Best Songs About Virginia

Virginia, also called the Old Dominion or the Mother of States, is stunning. There are many songs about Virginia, the best of which we’ll show below.

“Sweet Virginia” by The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1972

One of the most iconic songs about Virginia, this tune by The Rolling Stones is all about how no other place can compare to Virginia. The narrator shouts out California but admits that nothing feels like home as much as Virginia, encouraging the listener to head to this Old Dominion state to understand why it’s such a magical place.

“Virginia” by Whiskey Myers

Song Year: 2011

An artful song that compares Virginia to a lover, this track is about the complexity of love and how you can weather tough times when you’re with the right person or in the right place. It has a nostalgic vibe with some heartbreaking lines that are super relatable if you’ve ever lost someone.

“Virginia Moon” by Foo Fighters

Song Year: 2005

This Foo Fighters tune is poetic and moving, with their classic soft rock sound and stunning lyrics that tug at your heartstrings. The narrator sings softly about the beauty and solitude of the Virginia moon and Virginia nights as he waits for his beloved.

“Meet Virginia” by Train

Song Year: 1998

On the surface, this moving ballad is about a feisty woman whom the narrator loves. However, many people believe the woman in the song is a metaphor for the beautiful state of Virginia! It makes references to politics, nobility, and old-fashioned pageantry, all of which can be considered Virginian themes.

“Virginia Is for Lovers” by Jordin Sparks

Song Year: 2007

Jordin Sparks is an American Idol winner and one of her most heartbreaking songs is this one. The state’s motto is the title of the song, and in it, she ponders where everyone else who doesn’t have a lover goes. She sings about a painful breakup and how the memory haunts her, making her feel like Virginia is no longer the right place for her.

“Our Great Virginia” by Mike Greenly

Song Year: 2014

This song talks about the glory of this beautiful state and how the nation was born there. It’s a folksy song that talks about the different walks of life you can find in Virginia and how they’re all honorable and make up the proud energy of this state.

“I Went Down to Virginia” by Frank Sinatra

Song Year: 1948

Old Blue Eyes gives these sweet lyrics life with his sultry and cozy voice. The lyrics talk about the kindness of people from Virginia and how much love the narrator has for this spirited state. The main theme of the song is that Virginia is a supremely welcoming place that greets every visitor with a smile and a handshake.

“The Ghost of Virginia” by Justin Townes Earle

Song Year: 2007

This song, like the Train song mentioned above, uses a woman as a metaphor for the state of Virginia, but it’s a bit more direct and obvious. The narrator describes this woman as the ghost of Virginia, a phantom who travels around the state and shows herself to residents in trying times. It’s an eerie but poetic song about the hard times in this lovely state.

“Virginia Plain” by Roxy Music

Song Year: 1972

This fascinating song takes the listener through a historical journey in America and specifically in Virginia. The narrator sings about the wild things they find in other states and places in the world, but that they always come back to the rustic and simple beauty of Virginia’s plains. They see it as their true home no matter where they roam.

“Sweet Virginia Breeze” by Robbin Thompson

Song Year: 1980

An uncomplicated ode to Virginia, this song by Robbin Thompson is simply about the majesty and reassuring energy in Virginia. He sings about how pleasant the soft breeze is and how he feels like this sensational place was made by God just for him. He highlights the natural beauty of Virginia, mentioning Dogwood trees, red birds, and The Blue Ridge Mountains.

“My Old Virginia Home” by Carter Family

Song Year: 2000

In this song, the narrator laments about how much they miss their childhood home in Virginia. They left to explore the world and find new experiences, but late at night, the pangs of homesickness are apparent and they long to be back in Virginia in their safe home. It’s a sad song but ends with the narrator deciding to travel home to Virginia.

“James River Blues” by Old Crow Medicine Show

Song Year: 2006

This blue-collar song is about Virginias who worked on the James River moving cargo. Since the invention and construction of the railroad, the boat drivers’ jobs have become obsolete, which the narrator sings about mournfully. It’s a gritty song about how little people can be harmed by innovation and how bad situations can hurt even the best people.

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

Song Year: 1971

Easily the most well-known song that mentions Virginia, this John Denver song is an anthem for country folks. He sings about several southern states, including Virginia. The lyrics talk about wanting to get back to your roots and return to those dusty country roads that feel like home!

“Leave Virginia Alone” by Rod Stewart

Song Year: 1995

This track is another song that compares a wild woman to the rolling hills and majesty of the state of Virginia. The song is about losing a lover or running away from home, oscillating between metaphors and themes, creating a poetic and meaningful song that resonates with many people.

“Virginia Avenue” by Tom Waits

Song Year: 1973

This solemn song is narrated by someone walking down Virginia Ave without anywhere to be or anyone to see. It could be seen as a sad ballad but also has positive lines about the freedom they feel. It captures the quiet and almost eerie vibe of a late night in a city when the bars are closing and the streets are empty.

“Virginia Gang” by Katie Noel

Song Year: 2019

This upbeat and edgy song is about getting wild and feeling free in Virginia while driving around muddy roads. It’s essentially a song about hardcore Virginians who would do anything to defend their beautiful state and they don’t care what anyone else thinks! They sing about how proud Virginians are and how much they love their state set to a hard and catchy beat.

“Virginia Tech Song” by Lil’ Flip

Song Year: 2007

This rap song is about a tragedy at Virginia Tech, one of the most well-known universities in the state. In 2007, there was a terrible shooting spree at this college, and several people lost their lives. In the lyrics, Lil’ Flip offers condolences to those who lost someone and expresses his anger at the hatred in the world.

“East Virginia Blues” by Carter Family

Song Year: 1934

Another song about Virginia from Carter Family, this song is about losing a lover and begging for them to take you back. The narrator was in North Carolina to be with their lover, but since the relationship is ending, they’re going to return to East Virginia. It’s a sad and folksy breakup song that will tug at your heart and make you want to run home to your safe place.

“Old Virginia” by America

Song Year: 1975

A song about the safety of home, this track is about wanting to feel safe and sound somewhere, rather than be a roaming nomad who doesn’t have a home base. The song lyrics personify Virginia as welcoming arms that will hold you close and rock your comfortingly. The theme is that while traveling is exciting, there’s no place like home.

“Carry Me Back to Old Virginia” by Jerry Lee Lewis ·

Song Year: 1970

This punchy, fun song is about wanting to go home, like so many other songs about Virginia. It has a nostalgic and positive vibe, as the narrator croons about heading back home and how excited they are to be among their people in their favorite place. It’s an emotional and happy song that honors the uniqueness of Virginia.

“Virginia (Wind in the Night)” by The Head and the Heart

Song Year: 2022

Another super popular song, this tune also personifies Virginia as a woman, opening up room for many interpretations. It’s about how it feels like people and places can change, but in reality, all people change and that can also change how you perceive things. Despite the changes, the narrator still loves Virginia and believes that Virginia is his home, whether talking about the state or a woman.

“Sweet Virginia” by Kip Moore

“Sweet Virginia” by Kip Moore

Song Year: 2020

This song has cryptic lyrics that people can derive many meanings from. It has romantic themes as well as motifs about self-identity and not knowing who you are. Many people find themes of homesickness throughout the poetic lyrics, as the narrator talks about how they’re unsure of who they should be and where they should be in this world.

“Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)” by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Song Year: 2015

Lin-Manuel Miranda recounts the events of the Battle of Yorktown in this musical song. Yes, this song is from his wildly successful musical “Hamilton.” In the lyrics, the song talks about how the battle changed the entire world and lead America to where it is today. It’s an uplifting but complex song about starting a new nation and fighting for freedom, although freedom has differing definitions, depending on which side of the battle you’re on.

“Oh Virginia” by Blessid Union of Souls

Song Year: 1995

An ode to Virginia, this song is full of appreciation for the Mother of States. The narrator thanks Virginia for turning them into the person they are today and making them feel safe and at home. They know Virginia is always waiting for them to return with a welcoming smile and hug, which has allowed them to be brave and confident on their life journey.

“Carry Me Back to Old Virginny” by Tom Roush

Song Year: 1873

This folksy and rustic song has an infectious sound that will make you want to hop in the car and drive to Virginny! The narrator sings about the natural beauty of Virginia, from the birds to the sky to the springtime breeze. It’s a sweet tribute to this state and is easy to tap your foot along to. In the final lines, the lyrics talk about how when the narrator dies, they’ll go to heaven and meet all the people they’ve loved in Virginia.

“The Virginia Beach Song” by Luciano Illuminati

Song Year: 2015

This ode to Virginia Beach is a fun and funky song that paints a stunning picture of this popular beach spot. The lyrics talk about how you can live an energetic and exciting life in Virginia Beach, where the people and friendly, the sand is warm, and the waves crash gently on the shore. It almost sounds like a travel ad for Virginia Beach and will make you want to visit this beautiful spot and spend time by the sea.

“Down in Virginia” by Boz Scaggs

Song Year: 2018

This country song is a bit humorous with plenty of dialogue. The narrator talks about how they know they’re not treating their lover right but they don’t know how to be better. They love their partner and want to be better for them, so they run to the middle of nowhere in Virginia to reflect and then they return to their lover to beg forgiveness and promise to be better.

“East Virginia” by Pete Seeger

Song Year: 1927

This short and sweet song by Pete Seeger tells the tale of a man (the narrator) who goes from Virginia to North Carolina and finds the woman of his dreams. He sings about her beauty and boldness, but they’ll never be together and he doesn’t even know her name. It’s an odd story about wanting something you can’t have and in the end, the narrator goes home to Virginia.

“Virginia Beach” by Hamilton Leithauser

Song Year: 2021

A beautiful song about self-identity and love, this track is about traveling all around the country to try and find yourself, only to realize you don’t like what you find. However, the latter half of the lyrics are more positive and hopeful. The narrator sings about seeing the devil in himself, so he decides to run back to Virginia Beach and on the way there he finds his true love, who helps him see the good in him and be grateful again.

“Summer’s End” by Foo Fighters

Song Year: 2007

Another song by the iconic rock band the Foo Fighters, this track is about the beauty of a Virginia summer and how peaceful the warm weather can be in this gorgeous state. It’s highly poetic with a lot of imagery concerning the changing weather in Virginia, whether it’s storming or the sun is shining. It’s a complex song that talks about loving and hating the end of summer and how fall can be a time for new beginnings.

“Longing for Old Virginia” by Carter Family

Song Year: 1934

Another song from the Carter Family, this track is also about missing good old Virginia! However, unlike their other songs that focus on self-identity and homesickness, this tune is more romantic, focusing on a love affair that began in Virginia. The narrator is not currently in Virginia, and they’re missing their lover who is there, promising to return to the Old Dominion state as soon as they can.

“Green Rolling Hills” by Emmylou Harris

Song Year: 1978

Emmylou Harris loves to sing about different states, and this is her song about Virginia! In this song, she sings a lovely tune about how beautiful the rolling hills of Virginia are. She compares these hills to heaven and talks about how peaceful she feels in Virginia. Even through the hard times, the rolling hills stay pristine and comforting for the narrator.

“Virginia State Anthem” by Chris Aable

Song Year: 2020

This song was once the Virginia state anthem but was replaced. However, it’s still a well-known song in Virginia and sings about how beautiful the state is and how friendly the people are! It highlights the natural wonders of this southern state and talks about how the area changes from season to season, and every season has something special to offer.

“Peace in the Water” by Pilot Perc

Song Year: 2020

“Peace in the Water” is a rap and hip-hop song from a lesser-known artist. It has similar vibes to a Kendrick Lamar track, with slow beats and a captivating mumbly tone that makes it easy to listen to. The lyrics are about wanting peace and success in the narrator’s hometown, which is in Virginia. It has a grateful tone and maintains a soft, steady beat throughout the song.

“I’m Coming Virginia” by Donald Heywood

Song Year: 1927

A song that has been covered many times, this track is about wanting to run away from the life you’ve built and go home to where you feel safe and comfortable. The narrator asks the listener to let them leave and not to hold it against them, because they aren’t built for the road and need to go home to Virginia, where they know who they are.

“Virginia Beach” by Mykki Blanco

Song Year: 2012

This song combines rap with an R&B sound for an edgy and upbeat tune that is impossible to ignore. It has a typical and classic hip-hop song that is hard not to love, but the beat is complex and distinct. The lyrics talk about East versus West Coast rap games and various gangs.

“Yes, Virginia” by Waylon Jennings

Song Year: 1967

In this song, the lyrics talk about leaving a woman named Virginia, and many people interpret it as saying goodbye to your home state. It’s a brutal breakup song. Unlike many of the other songs on this list, there is no feeling of homesickness, and goodbye is bitter and cold. It’s about moving on to something better and realizing that you deserve everything you want, not just what you’re given.

“Sweet Virginia” by The Rembrandts

Song Year: 1992

This song by The Rembrandts has a nostalgic and pleading vibe, as the narrator expresses their love for Virginia. They personify the state as a woman but also discuss the beauty of the state and how the sun was always shining. The narrator wants a never-ending love, like how his feelings toward Virginia will never fade or waiver.

“Virginia for the Summer” by Victoria Grills

Song Year: 2021

This sweet, slow song is about spending a beautiful summer in Virginia and wishing everyone you loved could be there with you. The song has a lot of powerful themes about growing up, leaving home, finding love, and much more. The overall vibe of this song is kindness and peace, making it a calming and comforting song to listen to, especially if you’re missing Virginia.

Top Songs About Virginia, Final Thoughts

It’s clear that many of these artists are passionate about the state of Virginia, whether they want to escape their hometown or stop exploring and return home.

The way people sing about Virginia like their lover shows how beautiful this state can be, impacting people just like a romantic relationship could.

If you love the Mother of States, add some of these amazing songs about Virginia to your comfort playlist!

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