Best Dubstep Songs

Looking for some banging dubstep songs for your playlist? Maybe you’re a DJ and want to check you haven’t let any hot tracks slip between your fingers? Either way, here are some of the best dubstep songs ever.

“Where Are You Now?” by Skrillex & Diplo ft. Justin Bieber

Song Year: 2015

It is only fitting to start this list with the iconic song “Where Are You Now?” by Skrillex, Diplo, and Justin Bieber.

Since it is an electronic song, Justin Bieber’s vocals have been changed to a stuttered voice. He talks about caring for loved ones who were absent, and when he needed them the most, they did not reciprocate the favor.

You can hear the somber dance beats, piano chords, and high-pitch sounds in the background.

“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites?” by Skrillex

Song Year: 2010

“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” is another fantastic dubstep song from a great artist, Skrillex. In the track, he mixes house and electro music genres to develop the high-pitch and stuttered vocals that most listeners love hearing in a dubstep track.

The song’s highlight is the uplifting dubstep basses and the build-up to create an impactful drop where the words “Oh My God” are heard.

“Rail Breaker” by Riot Ten Ft. Rico Act

Song Year: 2017

“Rail Breaker” is a song about headbangers having fun and living it up for the night. The song introduces Rico Act’s iconic vocals, a minimalistic introduction, and then builds up to screeching bass sounds and cords.

The signature sound of this dubstep song allows fans of Riot ten and Rico Act to embrace and love the music, singing and dancing to it till their necks become sore, as the song depicts.

“Cockney Thug” by Rusko

Song Year: 2009

In “Cockney Thug,” listeners can hear the wobble and tectonic trembles. It is not a secret that Rusko, a British destructive, is well-known for making dubstep tracks with the “wobble” sound.

The song incorporates heavy grating bass and chords that can batter your temples, inducing headaches and hysteria. The mechanism of the music keeps the listener rooted to the dubstep track.

“Innocence” by Nero

Song Year: 2010

“Innocence” by Nero is an emotionally-driven dubstep with a powerful intro, sappy vocals, and melancholic sound that keeps you fixated on the song, let alone the video.

“Innocence” fits the dubstep genre perfectly with the dirty wobble bass and prolonged chords. It is a fantastic track you can listen to when feeling happy and giddy after a long day’s work.

“In for the Kill (Skrillex Remix)” by La Roux

Song Year: 2010

Soon after the release of “In for the Kill” by La Roux in 2009, Skrillex struck again with a banger dubstep remix.

“In for the Kill” is a romantic song about love, lust, and enjoying each other’s sexual company. These lyrics, accompanied by the fantastic ascension and drop hits, make it a thrilling track.

“Swagga” by Excision and Datsik

Song Year: 2009

“Swagga” is an excellent example of a dubstep track where excision incorporated deep and fulfilling wobble bass and super bass.

It is a classic dubstep with repeated vocals and wobbles throughout the track, allowing fans to enjoy it over drinks and a booming sub-woofer. 

“Experts” by SkisM

Song Year: 2012

“Experts” was released in 2012 by SkisM to pay tribute to everyone who does not believe that dubstep, electronic, and house music is not acceptable in society.

He portrays his artistry by incorporating excellent production dubstep skills. For instance, he ensures that the track consists of wobble, high bass sounds, and marginal drops throughout the song.

“Afterhours” by TroyBoi ft. Diplo & Nina Sky

Song Year: 2015

“Afterhours” is an electro hip-hop composition with sensational rhythms and blue by Nina Sky. The song speaks about having fun during the after-hours.

The track also has elements of dubstep where the first portion of the song is slow; then, it accelerates to some drops and ominous grumbling. The result of the song is a seamless fusion of exceptional talents from the songstresses and TroyBoi’s beats on the song.

“Bonkers (Doorly Remix)” by Dizzee Rascal

Song Year: 2015

The “Bonkers” Doorly remix is an excellent dubstep song, better than the original. The remix still includes Dizzee Rascals’ vocals but with an additional tinge of quick and sharp wobble bass throughout the track to create that dubstep feel.

The song is amazing and should not miss from your dubstep list.

“Dead Presidents” by Zomboy and 12th Planet ft. Jay Fresh

Song Year: 2017

If you are a hip-hop fan, you will love this dubstep collaboration between Zomboy, 12th Planet, and Jay Fresh.

“Dead Presidents” incorporates Zomboy’s clever catchphrases and Jay Fresh’s vocals on the manifestation of individuals working hard and getting the money. Thus, with the brilliant dubstep tune in the song, these artists keep fans returning for more.

“Like a Bitch” by Zomboy

Song Year: 2016

“Like a Bitch” is an explosive tune by Zomboy that sends shock waves to anyone listening to the track. The lyrics to the song are short and straightforward. They encourage the fans to stop being fearful about the world.

“I Need Air” by Magnetic Man ft. Angela Hunte

Song Year: 2010

“I Need Air” is a critically acclaimed dubstep track that features the amazing pop vocals of Angela Hunte.

With the help of legends Artwork, Benga, and Skream, which constituted the Magnetic Man group, this song became a sensation when dubstep was not famous yet.

The romantic lyrics in the track resonate with the audiences’ daily lives, making it a relatable song.

“Gold (Stupid Love)” by Excision and Illenium ft. Shallows

Song Year: 2018

If you have not listened to DJ Excision’s tracks, you better start with “Gold (Stupid Love) featuring bass producer Illenium and the perfect vocals from Shallows.

Listening to the track, you may notice that “Gold (Stupid Love)” is a sentimental song about love and loss. It captures the essence of slow musical notes before erupting to some powerful track with a crunching bass.

“Jahova” by Rusko

Song Year: 2007

“Jahova” is a Jamaican fusion and a massive favorite for many reggae lovers.

The dubstep, however, is one of the most original sketches that show the great diversity in dubstep skills within the genre. The song’s lyrics depict lust from a man who wants to be close to their lover. Thus, a listener can do with a bit of imagination.

“Nuke ‘EM” by Datsik

Song Year: 2009

The song incorporates a wobble bass and relaxing tune that does not give you a headache but still gets you trippy when listening to it.

It has an impeccable tempo, and the sounds make the song enjoyable to listen to at any time of the day.

“Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack (Zeds Dead Remix)

Song Year: 2012

From a critical point of view, “Paradise Circus” is an excellent dubstep track that incorporates a slow intro and drastically builds up-tempo with an increase in the growling bass energy and sawing synths, creating an exciting track.

With the help of the infamous Zeds Dead, “Paradise Circus is a force to be reckoned with, making it an exciting piece for the audience to enjoy.

“Bass Head” by Bass Nectar

“Bass Head” by Bass Nectar

Song Year: 2010

Released over ten years ago, “Bass Head” is an electronic song that incorporates the dubstep style of music.

Amassing over 27 million views on YouTube, “Bass Head” became one of the best songs loved by fans globally. It uplifted the group Bass Nectar to popularity, allowing them to sell out electronic shows everywhere.

“First of the Year (Equinox)” by Skrillex

Song Year: 2011

“First of the Year (Equinox)” is among the many brilliant dubstep tracks produced and released by Skrillex. It incorporates strong bass notes and lyrics that depict danger lurking in the dark, visually displayed well in the music video.

The song became a commercial success and gained a lot of acclamations, including a Grammy nomination at the 54th Grammy Awards for Best Short Form Music Video.

“Filth” by Skream

Song Year: 2009

“Filth” by Skream is a moody and dark dubstep track. It has a highly unsettling intro that breaks into an epic wobble.

It does not include lyrics, just instrumental vocals that portray character whenever you hear a drop in the track. It is a great song to listen to when you need to feel the bass and instrumentals behind the track.

“White Satin” by Zeds Dead

Song Year: 2011

Zeds Dead portrays outstanding musicianship in “White Satin.” You can hear how the track slowly starts and builds up with heavy bass drops and wobbles, creating an excellent dubstep track.

The vocals are also well-filtered and evoke different emotions whenever you listen to the song.

“Night” by Benga & Coki

Song Year: 2008

“Night” is a simple song with well-constructed drum beats. The track delivers sheer brilliance in haunting lead synths, making the piece perfect and joyous.

If you want a song with somber drum beats and slow melodies, then “Night” by Benga & Coki is a vibe.

“Existence VIP” by Excision & Downlink

Song Year: 2011

If you are looking for a dubstep that will increase your adrenaline levels, then “Existence VIP” is an ideal choice.

The song is about the earth’s extinction and survival of the human race depicting the apocalyptic stance. The hard-bass drops and metal instrumentals make the track exceptional and enjoyable.

“Hyph Mngo” by Joy Orbison

Song Year: 2009

From the beginning of the track, you can hear how soft the melodies resonate with the instrumentals. However, as the song continues, you can listen to the piano-like intricacies building up with a female voice interjecting every once in a while.

“Sweet Shop” by Doctor P

Song Year: 2011

Doctor P, an iconic English dubstep producer and DJ, released “Sweet Shop,” which incorporates some dance-pop fusion.

The song begins with an uplifting piano and then some screeching bass with deep growls to produce a melody that creates feelings of melancholy in fans.

“Glendale Galleria” by Flying Lotus

Song Year: 2009

“Glendale Galleria” by Flying Lotus is a classic dubstep track. Even without vocals, the instrumentals encapsulate the strong bass, tempo, and finely tuned rhythms that make it an impeccable electronic dubstep.

“Born to Die (Gemini Remix)” by Lana Del Rey

Song Year: 2012

“Born to Die” is one of the most iconic Lana Del Rey songs. The song tells the story of an abusive relationship that takes hold of the person’s inability to leave it. So, for this remix, you can hear her haunting voice matching up with Gemini’s production seamlessly.

“Bangarang” by Skrillex feat. Sirah

Song Year: 2012

By now, you already know that Skrillex is a fantastic Dubstep producer whose tracks cannot miss the best dubstep songs of all time.

In this iconic track, “Bangarang,” the entry has an edgy vocal melody, but Skrillex does not waste any time propelling the audience to some hard-bass drops that feature Sirah’s voice.

“Promises” by Nero

Song Year: 2011

“Promises” is another dubstep from Nero from their studio album Welcome Reality. The truck comprises fuzzy synths, pulsating bass, and clear vocals making it a head-banging melody. 

The song is about a guy promising his girl he would not leave her if only she kept his promises, but he ends up leaving her anyway. It portrays betrayal in relationships. Although it sounds like a sad song, Nero makes it interesting with the dubstep musical style.

“Tidal Wave” by Sub Focus feat. Alpines

Song Year: 2012

The song resonates well with the audience as its lyrics depict the value of loving and knowing someone.

The songstress’s vocals match perfectly with the synths and bass drops, making “Tidal Wave” an impeccable dubstep track.

“Centipede” by Knife Party

Song Year: 2012

Soon after its release in 2012, “Centipede” by Knife party achieved popularity and was ranked #47 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic songs.

The track speaks about Centipedes. However, it is famous for the drop after the intro, making it an exciting dubstep track coupled with sound effects and wobbles.

“I Will Never Change” by Benga

Song Year: 2012

Nothing is as enjoyable as listening to a dubstep that layers different moods but still gives you a nostalgic feeling.

“I Will Never Change,” by Benga, is a great example that seems subtle but creates different tonal variations and subtle hints of mystery.

“Yasuo” by Bommer & Crowell

Song Year: 2014

Bommer is an electronic music producer, and his collaboration with Crowell on “Yasuo” has received millions of streams on different platforms, including YouTube.

From the song’s beginning, you can voice lines of an assassin intertwined with the bass drops and ominous sounds.

“Runaway (U & I) (Gioni Remix)” by Galantis

Song Year: 2014

“Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis is a piece of progressive house music; however, Gioni’s Remix makes it an ideal dubstep track as it incorporates excellent bass drops throughout the song.

From the lyrics, a listener can comprehend that the vocalist only wants to “Runaway” with her partner to a place where they will not face judgment or persecution. 

“Let Me Go” by Sullivan King, Wooli

Song Year: 2022

A great way to end this list is with “Let Me Go,” a rock dubstep by Sullivan King and Wooli, released in 2022.

Based on the lyrics, one may assume the vocalist is insinuating the end of a relationship. Regardless, it is an excellent dubstep track that soft and hard rock listeners can enjoy.

Top Dubstep Songs Ever, Final Thoughts

Dubstep is an exciting music style that showcases how talented every artist on this list is. If you are a fan of it, then with these best dubstep songs, you can escape reality and enjoy every passing moment while listening to the music.

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