Best Songs About Beginnings

Songs about beginnings are often fresh, optimistic, and upbeat. Whether it’s recovering from a breakup or excitement about starting something new, these songs make it easy to focus on the things to come.

“Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

“Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1969

Few things symbolize new beginnings more than the sunrise, and that’s on full display in this classic pop-rock hit from the legendary Beatles. Inspired by long, dreary winters in England, the lyrics celebrate the arrival of spring.

It’s also one of the band’s top songs, itself no small feat given their volume of hits. If you’re looking for a great song about beginnings, start here.

“Closing Time” by Semisonic

Song Year: 1998

Semisonic’s breakout hit “Closing Time” is best known as the anthem of bars when it’s time to send people home. It’s also remarkably effective because of its lyrical focus on heading someplace new.

On a thematic level, this song also reminds people that sometimes you have to finish one thing before you can start another properly. Whether that’s downing a drink or quitting a job, sometimes you have to close one door before you can open another.

“New Morning” by Bob Dylan

Song Year: 1970

As if the name didn’t make it obvious enough, this country-rock tune from one of the most celebrated songwriters in history is a cheerful tribute to beginnings and relationships. The lyrics follow the simple storytelling style of the genre, emphasizing a progression of time and new activities that fit the song’s theme.

“New Morning” is also the title track for its album, Dylan’s eleventh studio album (out of nearly four times that many throughout his career).

“Pack It Up” by Pretenders

Song Year: 1981

An indie-rock song from the start of an amazing decade, “Pack It Up” is about moving on and not worrying about people who aren’t worth your time. A central theme of the song is carrying what you can but leaving behind anything you can’t so that it doesn’t burden you as you move on.

Beginnings often work best when you start with the freshest slate you can. It’s not always fun or easy, but holding on to too many things can drag you down.

“Today My Life Begins” by Bruno Mars

Song Year: 2010

Songs about beginnings are rarely subtle with their titles, and this hit from Bruno Mars is no exception. It’s also the title track for its album, emphasizing its importance to Mars.

As you might expect, the lyrics here focus on beginnings, leaving the past behind, and moving forward to enjoy life.

“Up&Up” by Coldplay

Song Year: 2015

“Up&Up” may be newer than some other songs on this list, but that’s hardly a bad thing considering the theme. This pop-rock song features a fast tempo to reinforce the uplifting lyrics, making for comfortable and easy listening whenever you need support.

The video version is well worth a watch, as it won MTV’s award for best visual effects. Great videos can elevate a song to new heights, and that’s on full display here.

“Starts with Goodbye” by Carrie Underwood

Song Year: 2005

A notable song from acclaimed performer Carrie Underwood’s debut studio album, “Starts With Goodbye” is about moving on and how things can start when other things end. That’s a common refrain about songs in beginnings, as few things start in isolation from other events.

The entire album is one of the highest-selling country releases of all time, so it’s worth listening to the entire thing for additional insights into Underwood’s views and personality when she sings this song.

“I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash

Song Year: 1972

Easily one of the most recognizable songs about beginnings, this is the title track from one of Nash’s 1972 albums and part of his first release through the record label Epic. It’s also highly iconic in popular culture, with many people able to recognize the start of the song even if they can’t repeat the whole thing.

“Begin” by Shallou

“Begin” by Shallou

Song Year: 2017

Although not as well-known as some of the other songs on this list, Shallou’s “Begin” is an excellent song in its own right. It also departs from the usual pop and country genres to focus on a more dance and electronic style.

“Break Free” by Ariana Grande

Song Year: 2014

A collaboration with Zedd, “Break Free” is an upbeat electro-synth-pop song and well up the list of Grande’s many hits. At a little more than four minutes, it’s a bit longer than many of the other songs on this list, but its fast tempo means the lyrics pack in more than you might expect.

High-speed tracks work well with songs about beginnings, especially if you’re looking for some energy, so this is a great song to put on our list.

“New Rules” by Dua Lipa

Song Year: 2017

As its name suggests, “New Rules” is a song about setting down boundaries when starting a new relationship. It also touches on a crucial part of beginnings, though: starting with no rules for yourself isn’t necessarily a good idea.

Beginnings often come with a sense of freedom, but establishing boundaries is a great way to help maintain a good balance in things.

“Brand New Day” by Neil Patrick Harris

Song Year: 2008

Released as part of the comedic superhero series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, “Brand New Day” is a song about beginnings that comes from the perspective of a villainous character. That’s a sharp departure from most songs in this genre but shows how flexible the theme can be if you apply a little creativity.

The actual lyrics are a close match for most other songs about beginnings, touching on things like moving on and celebrating opportunities. However, the context of the lyrics creates the complexity and earns this song a spot on our list.

“Wanna Be Startin’ Something” by Michael Jackson

Song Year: 1983

The King of Pop has plenty of hits, but this song managed to earn a place as the opening track for his iconic album Thriller. The album version is more than six minutes long, putting it on the high side for a song, and exists as a complex mix of disco, funk, and pop sounds that you won’t hear in many other songs.

“Brand New Day” by Sting

Song Year: 1999

Not to be confused with the Neil Patrick Harris song of the same name, Sting’s hit from the late 1900s is a pop song that directly addresses the listener, asking a series of questions and providing advice. Singers often focus on themselves, so Sting’s lyrics stand out for their uncommon focus and the dense number of them in the song’s runtime.

“New Beginnings” by Daydreamer

Song Year: 2016

“New Beginnings” is mainly instrumental but does have about one verse of lyrics matching the title. Songs about beginnings tend to emphasize their vocals, but well-done instrumental sections can convey similar feelings, and that’s on full display in this outstanding dance song.

“Waking Light” by Beck

Song Year: 2014

Written in part based on his own life and struggles, “Waking Light” is a song about moving forward and escaping the darkness behind you. In this song, the night can be a metaphor for almost anything troubling you, but you can rest and move forward when you’re ready to move on.

Although “Waking Light” is probably the most popular song from its album Morning Phase, the entire release is outstanding and won three major awards (including Best Rock Album and Album of the Year) from the Grammys.

“Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

Song Year: 1965

Songs about beginnings have been popular for decades, and with good reason. However, Nina Simone’s entry into the genre stands out thanks to its use of rhythm and blues. Modern songs tend to be more upbeat dance and pop songs, but a good classic tune can be genuinely timeless.

“Start Again” by Seven Lions

“Start Again” by Seven Lions

Song Year: 2018

The title track of its album (noticing a pattern here?), “Start Again” is a melodic dubstep song with an emphasis on its music. The instrumentals can all but drown out the lyrics here, encouraging listeners to feel the emotions in the song rather than paying too much attention to its dialogue.

“The Middle” by Zedd

Song Year: 2018

Most songs about beginnings have titles that indicate their association with the topic. Zedd’s collaborative work with Maren Morris and the duo Grey departs from that tradition, earning multiple Grammy nominations and surpassing over a billion streams on Spotify.

The lyrics focus on asking someone else to meet them in the middle, where a new beginning is possible. One of the important things about beginnings is that you still need to get to a place where you can have one, and sometimes that means bringing someone else along with you.

“Brand New Day” by Dizzee Rascal

Song Year: 2003

You see patterns in certain styles of music, and this song’s title is one many artists have used over the years. It’s a testament to clarity and the songwriter’s goals, which in this case include rap styling for the focus on new opportunities.

Rap is better known for more aggressive topics, but a great genre-defying song shows how pervasive the idea of new beginnings is among singers.

“A New Day Has Come” by Celine Dion

Song Year: 2002

The title track for Dion’s seventh studio album, “A New Day Has Come” is an uplifting pop song that she sang about the birth of her child. However, Dion also noted that people can interpret its lyrics to apply to many other things, making it among the most flexible tunes on this list.

“First Day Of My Life” by Bright Eyes

Song Year: 2005

An alternative-rock tune, “First Day Of My Life,” is an introspective song that focuses on how a beginning can feel like the start of someone’s life. Some people know what they want to be from an early age, but for others, life only starts in earnest once they find a place they feel like they belong. In that sense, it’s the beginning that matters more than any other.

“I Was Here” by Beyonce

Song Year: 2011

Pop superstar Beyonce has more than a few hits, but “I Was Here” is a particularly thoughtful piece discussing her desire to feel present and known by others. Though not a traditional song about beginnings, it’s aspirational and easy for anyone starting something new to relate to.

“Starting Over” by Chris Stapleton

Song Year: 2020

Chris Stapleton’s title track for an album (seriously, this happens a lot with songs about beginnings), “Starting Over” is a song about moving into the unknown, taking chances, and seeing what happens.

In it, Stapleton acknowledges that beginnings have challenges, but he also thinks that they’re worth facing instead of hiding away. That kind of optimistic outlook is great if you’re worried about where your beginnings might lead.

“Begin Again” by Purity Ring

Song Year: 2015

A lighter dance song than most songs in its genre, “Begin Again” is uplifting and inspiring with a beat you can move your body to. Sometimes it’s harder to truly enjoy a song unless you can move along with it, and in that sense, this song stands out as a great one to have on your playlist.

“Dusk Till Dawn” by Zayne

Song Year: 2017

Made as a collaboration with Sia, “Dusk Till Dawn” is a track on the reissue of Zayn’s second studio album and was written to mix classical Greek mythology with the theme of hope. Songs on the album cross a range of styles, including pop, R&B, rock, and trap, and remains one of his most successful releases.

It’s received more than two billion listens on YouTube alone, marking it a top hit by any criteria you care to use.

“Four Years” by Jon McLaughlin

Song Year: 2008

McLaughlin’s “Four Years” is a song directed toward students, focusing on the typical four years of high school in the United States. In it, he observes that the things that are important to students often have little or no relevance later in life, and it’s not worth stressing out too much about the things that happen there.

There’s something to be said for the idea that students haven’t even started their life yet, so a reminder that there are plenty of beginnings to come is an important one for them to hear.

“Godspeed” by Frank Ocean

“Godspeed” by Frank Ocean

Song Year: 2016

A mix of R&B with pop, “Godspeed” is a heartfelt prayer for the listener, reminding people that moving on doesn’t mean abandoning everything. Even if people are moving on to bigger and better things in life, love, and relationships can endure and continue to provide support.

“Everything Has Changed” by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2012

Swift and Sheeran are two of the most well-known pop singers in history, so perhaps it’s no surprise that they’ve occasionally collaborated. The lyrics focus on how quickly things can change, especially in love and relationships, with an optimistic focus on what can happen when romance blooms between people.

“The Weight” by The Band

Song Year: 1968

The first release of The Band (how’s that for a generic name?), “The Weight” isn’t just one of their greatest hits, but was listed by Rolling Stone as one of the Top 50 songs of all time.

The lyrics emphasize the need to set your load down when you need a rest. You can start again after that, and helping others is good, but it’s important to prepare so you can do your best.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 1973/1992

Originally sung by Dolly Parton as a country song in 1973 (itself an excellent song), Whitney Houston’s 1992 soul-ballad remix wasn’t just a hit; it was the best-selling single of all time from a female solo artist when it was released. That’s quite something for a remix made for a movie!

Houston’s version is so iconic that most people are familiar with its chorus, even if they have trouble recalling the song in full. Only a small number of songs have ever been certified diamond by the RIAA (equivalent to achieving platinum ten times), and this song is in that select crowd.

“Follow The Sun” by Xavier Rudd

Song Year: 2012

Rudd’s folk-pop is an inspirational and uplifting tune, encouraging listeners to move with the day, cherish moments, and remember that tomorrow is always a new day. He takes care to note that it’s easy to get swept up by the world, but taking the bigger view of things can make it easier to manage and focus on tomorrow.

“Brand New” by Ben Rector

Song Year: 2015

Ben Rector’s song is a celebration of new things, especially the way aspects of a relationship can make someone feel fresh. In a broader sense, it’s a good reminder that beginnings are more about emotion than anything else, and being older doesn’t mean you have to give up on feeling like you can start again.

“We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters

Song Year: 1970

A soft rock song from the start of the 70s, “We’ve Only Just Begun” has an unusual history for a song about beginnings. It was made for a wedding commercial where a bank wanted to attract new customers for loans but got expanded to a full tune and helped launch the careers of the Carpenters in earnest.

“Dance Again” by Selena Gomez

“Dance Again” by Selena Gomez

Song Year: 2020

Selena Gomez has a habit of putting out hits, and this pop song shows her style at its best. The lyrics focus on the idea that happiness isn’t something you wait for, but rather that it’s something you go out and achieve on your own. Dance, in this song, is a metaphor for anything you might be trying to accomplish.

Although not technically a dance song despite the focus of its lyrics, this is still an easy tune to get up and move your body to. However, be sure to listen closely to what Gomez is saying throughout. A key element of this song is having honest emotions and embracing something in full, which is vital if you want a beginning to succeed.

Top Songs About Beginnings, Final Thoughts

Songs about beginnings cover a wide range of genres but lean heavily towards inspirational tracks and heartfelt communication. They’re frequently title tracks for the albums they appear on, a distinguishing honor that showcases how relevant this topic is for singers and listeners alike. Wherever you are in life, chances are that songs about beginnings are ones you can relate to.

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