Best Christian Songs About Love

Love is all around us – the love we have for ourselves, the love we have for our partners, our children, our friends, and our families. Christian music speaks to all of those kinds of love, the love of God, and the love for God. Here are the best Christian songs about love.

Love Will Be Our Home by Sandi Patty

Love Will Be Our Home by Sandi Patty

Song year: 1988

Sandi Patty’s Love Will Be Our Home shares the message that if everyone alive has a heart, everyone alive shares a home. This song is about focusing on what we have in common, what we all share.

The lyrics here are full of love, peace, compassion, and focusing on the positive rather than on things that don’t come from a place of love.

Fullness by Elevation Worship

Song year: 2017

From their album, There is a Cloud, Elevation Worship’s Fullness speaks to the sense of fullness God’s love creates in His worshippers.

The song calls for God’s love, as well as rejoicing in that love and all of the promises that love offers. It’s about letting go of God and letting Him fill you with the love you need.

I’ll Wait for You by Moriah Peters

Song year: 2014

I’ll Wait for You appeared on Moriah Peters’s album, Brave. This Christian song about love is a sweet one about being destined to love someone as if God put them in your path for that very purpose.

The song’s speaker sings about a boy she keeps meeting and running into at various points in her life and how she’s starting to feel for him. She feels love coming on, but she is more than willing to let it take its time and grow.

Love Will Be Enough for Us by Brandon Heath

Song year: 2012

Brandon Heath’s Love Will Be Enough for Us paints a beautiful, romantic setting in the lyrics. The singer imagines living with his wife and kids in a small cabin in the woods, just them, nature, and love. That’s all they need.

However, in the end, the singer reveals that they live in a fancy apartment and are always praying for more money and success. Why?

This song is about knowing what is essential and what little it takes to be happy.

When God Made You by Natalie Grant and Newsong

Song year: 2003

Newsong’s When God Made You appeared on their album, More Life. At its heart, this is a song about soul mates.

The singer uses the song to tell his partner how much he loves her and thank God for her. She is so perfect for him; they are so perfect together that he knows God created her for him and sent her to him.

Jesus & You by Matthew West

Song year: 2017

Matthew West’s Jesus & You from All In is one of the Christian songs about love that is perfect to play at a wedding.

The singer says that in his worst, darkest moments, he thinks of his wife’s love and Jesus’ love, pulling him out and to a better place. His wife and Jesus make him a better person and give him all he needs.

This song is about noticing the connection between one’s human love and the love one has and feels from Jesus and God.

King of Love by I Am They

Song year: 2015

King of Love appeared on I Am They’s self-titled album. This song thanks and praises God for his love. The singer is led by this love, feels it, and rejoices in it.

It is a song about connecting with God’s love before any other.

Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath

Song year: 2008

Brandon Heath’s Love Never Fails is a love song to love. Through the lyrics, the singer tells us that love is steadfast and ever-present. Love is human love. Love is God’s love. But above everything else, love is everything, and everything is love.

It’s a great song to listen to while in love or while struggling with a relationship or any of life’s stresses.

Known by Tauren Wells

Song year: 2017

From the album Hills and Valleys comes Known by Tauren Wells. While this song could also certainly apply to a wife or spouse, the singer here is talking about the divine, unconditional love of God.

It’s a song about being known for who you are and loved, accepted, and cared for, for all of who you are, even in your darker moments, even in the areas where you struggle.

Flesh of My Flesh by Leon Patillo

Song year: 2009

Flesh of My Flesh by Leon Patillo goes back to scripture to paint a love between God and man that is foundational. If man is of God, then there is little separation there.

This song is about the love that comes from a strong connection and a deep love, like from parent to child and child to parent.

Good & Loved by Travis Greene

Song year: 2019

Travis Greene’s Good & Loved starts off being sung from the perspective of Jesus. He reassures listeners they are loved, and He is always there for them, reminding worshippers and giving them some of that love while they hear the song.

Near the end, the lyrics change to the perspective of a worshipper welcoming in that all-consuming love that will help heal them of any struggle.

Lead Me by Sanctus Real

Song year: 2010

Sanctus Real’s Lead Me is from their Pieces of a Real Heart album. Here, a husband and father are praying to the Lord for strength to be everything his family needs him to be.

The singer is afraid he is not strong enough and that while things look good on the outside, they’re breaking on the inside. The song is about asking for guidance on leading and worrying that you’ll fail your family with your love.

Unending Love by Hillsong Worship

Unending Love by Hillsong Worship

Song year: 2011

Hillsong Worship’s Unending Love is a Christian love song about the love of Jesus.

The song’s speaker would not trade Jesus’s love and grace for anything in the world, not jewels or success. It’s about submitting to Jesus and finding everything you need through his love.

I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song year: 1989

Now from Steven Curtis Chapman’s album, More to This Life, we have I Will Be Here.

This is a song from a husband to a wife, assuring her that he will be there for her no matter what happens. If the sun doesn’t come up again, if they lose everything they had, he’ll be there.

This song is about honoring the promises of love and the examples God sets.

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

Song year: 2017

Cory Asbury’s Reckless Love praises the love God has for him. The singer says God’s love is reckless, reasonless, and senseless. Why should he love someone unworthy? But He does it anyway.

This song says not only does God love you, but nothing can stop him from loving you or from the effects of His love reaching you.

How He Loves by David Crowder Band

Song year: 2009

The David Crowder Band’s How He Loves is about the fierceness of God’s love in the face of this turbulent life. It’s about being caught up, swirling around, and taking a minute to stop and be aware of God and His love.

Love Has a Name by Jesus Culture

Song year: 2017

Love Has a Name by Jesus Culture tells the listener that love’s name is Jesus. Everything good and right shares Jesus’ name. This a worship song full of praise and rejoicing.

It’s about recognizing what the core of love means in your faith.

Like You Love Me by Tauren Wells

Song year: 2020

From Citizen of Heaven, Like You Love Me by Tauren Wells is about God’s love being the purest biggest love. Everything God creates, He creates with love.

This song works not only as a song of love but also as a song of hope. Whenever the singer is having a challenging moment or a bad day, all he has to do is remember God’s love, and he instantly feels better.

Hold Me by Jamie Grace

Song year: 2011

Next, we have Jamie Grace’s Hold Me from her album One Song at a Time. This is another of the many Christian songs about love that would work well for a wedding. It operates on two levels and can be seen as a love song to a spouse or a song praising the Lord for His love.

The love this song portrays is a joyful, supporting, orienting, and comforting love.

Love Came Down by Brian Johnson

Song year: 2011

Brian Johnson’s Love Came Down is from the Brian Johnson and Bethel Music album, Be Lifted High. This joyous song celebrates divine love.

Through this song, the singer recognizes that God’s love has saved and freed him. Because of this love, because of all, it’s made possible, the singer is dedicating himself to God.

This speaks to the ability to recognize and appreciate love and a purpose more important than your own.

God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes

Song year: 2010

Pop Christian artist Dave Barnes released God Gave Me You on his album, What We Want, What We Get.

In this song, the singer tells his wife, his love, that she is God’s gift to him. Her love holds him together on this earth, to work with God’s love to help him deal with the roller coaster of love.

This song is a tribute to all partners who support their spouses in love and faith and make their world a better place.

Your Love Awakens Me by Phil Wickham

Song year: 2016

Phil Wickham’s Your Love Awakens Me is another Christian love song that can be interpreted as either a traditional love song or a song expressing gratitude for God’s love.

In this song, love has pulled the speaker out of darkness and woken him back into life. The love he is being given is stronger than anything that can be taken away from him. It’s about a love that is ongoing, more powerful than death.

I Choose You by Ryann Darling

I Choose You by Ryann Darling

Song year: 2016

From Ryan Darling’s album of the same name, I Choose You, is a wedding song that pledges a total commitment to the choice of love.

In this song, the speaker and her husband are getting married, and the lyrics work alongside the vows they are already swearing to each other. The singer is letting her husband-to-be know that she chooses to love him the same way God chooses to love them.

Only One and Only You by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song year: 2013

Steven Curtis Chapman’s One and Only You is a beautiful love song. If you have a partner who’s having a rough day, you should grace them with this.

This is a love song for someone who doesn’t see their own beauty. The singer tries to convince her of this beauty by comparing her to works of art because she is a work of God’s art.

It’s a song about treasuring your spouse, even when they have a hard time treasuring themself.

Unfailing Love by Jimmy Needham

Song year: 2008

Jimmy Needham’s Unfailing Love would be a great song to play to your beloved if you plan on proposing. It tells the story of the strength of the singer’s love as he asks his girlfriend to marry him.

Psalm 42 by Tori Kelly

Song year: 2018

Tori Kelly’s Psalm 42 calls for God’s love. The singer needs God’s love to fill and soothe her in this weary world. She is not of this world; she is of God.

This song speaks to a vital connection with God, of being so committed to your relationship with God that it is the thing that keeps you going when you have to keep going in a world where you don’t feel like you belong.

Love Theory by Kirk Franklin

Song year: 2019

Kirk Franklin’s Love Theory from the album Long, Live, Love is about the singer’s greatest love, Jesus. The lyrics sound like a typical love song, a man pledging his love to his one and only. Only in this case, his own and only is Jesus.

The singer is calling others to join him in this love. Jesus has done so much for them; the least they can do is love Him.

Lost Without You by Bebe & CeCe Winans

Song year: 1988

BeBe & CeCe Winans’s Lost Without You describes what it was like to bring God into their hearts, the transformative power of love.

This is a song about a love that makes you feel whole, and that makes everything suddenly click and make sense.

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong UNITED

Song year: 2013

Hillsong UNITED’s Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) uses the imagery of the ocean and waves to express the singer’s love and faith in his Savior. He is submitting himself to the waves, to God’s will, because he knows he will travel farther than he could on his own.

This song is about being filled with faith, love, and commitment to Jesus, that you are not afraid of where He leads you.

Always Only You by Josh Wilson

Song year: 2011

From Josh Wilson’s See You comes Always Only You. This sweet song is about everlasting love between a man and his wife.

The singer tells his wife how much he loves her and that no matter what happens, he will always love her, and she’ll always be the only one for him.

I’m In Love With You by Fred Hammond

Song year: 2012

Fred Hammond’s I’m in Love With You is a beautiful, heartfelt love song that would work perfectly for a Christian wedding.

The singer of this song is in love, and what’s better is that she loves him back. Like many people who have struggled to find the one, he didn’t think it would happen to him, but it did.

This song is about gratitude and thanking God for love and all of the beautiful, miraculous things He brings into your life.

Won’t Let Go by Travis Greene

Song year: 2019

Won’t Let Go by Travis Greene is a Christian song about God’s love. The singer describes God’s love as something ever-present, doesn’t even fade, and doesn’t ever give up. This love follows him everywhere, filling him with hope.

My Life, My Love, My All by Kirk Franklin

Song year: 2002

From his album, The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin, Kirk Franklin’s My Life, My Love, My All is about the transformative power of loving and being loved by God.

The singer wants to take a minute to let God know how much he loves him straight down from the bottom of his heart and encourage others to do the same.

This song is about having a past, being someone you are not proud of, finding Jesus, changing your ways, and surrendering yourself to his will and the positive, loving effect that can have.

When I Say I Do by Matthew West

Song year: 2019

Matthew West’s When I Say I Do is an excellent male-sung Christian wedding song. In this one, the husband-to-be is vowing his love to his bride.

The singer believes God brought her to him, and he is pledging everything to her, himself, his love, his support, and his strength. This song is about more than words, though; it is about making sure you back up words, oaths, and vows with your actions – that is the proof of love.

Love Is Here by Dave Pettigrew

Song year: 2019

Love is Here by Dave Pettigrew is from his album Faith and Gasoline. It is another love song to love and all love’s powers to heal and connect.

When life is painful, and it seems like nothing is good, you can still find love underneath it all, and that love is brightening and sustaining.

I Believe in Love by BarlowGirl

I Believe in Love by BarlowGirl

Song year: 2007

BarlowGirl’s I Believe in Love is from their album, How Can We Be Silent. This one is a bit darker than most others on this list, and it isn’t a love song in a traditional sense.

The song’s speaker is losing her faith. She is in a dark place, and none of her prayers are being answered. Whether she thinks God is not hearing her, ignoring her, or has other plans for her, she doesn’t know, but she is struggling to hang on in her life and her faith.

However, she believes in things even when she can’t see or feel them, like love, and if she can believe in a love she can’t feel, she can keep faith in a God who hasn’t answered her prayers.

Love Is Not a Fight by Warren Barfield

Song year: 2008

Warren Barfield’s Love is Not a Fight can be seen as a metaphor for losing faith in or love for God or making a marriage work over the long term.

Either way, love is challenging and requires work. It’s not all excitement, butterflies, and receiving. It also takes commitment and compromise. You need to ask not just What do I want? What do I need? but What does she want? What does God need from me?

This song is about real love being hard but worth it.

Only Hope by Switchfoot

Song year: 1999

From A New Way to Be Human comes Switchfoot’s Only Hope. This song catches the singer in a moment of darkness. He has been trying so hard in his life, but something is not right; he’s stuck, and can’t get anywhere on his own, so he prays and gives himself up to God.

This song is about releasing your hold on your plans and putting everything in God’s hands. The singer here knows God knows better than him, so he’s letting go of everything else and working on his love for and relationship with God.

Together by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song year: 2013

Steven Curtis Chapman’s Together describes a marriage that has had its ups and downs and is a great song to play for a wedding anniversary.

This is a marriage that has most likely lasted decades. The two have been through so much together, and their love for each other and their love for God has kept them together.

This Is Love by For King & Country

Song year: 2014

King & Country’s This is Love, tells a romantic love story from the moment the singer meets his bride. He promises his future wife his love, commitment, and fidelity and asks God for a sign that she’s the one.

This song is about trusting love once you’ve found it.

Good Day For Marrying You by David Barnes

Song year: 2015

David Barnes’s Good Day For Marrying You is a lovely, romantic Christian wedding song full of beautiful imagery.

Through both the love of God and the love of a woman, this one is about finding your home in another.

First Love Song by Across the Sky

Song year: 2003

Across the Sky’s First Love Song is about the power love has to give you what you didn’t even know you needed. Love leads you to the right places, but they are places you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself on your own.

This is the first love song the singer has ever written, the first he has ever felt compelled to write. Because of that, you know what he feels is real.

I Promise (Wedding Song) by CeCe Winans

I Promise (Wedding Song) by CeCe Winans

Song year: 2005

We’ll finish this list with I Promise (Wedding Song) from CeCe Winans. This is one of the most perfect Christian songs about love for a wedding.

The lyrics are romantic and full of love and commitment, a promise not just for a shared love but for a shared life and destiny. The singer is promising with all she has, which is what weddings should do.

Top Christian Songs About Love, Final Thoughts

Love, wherever it comes from, whether from another or God, is what makes life worth living. Sometimes just knowing God loves you can keep you from falling off the edge of the world.

Love fills us with connection and purpose, and these Christian songs about love will always remind you of that.

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