Best Songs About Being Different

Embracing being different takes plenty of courage in a world that pressures people to fit in. Although some struggle with being different, being different is a part of life. Check out these top songs about being different and let’s stand out.

Firework by Katy Perry

Firework by Katy Perry

Song Year: 2010

One song that’s relatable to anyone feeling alone or different is Katy Perry’s “Firework,” a multi-platinum hit featured on her album Teenage Dream. In this song, Perry tells the listener that their uniqueness is irreplaceable and they can stand out from others following the status quo, no matter how small and powerless they might feel.

This song topped several music charts in the United States and ranked within the top ten of several international music charts.

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Song Year: 2011

Lady Gaga’s chart-topping hit “Born This Way” has become a modern classic for anyone looking for an empowering piece encouraging them to be different. The narrator reinforces the idea that society won’t make her change who she is.

The lyrics incorporate a universal lesson to the listener about how everyone is equal, regardless of physical appearance or sexuality, making it an excellent song that appeals to people of any age.

So Am I by Ava Max

Song Year: 2019

“So Am I” is an uplifting electro-pop song about accepting how it’s okay to be different. It was featured on Ava Max’s debut album Heaven & Hell. The lyrics embody the narrator’s feelings about not fitting into what society expects from you, especially for those feeling like misfits in high school. The narrator expresses how being different gives us extra layers to who we are.

Be Yourself by Audioslave

Song Year: 2005

“Be Yourself” is one of Audioslave’s chart-topping hits with a message that resonates with anyone who feels different. The lyrics describe that some people experience specific feelings or events, like pain and love, differently, showcasing how it’s okay to be different and that being yourself is the best thing to do whenever you encounter success or failure.

The song incorporates an uptempo, rough alternative rock sound that perfectly captures the edgy music of the mid-2000s. The next time you feel ostracized by others, consider listening to this when relaxing at home.

Fat Lip by Sum 41

Song Year: 2001

“Fat Lip” is a song featured on Sum 41’s debut album, All Killer, No Filler. In this song, the speaker reflects upon his teenage years, when he rejected ideas of conformity from his parents and society. He acknowledges ignoring what others tried to tell him, embracing his rebellious side, and encourages teenagers to find their place in the world to follow the path they want.

It’s an excellent song that resonates with teenagers decades after its release. Its punk-inspired guitar riffs give the song more attitude.

Rock N Roll by Avril Lavigne

Song Year: 2013

Music with a rebellious tone emphasizes how people who love being different can strike a chord with young people of any generation. Avril Lavingne’s “Rock N Roll” encapsulates this feeling perfectly through an upbeat pop-punk presentation. The vocalist expresses that she doesn’t care what others think about her rough, rebellious, rock-loving side.

I’m Different by 2 Chainz

Song Year: 2012

Rap is one genre of music that embraces being different from the rest. 2 Chainz’s “I’m Different,” featured on his debut album Based on a T.R.U. Story, is a straightforward triple-platinum song about how he stands out from other popular rap artists.

The lyrics reference the artist’s wealth and the attention he gets from girls. The song’s rhythmic hip-hop beats and piano instrumentation give it an addictive tune that won’t leave your head.

The Way I Am by Charlie Puth

Song Year: 2018

One of Charlie Puth’s most moving songs is “The Way I Am,” a pop track featured on the album Voicenotes. Puth initially wrote this song while figuring out his identity on the music scene. The narrator says he doesn’t care about liking or hating him since he knows his true self. The song’s modern, upbeat energy doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Grace Kelly by MIKA

Song Year: 2007

The main inspiration behind MIKA’s “Grace Kelly” stems from the artist’s experience of record labels wanting him to sound like other artists instead of himself. The song’s upbeat melody and vocals helped it top several international music charts. The lyrics critique how people want others to act to suit their needs while promoting the concept of individuality.

Stand Out Fit In by ONE OK ROCK

Stand Out Fit In by ONE OK ROCK

Song Year: 2018

Another one of the best songs about being different is Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK’s “Stand Out Fit In.” It centers around a person struggling to fit in with society. Although the lyrics incorporate societal norms that others try to enforce on the narrator, he later implores the audience to reject changing themselves just to fit in despite their hardships.

The song’s use of English and Japanese lyrics gives it a dynamic identity that people can relate to, no matter where they’re from.

I Don’t Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw

Song Year: 2003

Initially featured on Gavin DeGraw’s debut album Chariot and used as the opening theme to One Tree Hill, “I Don’t Want To Be” is a song about a man who wants to be himself. He expresses how he won’t feel the shameful pressure from people urging him to change. DeGraw wrote this song as an inspirational piece for teens experiencing identity crises.

Different by Micah Tyler

Song Year: 2017

Unlike many songs in this lineup, Micah Tyler’s “Different” is about a person trying to accept being different because that’s how God created him. The narrator expresses how he wants others to notice how much he’s changed, comparing himself to a flame that’s hard to ignore.

Featured on Tyler’s album of the same name, its slower tempo and guitar and drum accompaniment resonate with anyone looking for inspirational Christian pop music to listen to when they’re feeling down.

Secrets by Mary Lambert

Song Year: 2014

“Secrets” is a song about overcoming the pressures of hiding your insecurities to fit in. Mary Lambert struggled to be someone she was not, but she overcame these internal obstacles and embraced her true self. She expresses how she doesn’t care what people think of her and if they know her secrets. The song’s inclusion of strings and trumpets enhances its mid-tempo energy.

Road Less Traveled by Lauren Alaina

Song Year: 2015

If you’re a country rock fan, this Lauren Alaina anthem might inspire you to embrace what makes you different from society’s expectations. The lyrics reinforce the idea that you won’t impact the world if you act the same as everyone else. The song’s positive message makes it one of the top hits to listen to whenever you’re having a bad day.

This song was Alaina’s first number-one hit, peaking at the top position on Billboard’s Country Airplay Chart.

Freaks Like Me by Todrick Hall

Song Year: 2014

Todrick Hall’s “Freaks Like Me” is an upbeat song that people of any age can relate to if they need a little motivation after feeling out of place. The lyrics are simple yet effective about not letting others’ words hurt your feelings. You’ll become happier if you continue being yourself and feel less shame about your differences.

Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore

Song Year: 2011

“Black Sheep” is a song initially featured on New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore’s album Gravel & Wine. Wigmore’s scratchy and sassy vocals blend well with its bold piano and guitar accompaniment. The song tells the tale of a woman who rejects societal norms, from how she looks to how she talks.

She insinuates that even if she experiences failure, she won’t return to the life others want her to follow.

Anklebiters by Paramore

Song Year: 2013

Paramore’s upbeat rock hit “Anklebiters” is another inspirational song encouraging listeners to love themselves when people shun them for being different. The narrator tells the audience they shouldn’t care what others think and that being the same is overrated and boring. The lyrics reinforce the themes of self-acceptance, especially for those who feel alone.

The song’s title references people who attempt to shut down others for being different, comparing them to rowdy children. The song’s punk-inspired rock guitar instrumentation and Haley Williams’ vocals give the piece a confident tone.

Feel by Sleeping With Sirens

Song Year: 2013

Breaking from society’s norms is a common theme in many songs about being different. Sleeping With Sirens’ “Feel” is about finding yourself and feeling alive after embracing your true self. This song is the title track of the group’s third studio album, which peaked in the top ten of several music charts.

The lyrics describe the narrator feeling lost in the world after forcing himself to become what he’s not. He expresses how he’s not sorry for being different. This song resonates with anyone trying to improve themselves and find their purpose.

Anyway by Tori Kelly

Anyway by Tori Kelly

Song Year: 2015

Trying to be accepted by others when you’re different from what they expect or want can feel overwhelming. “Anyway” by Tori Kelly is a pop and R&B single that perfectly embodies this feeling through its upbeat sound and vocals.

The song’s narrator expresses how she won’t change herself for others and won’t conform like others trying to fit in, telling anyone who comes her way to either accept her for who she is or leave to find someone who meets their expectations or standards.

Unique by Lenka

Song Year: 2015

Lenka’s “Unique” is an ode to being proud of being different. The song has an upbeat, lighthearted tone, emphasized by its guitar and percussion accompaniment. The narrator states how she loves being herself and seeing the world through a positive outlook. She admits that she’s flawed, but keeps moving forward, trying to find her place outside of what society expects.

Hurricane by MisterWives

Song Year: 2015

Initially featured on MisterWives’ debut studio album, Our Own House, “Hurricane” is an anthem for people who don’t care what others think when expressing their uniqueness. The lyrics incorporate dynamic imagery, comparing the people who put others down for being different to leeches and those who embrace being themselves to an unstoppable storm.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different by Logic

Song Year: 2019

Logic’s “Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different” has a simple yet effective message for anyone struggling to accept themselves. It was a featured track on the chart-topping album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

The song has a catchy, old-school sound, emphasized by its simple lyrics, repetitive beats, and additional vocals from Will Smith. It’s the perfect song to listen to while driving downtown or jogging around the neighborhood.

Different by Tasha Page-Lockhart

Song Year: 2014

If you prefer gospel-inspired songs, Tasha Page-Lockhart’s “Different” is one song you shouldn’t skip. This soulful song describes a woman feeling different after embracing the Lord. The narrator admits that she’s made mistakes trying to fit in with other girls in her youth, but she moves on from her past to embrace a new side of herself that makes her feel happier.

Freaks Like Me by Joe Nichols

Song Year: 2015

“Freaks Like Me” is a song about staying true to your values, even when people judge you for standing out. The song’s mid-tempo sound and Joe Nichols’ vocals give the tune a catchy, old-school country sound. The lyrics reflect the narrator’s pride in his old-fashioned lifestyle and how he won’t let others’ opinions bring him down.

I’m Different by Dust In Mind

Song Year: 2017

Dust In Mind’s “I’m Different,” from their album Oblivion, has a rough, hardcore rock sound, making it stand out from the previous songs on this list. This song takes the perspective of a person avoiding others after getting bullied for being different, wishing they had the strength to face the ones who mock them and be themselves.

Different by Fearless Soul

Song Year: 2019

Need some motivation when feeling different brings you down? Consider listening to Fearless Soul’s “Different” whenever you crave an uplifting melody to lift your spirits. The song’s softer, slower sections blend well with the rap-inspired verses.

In this song, the speaker tells the listener that being different is okay, despite living in a world fraught with judgemental people. The lyrics’ imagery of the world looking extra colorful with different people emphasizes that the world would feel boring if everyone was the same.

All Tractors Ain’t Green by Jimmie Allen

Song Year: 2018

Jimmie Allen’s “All Tractors Ain’t Green” is one of his most personal tracks featured on his self-titled debut album. It’s a slow, powerful country ballad with a beautiful message about how it’s okay that everyone is different. The narrator states he isn’t afraid to stand out from people who try to be the same.

The lyrics incorporate country-themed imagery to emphasize being different, from guitars tuned differently to tractors that aren’t green.

I Am What I Am by Village People

Song Year: 1978

Disco isn’t the first music genre you’ll think of when it comes to anthems supporting anyone feeling out of place, but Village People’s “I Am What I Am” has a surprising message that’s as impactful as other songs.

The song encourages people to love themselves and follow whatever lifestyle they want. Since its release, this song has become an iconic anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. Its energizing beats make it the perfect song for dancing at any party.

Heart by Princess Nokia

Heart by Princess Nokia

Song Year: 2020

Despite its short length, Princess Nokia’s “Heart” is another track that makes you feel good when you feel like an outcast to others. The song’s narrator expresses how she likes being different, doesn’t care what others think about how she acts and looks, and knows that she’s beautiful on the inside. The song’s accompanying beats have a retro, electric vibe.

I’m Different by Randy Newman

Song Year: 1983

Randy Newman is known for writing and recording songs with simple melodies and lyrics, but many incorporate positive vibes that make any bad day a little better. “I’m Different” takes the perspective of a man who’s proud of how different he is, believing that he’s better than others in some ways.

Although the narrator knows he won’t be as popular as other music icons, he continues to be how he wants to be. The song’s female backing vocals and piano accompaniment give the song an old-school sound that’s pleasing to the ears.

Different by Ms. Jade

Song Year: 2002

Ms. Jade’s “Different” is an underrated hip-hop song about a woman disregarding the disapproving looks she gets from others who judge her for being different. The lyrics highlight how people put down others for their looks to feel better, but the narrator challenges them by stating they aren’t authentic for concealing what makes them stand out.

Dare To Be Different by Donovan

Song Year: 1977

Do you prefer songs about being different that are underrated and vintage? Donovan’s “Dare To Be Different” is an upbeat folk rock single from his 14th studio album. Although its lyrics are repetitive, its funky beat and guitar can grab any music fan’s attention. In this song, Donovan tells the audience to strive to be different if they don’t like what others are doing.

Despite not being one of Donovan’s most successful tracks, it’s a great song to hum along to when spending alone time at your house.

You’re A Disgrace by Naked Aggression

Song Year: 1998

This short punk song is the perfect addition to any punk playlist about being different. The lyrics depict the narrator receiving harsh, echoing comments about being a disgrace to society, but she doesn’t care if they have a problem with her and insists they won’t change her. The rough vocals and guitar instrumentation give the song a signature late-1990s sound.

I’m Just Different by Puntin

Song Year: 2019

This upbeat Puntin song tells the story of a man who takes his family’s advice about being himself to heart and not following the crowd to fit in. The man says he won’t change his flow, stating that he can’t help that he’s different. Its contemporary hip-hop beats and echoing vocals make it one of this artist’s most personal hits.

Circus Freak by Kat Ivy

Song Year: 2022

“Circus Freak” is a hardcore rock track featured on Kat Ivy’s debut album Dark Amusement. The lyrics describe the narrator telling the tale of a woman remembering when her peers insulted her behind her back for being different. She eventually embraces being a titular circus freak and showing her talent to the world.

Different by Emily DiPace

Song Year: 2020

The lyrics behind Emily DiPace’s “Different” emphasize that being different makes you special. Everyone’s uniqueness differs from each other, giving the song a universal meaning. She considers the choice of being different as the ultimate source of freedom.

Its electric, synthesized beats give it an uplifting tone and a contemporary sound. This song was featured on DiPace’s first album, 11:11 Experience.

Dalla Dalla by ITZY

Dalla Dalla by ITZY

Song Year: 2019

If you’re a fan of energetic music, K-pop group ITZY’s debut single “Dalla Dalla” should inspire you to embrace what makes you different from the norm. The lyrics describe a girl who loves being herself and doesn’t care what others think.

The song ranked second on South Korea’s Gaon and K-pop Hot 100 charts. It incorporates electro-pop, hip-hop, and EDM elements that add flair.

Top Songs About Being Different, Final Thoughts

Many songs about being different have a positive tone encouraging listeners to embrace their uniqueness, regardless of what others think. These tracks make a great addition to any playlist for anyone eager to express themselves or boost their confidence.

No matter which artists or music genres you gravitate towards, you will hum along to these tunes whenever you feel like an outcast.

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