’t been a top choice for other baseball players. It’s time for a heavy hitter to adopt this song.

20. “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers (Anthony Rizzo)

Song Year: 2002

Anthony Rizzo can’t stop smiling or hitting no matter what team he’s on. As a fan favorite of the Chicago Cubs and a big hitter for the New York Yankees, this walk up song fits Rizzo. He’s always there, and not even cancer can keep him from playing the game he loves.

21. “Luxury Tax” by Rick Ross (Torii Hunter)

Song Year: 2010

The booming voice of Rick Ross is a perfect choice for the style and attitude of Torii Hunter. The Gold Glove outfielder did his job like no other, which is why the lyrics: “They say I couldn’t play baseball at all/And now every day of my life I ball” are perfect for the 19-year veteran.

22. “Black Betty” by Ram Jam (Ian Kinsler)

Song Year: 1977

Ian Kinsler has more walk up songs on this list than any other player showing how music impacted his life and game. This song has an iconic guitar riff and a beat that would make any batter walk out to the plate with a little extra bounce in his step.

23. “Hip Hop Hooray” by Naughty by Nature (Ken Griffey, Jr.)

Song Year: 1992

The perfect baseball player in the 1990s had the perfect 1990s walk up song. The Kid was THE player and had a bouncy tune that everyone identified as his. As one of the earliest walk up songs on this list, it’s safe to say that The Kid set the standard for batters to follow. It’s pure Griffey and should be immortalized along with his retired number and Hall of Fame plaque.

24. “Danza Kuduro ” by Don Omar and Lucenzo (Jeurys Familia)

Song Year: 2010

Several players chose this bouncy tune by Don Omar and Lucenzo, but Jeurys Familia used it when he closed out a game. Don Omar’s iconic voice started the moment that Familia exited the Mets bullpen – setting the stage for players like Edwin Diaz and his trumpeting tune. When Omar’s voice boomed over the loudspeaker, it was time for a Mets win.

Other players who chose “Danza Kuduro” or another tune by Don Omar included Mike Trout, Anibal Sanchez, and Marwin Gonzalez.

25. “Wild Thing” by X (Ricky Vaughn)

Song Year: 1998

The fictional Ricky Vaughn had a walk up song that defined his style of play. The fans in Cleveland went wild when “Wild Thing” boomed across the stadium. It was the perfect song for the spectacled player who was lovingly called Wild Thing by the fans in the movie Major League.

26. “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder (Ian Kinsler)

Song Year: 1972

As a nod to Motown legend Stevie Wonder, Ian Kinsler chose a song that perfectly fit the superstitions of baseball. When Kinsler played for the Tigers, the fans in the stands couldn’t help but smile when this song came on. It’s as perfect as Verlander’s Eminem choice.

27. “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra (Todd Frazier)

Song Year: 1954

The “Toddfather” cemented his nickname when he chose a song by The Godfather as his walk up song. Most players choose their favorite songs with iconic beats, but Frazier went his own way. He once claimed that the Chairman of the Board helped him relax at the plate, and we’re sure it inspired him to hit many moonshots, especially in 2015 when he hit 40 of them.

28. “La Romana” by Bad Bunny (Ronald Acuña, Jr.)

Song Year: 2022

So many players love the beats from Bad Bunny. His fresh beats get young ball players like Acuña and veterans like Miguel Cabrera ready to swing the bat. “La Romana” has a gentle opening, then the beat gets powerful, getting players prepared to win. Other All-Star baseball players like Rafael Devers, Javier Baez, and Gary Sanchez have Bad Bunny walk up songs.

29. “Here Comes the Boom” by Nelly (Randal Grichuk)

Song Year: 2007

Even though Randal Grichuk uses this song to pump him up at the plate, it is the perfect song for Nelson Cruz who is lovingly called Nelly and “Boomstick.” Fortunately, Grichuk knows how to hit the long ball, and since he’s had the song for years, he’s not ready to give it up.

By the way, Nelly Cruz’s walk up song is “Knock It Out” by Glasses Malone – which is fitting for the guy who is still hitting home runs at the age of 41.

30. “Baby Shark” by Pinkfong (Gerardo Parra)

Song Year: 2019

Children love it, and parents find it annoying, but the Baby Shark phenomenon is here to stay. This song had more than a moment when the Washington Nationals won the World Series in 2019. Parra chose the song as his walk up, and the song came on, the fans went crazy. The team shop sold Baby Shark hats and they chopped their hands together like shark jaws.

The Nationals also had an in-game video they played when Parra approached the plate. Along with Baby Shark hats, the team sold fins, tees, and other gear. Sadly, Parra did not play in the World Series games, but his family-friendly walk up song will forever be associated with the team’s unlikely championship.

31. “Spongebob Squarepants” Theme Song (Oscar Gonzalez)

Song Year: 1999

The kids were ready when Oscar Gonzalez approached the plate. He delighted in playing a game for kids by walking out to a song for kids. Gonzalez was on the Cleveland Guardians team, which had the youngest roster in the league. When the song finished, the fans continued chanting “Spongebob Squarepants” until his at-bat began.

32. “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes (Ian Kinsler, Stephen Strasburg, Jose Iglesias)

Song Year: 2002

“Seven Nation Army” is another song that gets players fired up, including Ian Kinsler. He chose this song as another homage to Detroit when he played for the Tigers, and the hitter also joined with Jack White to build a brand of baseball bats. After Kinsler left the Tigers at the end of the 2017 season, his teammate Jose Iglesias used it as his own walk up song.

This is another MLB walk up song that made an impact on the 2019 World Series, as Stephen Strasburg used it to win against the Astros. Strasburg won the World Series MVP trophy as the seven-nation army couldn’t hold him back.

33. “Welcome Back” by Mase (Michael Brantley)

Song Year: 2004

This is a tongue-in-cheek song from a player who seems to be hurt more often than not. Thanks to his frequent stints on the injured list, it’s an appropriate song for a batter who disappears for a few weeks and then is welcomed back by his teammates and fans.

Top Walk Up Songs In Baseball History, Final Thoughts

Those were the best baseball songs ever.

Walk up songs are forever tied to the men who choose them. Some become iconic for special moments such as World Series wins and sing-a-longs at the park. Fans get to know their favorite players through music, and they enjoy getting involved in the songs, like those at Coors Field, Yankee Stadium, and Nationals Park.

Some walk up songs create everlasting memories for fans and players. Consider how some songs have become a part of a player’s game – especially players like Mariano Rivera, Edwin Diaz, and Ken Griffey, Jr. Walk-up songs and baseball are tied together forever.

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