Famous Punjabi Songs

Punjabi music is an integral part of the rich culture of Punjab. While Punjabi folk music is still an element of traditional celebrations, the music industry has evolved and songs have become a lot more pop.

Whether you’re new to Punjabi music or are looking for some nostalgic hits, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this list of famous Punjabi songs!

“Backbone” by Harrdy Sandhu

Song year: 2017

With hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, it’s safe to say that “Backbone” is a hit. This popular Punjabi love song features singer Harrdy Sandhu and lyrics from Jaani and B-Praak, a prolific songwriter who has contributed to many Punjabi movie soundtracks over the past few years.

The song is a touching ballad where the singer describes his significant other as his backbone. The melody is an interesting mix of modern pop music and traditional Punjabi rhythms.

“Lehanga” by Jass Manak

Song year: 2019

“Lehanga” is a popular love song with over 1.5 billion views on YouTube, making it one of the most famous Punjabi songs ever.

In spite of its upbeat melody, “Lehanga” tells the heartbreaking story of a failed relationship. The singer regrets that his significant other prefers spending time and money on her friends rather than focusing on their relationship.

“Dil Lutiya” by Jazzy B

Song year: 2005

“Dil Lutiya” remains an iconic Punjabi song of the 2000s. With lyrics in English and Punjabi, the upbeat song represents Jazzy B’s multicultural background as a Punjabi singer living in Canada.

The song features sounds inspired by traditional Punjabi music and classic instruments like table and dhol drums, but it also uses modern dance rhythms.

 “Kya Baat Ay” by Karan Aujla

Song year: 2020

Karan Aujla is one of the most successful digital Indian artists. His single “Kya Baat Ay” is about a man who discovers that his significant other has been cheating on him.

The slow tempo and expressive singing come together to convey the heartbreak behind the story the song tells. The music video features Punjabi actress Tania and tells the story of this doomed couple.

‘Mundian To Bach Ke” by Panjabi MC

Song year: 2003

Panjabi MC played an instrumental role in popularizing Punjabi music abroad with his 2003 hit “Mundian To Bach Ke,” which translates to “Beware of the Boys.” For many, this song was an introduction to modern Indian music.

The catchy song topped the charts in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the U.K. It’s a unique mix of Punjabi folk music, 2000s dance and pop music, and rap, while the music video celebrates Punjabi culture with images of costumes and dancing.

“Haan Haige Aa” by Karan Aujla and Gurlez Akhtar

Song year: 2020

“Haan Haige Aa” was a hit for Punjabi-Canadian singer Karan Aujla was over 143 million streams on YouTube alone.

The song is a duet with Gurlez Akhtar that uses a classic call-and-answer structure between the two singers. The influence of modern rap music is obvious on this track, but the melody still makes use of traditional Punjabi string instruments.

“Keh Gayi Sorry” by Jassie Gill

Song year: 2020

Punjabi singer Jassie Gill recorded the song “Keh Gayi Sorry” during the pandemic. The emotional track tells the story of a couple who realizes their relationship is over and there is nothing they can do to save it.

The song features the vocals of actress Shehnaz Gill, who is famous for her appearance in Bigg Boss 13. Even though the two artists share the same last name, they are unrelated.

“Daru” by Amrinder Gill

Song year: 2007

“Daru” is an upbeat track from singer Amringer Gill. It also features Sukshinder Shinda and Babu Singh Maan.

The song is representative of Punjabi music in the 2000s with some recognizable influences from modern pop and dance music, while the melody also features traditional Punjabi instruments. The lyrics list the qualities the singer looks for in a potential wife.

‘Aaja Mahi” by Bimal Bhanot

Song year: 2023

“Aaja Mahi” is a recent Punjabi song from artist Bimal Bhanot. The song is a moderate commercial success, but it’s an interesting example of modern Punjabi music.

The track uses a beat that one would expect to find in a modern rap or trap song while the singer’s unique vocal style evokes Punjabi folk music and the Carnatic musical style popular in the south of India.

“Doctor” by Sidhu Moose Wala

Song year: 2020

Sidhu Moose Wala was a popular Punjabi rapper. “Doctor” was one of his last hits before his murder in 2022.

The rapper played an important role in establishing gangster rap culture as part of the Punjabi music scene and even faced legal issues for using gestures considered violent. 

“Doctor” is a slow-paced track that illustrates his unique style that mixes rap-inspired beats with classical Punjabi singing.

“Yes or No”by Jass Manak

Song year: 2020

“Yes or No” is a fun love song from Jass Manak. The song features elements of pop music, including an upbeat piano hook and an electronic melody.

The song is about a marriage proposal. The singer lists his accomplishments before asking his significant other if she will join him in the life he created.

“Filhall” by B Praak

Song year: 2019

“Filhall” is a popular hit on YouTube with over a billion views. The song also topped the UK Asian charts. It’s a sad pop song about two lovers who meet again after not seeing each other for years. The lyrics ask meaningful questions about love and loss.

The music video for the song features Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon. The video feels like a short movie that tells the story of the two lovers.

“Sakhiyaan” by Maninder Buttar

Song year: 2018

“Sakhiyaan” is a touching song that tells the story of a woman who becomes suspicious because her boyfriend is neglecting her.

It’s one of the most recent famous Punjabi songs with millions of views on YouTube. The track uses a beat that is reminiscent of a classic rap or hip-hop song while Maninder Buttar’s vocals are somewhere between rapping and traditional Punjabi singing.

“Khyaal Rakhya Kar” by Preetinger

Song year: 2020

“Khyaal Rakhya” is a soft pop song with a melodic guitar track and relaxing tempo. The music video features Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana.

The song is about a man who gives his significant other advice for living a healthy and happy life while the music video shows touching moments between the couple. Overall, the song has a positive message that fits its relaxing melody.

“High Rated Gabru” by Guru Randhawa

Song year: 2017

With over a billion views on YouTube, “High Rated Gabru” is one of the most famous Punjabi songs from Guru Randhawa. The song is also a popular ringtone.

The upbeat track features elements of rap and hip-hop. The word “gabru” means “boy” in Punjabi. The song is about a boy who is popular and the girls he falls in love with.

‘Tunak Tunak Tun” by Daler Mehndi

Song year: 1998

“Tunak Tunak Tun” is a classic Punjabi song from the 1990s. It’s still one of the most successful hits in India outside of Bollywood tracks.

The song became a viral hit and gave birth to the “Tunak Tunak” dance. The title refers to the sound a tumba drum makes. It’s also a love song with an uplifting message that celebrates the joy of being alive and dancing.

“Gal Ban Gayee” by Sukhbir

Song year: 1997

“Gal Ban Gayee” is a fun and upbeat Punjabi song. The track shows how Punjabi music evolved in the 90s. Even though it features traditional drum playing, the song also incorporates elements of modern pop music.

The song remains iconic because of its references to traditional Punjabi dances like the gidda or bhangra.

“The Azaad Boliyan” by Drum ‘N’ Dhol

Song year: 1989

This classic Punjabi track from the late 80s feels experimental with its unique use of drums and electronic sound effects. It’s a noteworthy example of rock and new wave music influencing the Punjabi music scene.

“Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye” by Alaap

Song year: 1982

This upbeat dance track is representative of Alaap, an 80s Punjabi band featuring award-winning singer and musician Channi Singh.

It’s one of the tracks that helped popularize bhangra music outside of India. With its unique mix of Punjabi and Western instruments, Alaap contributed to the rise of traditional Punjabi music as an art form with worldwide recognition.

“Baba Ve Kala Maror” by K. Deep and Jagmohan Kaur

Song year: 1973

K. Deep and Jagmohan Kaur were a husband-and-wife team who recorded Punjabi songs in the 70s. The couple has an incredible chemistry that you can hear on the track “Baba Ve Kala Maror,” a humorous song about pushing a car that got stuck.

Their singing is representative of popular Punjabi music of the 70s and their humorous duets have remained enjoyable over the years.

“Dhol Vajda Tali Vajdi” by Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi

Song year: 1977

“Dhol Vajda Tali Vajdi” is a nostalgic track that features the beautiful singing of Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi. Rafi remains one of the most famous Indian singers of all time, with his work appearing in over 1,000 Bollywood movies and a total of more than 7,000 songs recorded.

The duet evokes love and longing while the melody uses traditional Punjabi rhythms and classic drum and string instruments.

“Dass Ja” by DJ Sanj

Song year: 2005

“Dass Ja” is a fun dance track that feels representative of Punjabi music in the 2000s. The rhythm is fast and upbeat, but it preserves the traditional drum sounds present in folk music.

The song tells the story of a boy who meets a girl and decides to marry her. It’s also representative of Punjabi culture because it describes some elements of traditional wedding ceremonies.

“Kaun Hoye Ga” by B Praak and Divya Bhatt

“Kaun Hoye Ga” by B Praak and Divya Bhatt

Song year: 2018

“Kaun Hoye Ga” appeared in the 2018 Punjabi movie Qismat. The movie is memorable thanks to amazing performances from Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk.

It tells the story of a man who falls in love with his neighbor Bani. However, Bani falls critically ill. The song evokes the heartbreak the couple experiences at the news of her diagnosis.

“Channa Va” by B Praak

Song year: 2020

“Channa Va” is a track featured in the 2020 Punjabi movie Sufna. The song illustrates how talented and versatile B Praak truly is, with an impressive 17 movie soundtracks produced or recorded.

Sufna tells the story of a carefree young man who isn’t thinking about his future until he meets a girl and falls in love. “Channa Va” describes one of the more emotional moments of the movie and uses guitar, traditional Punjabi instruments, and B Praak’s sorrowful singing to evoke sadness.

“Na Ja” by Pav Dharia

Song year: 2018

“Na Ja” is an upbeat dance track from Punjabi singer Pav Dharia. The song is about a girl the singer finds attractive.

This song illustrates the influence of Punjabi music on the Bollywood industry. After the song became a hit, Tanishk Bagchi created a Hindi cover that appeared in the 2021 action movie Sooryavanshi starring Ashkay Kumar.

“Suit” by Guru Randhawa

Song year: 2016

“Suit” is an upbeat composition that quickly became a hit for Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa. The song refers to different traditional Punjabi or Desi clothes and explains that the singer prefers these options to more modern alternatives.

The song is a fun dance track that celebrates Punjabi culture, and the music video features all the costumes the lyrics refer to.

“8 Parche” by Baani Sandhu and Gur Sidhu

Song year: 2019

“8 Parche” is an upbeat Punjabi song that features the powerful singing voice of actress Baani Sandhu. The title translates to “eight cases” and is a reference to the singer’s love interest having eight legal cases pending against him.

The song tells the story of a woman who fell for the wrong man. She regrets his lack of education or career prospects and wonders what her parents will think of her boyfriend’s rap sheet.

“Wang Da Naap” by Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa

Song year : 2019

“Wang Da Naap” is a beautiful Punjabi song that uses a mix of guitar and traditional instruments. The result is a slow tempo that creates the perfect atmosphere for a love song.

The lyrics talk about a man who wants to leave everything for the woman he loves. The text is full of evocative images that describe how the man can’t focus on his work or can’t hide his love any longer.

“Zindagi” by Akhil

Song year: 2018

Akhil is a successful Punjabi singer who has released over 20 singles and recorded songs for four movies. “Zindagi” is a love song that is representative of modern Punjabi pop music.

The song uses an upbeat guitar track while the singing is a mix of traditional Punjabi singing and rapping. The result is a fun and uplifting song that evokes the overwhelming feeling of falling in love.

“Jaani Tera Naa” by Sunanda


Song year: 2017

Punjabi actress and singer Sunanda has appeared in hit movies like Jai Mummy Di. She released the single “Jaani Tera Naa” in 2017, and the song quickly became a success with over 330 million views on YouTube.

While the music video showcases her talent for dancing, the lyrics evoke her love for a man her parents don’t approve of. It’s a fun love song, and the introduction that describes what her parents would do if they found out about the relationship feels humorous.

“Laembadgini” by Diljit Dosanjh

Song year: 2016

Diljit Dosanjh is a well-known Punjabi singer who has released a few hits in the UK and Canada. He also appeared in some hit movies like Jatt & Juliet 2 or Honsla Rakh.

“Laembadgini” refers to a Lamborghini. The song describes the singer’s wife’s perspective and her worries regarding his many female friends. The woman wonders where her husband goes in his Lamborghini and who he meets.

“Deewana” by Akhil

Song year: 2020

“Deewana” is a touching love song from Punjabi singer Akhil. The singer evokes the beauty of his significant other and looks for an excuse to spend more time with her.

The lyrics feel poetic with references to his lover’s scent or metaphors that compare this woman to an angel.

“Wah Wah Jatta” by Rohanpreet Singh

Song year: 2020

With over 8 million views on YouTube, “Wah Wah Jatta” is one of the most famous Punjabi songs released in recent years.

Singer and actor Rohanpreet Singh has an impressive career that started in the early 2000s. He appeared as a contestant on reality shows and demonstrated his unique talent for singing as a teen. He is also popular on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

‘Billian Billian” by Guri

Song year: 2018

“Billian Billian” is a catchy dance track from Punjabi singer and actor Guri. The song has almost 350 million views on YouTube, and it’s easy to understand why between the beautifully choreographed music video and the upbeat melody.

The song lyrics are about a woman the singer is attracted to. Most of the lyrics are about describing this woman and celebrating her. It’s a fun example of how traditional Punjabi melodies can come together with modern dance music to create a feel-good song.

“Jhoonte” by Jassa and Deepak Dhillon


Song year: 2023

“Jhoonte” is a recent release that already received millions of views on YouTube. It’s safe to say it’s one of the most popular Punjabi songs of 2023.

The song feels upbeat and energizing with its unique blend of hip-hop and Punjabi music. The title “Jhoonte” refers to a liar or to something that is untrue.

“YKWIM” by Karan Aujla and KR$NA

Song year: 2022

This catchy Punjabi rap song is proof that gangsta rap is a popular genre in India. The song showcases the rapping skills of Karan Aujla and KR$NA as they sing about their success and influence.

The music video uses several elements associated with the gangsta rap genre, including stashes of money, weapons, and cars. The mix of Punjabi and English lyrics feels modern.

The title is the acronym of “You Know What I Mean,” a question that keeps coming back in the lyrics as the rappers ask the listener if they’re familiar with the gangsta rap culture.

“Nanke” by DJ Flow and Gurlez Akhtar


Song year: 2023

This recent release has close to seven million views on YouTube and could become a hit. “Nanke” is a powerful song structured as a duet between DJ Flow and Gurlez Akhtar.

The song uses elements of gangsta rap culture by focusing on a character who is in trouble with the law. This song feels modern with its portrayal of an empowered female character who plays a central role in the story described by the lyrics rather than being a simple love interest.

“Amplifier” by Imran Khan


Song year: 2007

Imran Khan is a singer with Dutch and Pakistani origins.”Amplifier” appeared on his debut album and became a successful single two years later.

“Amplifier” is a powerful track full of references to cars. The singer describes himself as an amplifier and the girl he loves as a subwoofer. The song reflects modern musical influences with lyrics that celebrate the feeling of driving a sports car.

“Khadke Glassy” by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Ashok Mastie

Song year: 2018

“Khadke Glassy” is a fun and catchy song created for the 2018 Punjabi movie Jabariya Jodi. The movie wasn’t a significant commercial success, but the song received some attention.

The movie is a romantic comedy that looks at the practice of forced marriages, a topic that remains difficult to discuss in Indian society.

Best Punjabi Songs, Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy this list of the best Punjabi songs? We did our best to include a mix of recent hits and classic favorites but keep in mind that it’s not an exhaustive list of all the popular tracks you’ll hear on Punjabi radio stations or find online.

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