Famous Marathi Songs

There’s been a lot of great music to come out of Maharashtra. If you’ve never heard any before, or if you want to get caught up with the more popular hits in recent years, below we showcase famous Marathi songs you’ll likely love.

1. “Chandra” by Ajay-Atul, Shreya Ghoshal

Song Year: 2022

This popular Marathi song has a peaceful and beautiful message about being still and silent, so you can fully enjoy and appreciate a moment in time. It has themes of reincarnation and being cosmically connected to someone.

2. “Rang Lagala (feat. Anandi Joshi)” by Amitraj, Aanandi Joshi


Song Year: 2022

This track is a tender and passionate love song with lots of humming and high notes. It has an exciting and upbeat vibe that captures the beauty and joy of thriving love and romance. For many, this track is one of the most classic Marathi love songs.

3. “Hrudayi Vasant Phultana” by Shruti Rane, Varun Likhate, Arun Paudwal, Jai Atre, Shantaram Nandgaonkar

Song Year: 2022

The lyrics in this song are existential and meaningful, discussing whether or not love is worth war and fighting. Love should symbolize life and light, not death and pain, and the song begs the listener to be kind in love.

4. “Pori Tujhe Nadan 2” by Harshavardhan Wavare, Sonali Sonawane, Nick Shinde, Sanika Bhoite, Prashant Nakti

Song Year: 2021

This dazzling romance song is an ode to the narrator’s lover. The lyrics highlight all the beautiful things the singer loves about their partner, from their head to their toes. It’s a playful but meaningful song with a fun sound.

5. “Mi Single” by Prashant Nakti, Keval Walanj, Sonali Sonawane, Ritesh Kamble

Song Year: 2022

This song is about the miracles of love and trusting someone completely. The lyrics have many themes of nature and isolation, highlighting the beauty of being alone with someone you love.

6. “Aaplich Hawa” by Prashant Nakti, Adarsh Shinde, Sonali Sonawane

Song Year: 2022

This Marathi song is all about desire and longing for someone you aren’t romantically involved with yet. In the song, the narrator promises to protect their love interest and expresses how much they want to be with them.

7. “Raja Aala” by Avadhoot Gupte

Song Year: 2022

This whimsical song tells the story of the earth forming, giving it a mythological vibe. It speaks of gods, kings, blood, mountains, and ancient times. It’s a humble song that carries a theme of peace and the greater good.

8. “Kajwa” by Harshavardhan Wavare, Sonali Sonawane, Nick Shinde, Srushti Ambavale, Vijay Bhate

Song Year: 2022

In this song, a husband sings to his wife about their love and relationship. There is contention in their marriage but he wants to go back to how they were when they were young and in love, and he begs her to recommit to one another.

9. “Bai Ga” by Ajay-Atul, Aarya Ambekar


Song Year: 2022

This emotional song has themes of pain and love, and how life can be cruel to even the loveliest people. It highlights the best and worst sides of humanity, from jealousy to kindness to loss to love and everything in between.

10. “Couple Laybhari” by Prashant Nakti, Sonali Sonawane, Rishabh Sathe, Vijay Sonawane, Hindavi Patil

Song Year: 2022

In this Marathi song, a woman sings about how she feels like she is one with her lover, sharing their inner thoughts and being able to connect on a soul level. It’s very sweet and romantic, with lyrics about flowing into one another and settling into a rhythm.

11. “Distay Model Bhari” by Raj Irmali, Arohi Prabhudesai, Shambho

Song Year: 2022

This song is all about glamor and style, as the upbeat lyrics discuss colors, dresses, and other fashionable topics. It’s cheerful and funky, making it a fun and bouncy song to bop along to. It’s a popular song among Marathi teens and has a playful sound and silly lyrics that will get stuck in your head in no time.

12. “Tujha Laal Dupatta” by Sonali Sonawane, Nakash Aziz, Prashant Nakti, Nick Shinde, Bunny


Song Year: 2022

A classic romantic song, this track is about feeling like your lover is the beginning and end of your whole world and how you feel lighter and invincible when you talk to them. The love is ethereal but also madness, infiltrating every corner of your life.

13. “Majhi Navri” by Sonali Sonawane, Keval Walanj, Vishnupriya, Sai Patil

Song Year: 2021

In this song, the narrator talks about how they are one with their lover and will do anything for them. They would climb mountains, cross rivers, and go to the ends of the earth to rescue their beloved.

14. “Hambir Tu (feat. Pravin Tarade)” by Adarsh Shinde

Song Year: 2022

This heroic song is about being strong and powerful. It’s a song sung to the hero of the story, building them up and instilling courage in them so they can fight the approaching battle. The song is clearly made for a movie, but the vocals and sound are still fun to listen to outside of the movie.

15. “Raghu Pinjryat Ala” by Mugdha Karhade, Amitraj, Daisy Shah

Song Year: 2022

In this song, the lyrics compare a fierce tiger to a man who also has fire in his eyes. The singer discusses how powerful he seems and how she would love to be part of his world, as she knows he has a sweet and playful side.

16. “Shree Ganesha” by Adarsh Shinde

“Shree Ganesha” by Adarsh Shinde

Song Year: 2012

This simple but endearing song is like a prayer to Shree Ganesha, a kind but stern god. The lyrics are repetitive and captivating, with verses about how the sun and stars are in Shree Ganesha’s power.

17. “Majh First Love” by Raj Irmali, Sonali Sonawane

Song Year: 2022

Unsurprisingly, this song is about first loves! In it, the narrator asks their lover if they secretly love them. They may both be married soon, so the narrator wants to know if their crush is reciprocated before it’s too late for them to be together.

18. “Navra Pahije Gora Gora” by Raj Irmali, Arohi Prabhudesai

Song Year: 2021

This coming-of-age song is about growing up and feeling like you’re under the control of your parents but are ready to experience life on your own. It’s a solemn but hopeful song about the future and offers stunning vocals that elevate the lyrics.

19. “Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay” by Sonali Sonawane, Rushabh Sathe

Song Year: 2021

This spicy song is about a woman singing about how selfish and unthoughtful her boyfriend is. She hasn’t given up on the relationship yet, but she’s tired of being the last thing he thinks about and wishes things would change and he would love her more.

20. “Jhootha Pyar” by Keval Walanj, Sonali Sonawane, Prashant Nakti


Song Year: 2021

The lyrics in this song concern false love and not knowing if a romantic relationship is meant to be. The narrator says to their lover that they know each other and this love is real, but at the same time, they’re questioning the authenticity of their connection.

21. “Yugat Mandali” by Avadhoot Gandhi, Haridas Shinde

Song Year: 2022

A super upbeat and optimistic song, this track is fast-paced and energizing. It’s an inspiring and encouraging song about how there will be bad things in life but you have the power to get through them! The wisdom of the gods will always be there for you, so it’s a comforting track.

22. “Shwasat Raja Dhyasat Raja” by Devdutta Manisha Baji

Song Year: 2022

This song is about glory and fame. It talks about the courage of warriors and how they can become obsessed with the glory of the fight to the point that they believe they are kings. It’s a powerful and layered song with many meanings.

23. “Aai Shappat” by Keval Walanj, Sonali Sonawane, Sagar Janardhan

Song Year: 2022

This song can be heartbreaking, as it’s about a family begging their daughter to stay safe and come home after she has left. They fear she will be taken away or hurt if she does not return to her home, and they swear they love her and want her back.

24. “Hurpari” by Prashant Nakti, Harshavardhan Wavre, Sonali Sonawane

Song Year: 2021

A strong love song, this track is about weathering the storm with your beloved and standing by each other even in the worst situations. It focuses on honoring the commitment you make to one another and always being honest and open.

25. “Tring Tring” by Hrushi B, Sonali Sonawane, Aditya Satpute, Sanika Bhoite

Song Year: 2022

This song is almost like a marriage proposal, as the singers go back on forth on whether or not they should commit to one another or follow their own paths. It’s a playful song with a deep message about making a major life decision and listening to your heart.

26. “Majhya Govinda Re – Official Remix” by Keval Walanj, Sonali Sonawane, DJ Nesh

Song Year: 2022

The song is directed at a son, explaining the history of their family and village. It discusses a precious family heirloom and what it took to get the item. The central message is that they want their son to take care of himself and honor his family.

27. “Majha Vitthal” by Amol Bavdekar


Song Year: 2022

With poetic lyrics and a soothing sound, this song is one of the best Marathi long songs. It has supremely romantic lyrics about waiting for your loved one through the wind, rain, and desert storms, and how being with someone special can open your life up to new possibilities.

28. “Man Zuru Lagla” by Adarsh Shinde, Rajeshwari Pawar

Song Year: 2022

This melancholy song is about feeling blue and fighting through it to be happy again. The mind is complex and can be troublesome, which is the central theme of the lyrics that discuss feeling like you’re in a fog or dark place.

29. “Fu Bai Fu” by Keval Walanj, Sonali Sonawane, Sagar Janardhan, Nick Shinde, Richa Khatu

Song Year: 2022

This funny song has interesting lyrics that intertwine simple stories concerning love interests, aunts, sisters, brothers, and other relatives. The verses progress to talk about different people and how they make the narrator feel. The narrator praises the people in his life and tries to lift them up.

30. “Tula I Love You Mhanto” by Keval Walanj, Sonali Sonawane

Song Year: 2022

This is one of those dramatic and all-encompassing love songs where the narrator expresses their immense need for their partner. The lyrics are powerful and discuss how the narrator feels incomplete without their lover and knows they can never live without them ever again.

31. “Pinnak” by SAMBATA

Song Year: 2022

One of the most intense and famous Marathi songs, this hip-hop, rap track has some brutal lyrics and impactful beats. It has a lot to do with criminal activities and gangsters. It also incorporates several English phrases, making it accessible to a wider range of audiences. It’s a significant departure from the other Marathi songs on this list.

32. “To Chand Rati” by Ajay-Atul, Shreya Ghoshal

Song Year: 2022

This slow song is about appreciating nature and the small moments in life. The narrator sings about the beauty and power of the moon and says it is wasted on people who do not appreciate it. The central theme is that silence and stillness can be beautiful and every moment of peace should be treasured.

33. “Vitthu Mai Mauli” by Praveen Kuwar

Song Year: 2018

This song is a charming tribute to a god, and the narrator praises the god and asks them for life and love advice. The singer, Praveen Kuwar, thanks the god for everything they give and expresses their gratitude, but also inquires if there is love in the near future for them or if they will be lonely forever. It’s a lovable and precious song with a relatable message about longing for love.

Best Marathi Songs, Final Thoughts

Marathi music is severely underrated, and this list exemplifies how many wonderful songs are in the Marathi language. Many of these songs were written and recorded for Bollywood, which only makes them more fun. Marathi songs also usually feature many artists, adding to the distinct sound and compilations.

Hopefully, you liked our list of famous Marathi songs and found some new sounds to add to your playlist!

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