Best Songs About Personal Growth

When you feel down and frustrated, the right song can instantly get you back to your good graces. This read focuses on songs that remind you of your abundance and beauty. Tunes that help ignite your inner power and steer you on a positive trajectory.

Here are some top songs about personal growth to remind you of your true worth and potential.

1. Who You Are – Jessie J

Year- 2011

Known for her unique voice and breathtaking hits, Jessie J released ‘Who You Are’ a powerful song encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality.

Some others may point out negatives that make you stand out from what’s considered standard. Jesse recommends love and acceptance for oneself, reminding you that you needn’t conform to other people’s expectations of you.

2. Pretty Hurts – Beyoncé

Year- 2013

Everyone has their own idea of pretty. In a society with such a textbook idea of what it means or looks like to be pretty, more people look down on their unique features instead of embracing them.

In this song, Beyoncé discourages women from trying to conform to shady beauty standards and prompts them to otherwise work on building solid self-esteem. ‘Pretty Hurts’ tells you to focus on self-love and reflect on achieving growth.

3. Scars to Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

Year- 2015

Beauty to one person may be different from what others perceive. Either way, Alessia uses this beautiful ballad to tell you to boast about your uniqueness and do nothing to conform to society’s beauty standards.

This soft, soulful melody preaches a message of acceptance and self-love in a world where people strive to fit in and look like everyone else. If you struggle with insecurity and self-doubt, this song will quickly get you feeling confident despite your inner and outer irregularities.

4. Perfect to Me – Anne Marie

Year- 2018

‘Perfect to Me’ is an iconic tune with soulful vocals and inspiring lyrics. In this song, Anne Marie encourages listeners to recognize and love their imperfections while embracing great things about themselves.

It speaks to people who struggle with body image issues or have insecurities. A perfect anthem for everyone who has self-esteem issues considers themselves a misfit, or suffers from mental struggles.

5. I Can – Nas

Year- 2002

Nas is better known for his rap songs that flaunt his lifestyle, which identifies with people who are, more or less, financially underprivileged.

In a surprising turn of events, ‘I Can’ is a song that assures kids that they can be what they want to be if they work hard. It’s an inspirational song meant for kids but can also apply to the general audience.

6. Confident – Demi Lovato

Year- 2015

It’s hard to consider yourself capable of doing great things or facing your fears if you distrust your abilities. ‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato snaps you right back to reality, telling you to believe in yourself even when it seems complicated.

In the lyrics, she tells you to unapologetically celebrate your uniqueness and plunge into the unknown without submitting to the demands/expectations of others.

7. I – Kendrick Lamar

Year- 2014

Kendrick Lamar is a lyrical powerhouse who can evoke a strong emotional response through his music. In this song, Kendrick explores overcoming obstacles to achieve personal growth.

Believe in yourself, embrace your abilities, and love your flaws. Imperfection is something everyone deals with. Kendrick flawlessly performs the song in this timeless, empowering tune that boosts listeners’ confidence.

8. You Get What You Give – New Radicals

Year- 1998

The laws of Karma dictate that what you dish out is what you receive. If you dish kindness, you’ll receive it back one way or the other. Part of personal growth has much to do with how well you treat others around you.

In this song, New Radicals prompts you to be true to yourself when others do little to be authentic.

9. Slow Down – Nichole Nordeman

Year- 2017

This upbeat and passionate instrumental wonderfully conveys a message of appreciation for life and the good things you may not usually recognize.

In a society where everyone seems to be in a hurry to get to the peak in life or is in competition with everyone else, ‘Slow Down’ is a wake-up call to aim for growth which comes with time.

10. Return to Innocence – Enigma

Year- 1993

Enigma’s passionate delivery of this song urges you to return to yourself. If you feel uncomfortable and need to pretend to feel accepted or worthy of being in a particular space, this song asks you to beat the fear of showing your emotions.

Through this song, you’ll realize that embracing your deepest feelings and showing up as your authentic self requires you to return to your innocence.

11. Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

Year- 2012

‘Everything Has Changed’ talks about two lovers who evolve through time, realizing how much their life changes and transforms when they meet a new romantic partner.

Many people struggle with transformations triggered by the relationships they form in life. This song urges listeners to take time to know each other irrespective of whether the result of the relationship is good or bad.

12. Dare You to Move – Switchfoot

Year- 2000

Are you afraid to quit that bad habit, leave that toxic person or cut out the baggage? ‘Dare you to move’ is a challenge to keep putting one step in front of the other to beat fear and failure and ultimately achieve your dreams.

13. Win – Brian McKnight

Year- 2000

A lot of people are willing to do what it takes to win. Most will not think twice about bending the laws or taking shortcuts to get the job, money, or be in that relationship.

‘Win’ is a song that commands you to set your eyes on the prize and do what you must to win without giving up or resorting to poor tactics. The song says you have what it takes to overcome obstacles and persist.

14. Born This Way – Lady Gaga

Year- 2011

‘Born this way’ is one of Lady Gaga’s first music pieces, which speaks to those in the LGBTQ community to embrace themselves as they are. The song applies to the general audience that struggles to fit into the societal mold. As the lyrics say, you’re perfect just as you are.

15. This Is Me – The Greatest Showman Cast

Year- 2017

Who are you? The answer most people give aims to show their best side instead of telling people the good and bad of who they are. ‘This is Me’ is an uplifting, empowering tune that urges listeners to embrace their individuality without fear of who they are.

If you struggle with imposter syndrome and self-doubt, this song will resonate and force you to cultivate self-love and empowerment.

16. Brave – Sara Bareilles

Year- 2013

Brave is probably the last thing you feel when your emotions are too overwhelming. Sara sings ‘Brave’ to keep you from holding back. She urges listeners to take control of their lives, avoid fear, and be brave enough to face whatever struggle. See it as a call to action to be our authentic selves and grow.

17. Courage – Superchick

Year- 2005

An uplifting melody that instantly ignites a sense of courage in the face of crippling fears. ‘Courage’ is a powerful pop song whose enchanting instrumentals and outstanding vocals deliver a message of faith, strength, and hope in oneself. It is one of the best songs about growth owing to its ability to push you to overcome and be your best.

18. Express Yourself – Labrinth

Year- 2012

Do you often hold back and avoid speaking your mind even when you’ve got something important to say? If yes, you probably struggle to communicate with people and are surrounded by conflict.

‘Express Yourself’ is a song that inspires you to speak and show your true self. Regardless of what others think or how they react, say what you think. This song is the boost of confidence you need to tell off that bully or say no to what you don’t like.

19. It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

Year- 2000

When you put your needs and feelings on the back burner you don’t give yourself a chance to live as you wish.

‘It’s My Life’ is that smack to the back of the head that you need to take control and start living on your terms. This massive hit remains relevant decades later because of its powerful message to activate your true journey today.

20. You Should See Me in A Crown – Billie Eilish

Year- 2018

The Iconic Billie Eilish has the most enchanting vocals. In this song, she leverages her voice and the instrumentals to convey a powerful message of resilience.

She urges listeners to be confident in themselves and to wear their strength and beauty through acceptance and determination allowing nothing to distract them from seeing their best selves.

21. My Life – Billy Joel

Year- 1978

Have you ever heard that positivity breeds more positivity? ‘My Life’ is a song that urges you to embrace growth by being more positive, sitting back, and watching how your life transforms. Billy Joel recognizes that the idea of living your life to the fullest may seem scary but reminds you to choose the direction you want.

Treasure each moment and avoid taking life for granted. This is one of the impactful songs about growth that shows the potential powerful vocals and what a catchy beat can do to spread positivity.

22. Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

Year- 1988

Few people keep themselves accountable and call themselves out for what goes wrong. But Michael Jackson, reminds us to look in the mirror before pointing a finger elsewhere.

‘Man in the Mirror’ has the most triggering visuals exposing the cruelty people suffer across the globe. The clever lyrics in this song remind everyone to change themselves first to create a ripple effect that makes the world a better place.

23. Changes – 2Pac

Changes - 2Pac

Year- 1998

2Pac is an artist who had the confidence to address most societal irregularities head-on. His least controversial tune, ‘Changes,’ aims to inspire progress in a world grappling with political and societal turmoil.

He recognizes change as the irreplaceable ingredient required to solve inequality and injustice, whether politically or individually. 2Pac raps passionately, calling for progress for the overall well-being of the world.

24. All Things Must Pass – George Harrison

Year- 1970

The need for everything to turn out the way you want could hold one hostage and keep you from appreciating the growth that comes through pain and difficulty.

‘All Things Must Pass,’ is a song that speaks of the fleeting nature of life and its ups and downs. The song references how some things may go wrong, but you must look forward to a better, happier time.

25. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

Year- 2002

Tall or short, big or small, young or old, Christina Aguilera doesn’t miss a beat to deliver the wise message that there’s beauty in everyone.

This classic tune emphasizes inclusivity in the face of ethnic, political, and financial division. Listening to this song compels you to think better and see yourself more positively. You are beautiful both in and out.

26. Good as Hell – Lizzo

Year- 2019

She’s become the icon for people who don’t fit into the stereotype that you must be a particular body type to be famous or a celebrity. Lizzo surpasses societal standards and breaks barriers to play in the big leagues. She churns out hit after hit, proving that people are abled differently.

‘Good as hell,’ sends an uplifting message of self-acceptance and love for all. It’s the confidence boost you need to feel good despite your or other people’s thoughts/expectations.

27. Waiting On the World to Change – John Mayer

Year- 2006

John Mayer sang this song to portray his discontent about different standards and the misunderstanding people, especially his generation, faced individually and politically.

In the song, he takes a jab at the media as the culprit behind the spread of the wrong information to suit the interests of the fewer majority. He mentions that positive change is uncomfortable but necessary for generational change globally.

28. Grow as We Go – Ben Platt

Year- 2019

Many go wrong by believing change is bad. ‘Grow as We Go,’ says that change is inevitable and not always bad. On the journey of self-discovery, this song prompts listeners to aim to grow as they let go of what they don’t need while holding on to what serves them.

Ben Platt wants you to know that progress is more rewarding if you go in with an open mind. If you seem stuck, this song helps to jumpstart your journey to optimum personal growth.

29. Redemption Song – Bob Marley

Year- 1980

Shortly before his unprecedented death, Bob Marley sang ‘Redemption Song’, a captivating tune about overcoming hardships.

In the wake of hopelessness, this song clearly conveys that you must fight self-imposed mental limitations and free your mind. The lyrics expose mental slavery as the main thing that could stop you from being your best.

30. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac ft. Dixie Chicks

Year- 2010

Initially sung by Fleetwood, ‘Landslide’ is a beautiful song that Dixie Chicks covered, making the song appealing to a much younger audience.

The message in this song is that sometimes life feels like a landslide. Everything can tumble downwards, and you can do little to nothing to stop the process. The girl group assures you that you can handle different seasons in your life, good or bad.

31. You Raise Me Up – Secret Garden ft. Brian Kennedy


There are over 100 covers of this song, but no one entirely does it, like Secret Garden and Brian Kennedy. Like the title hints, ‘You Raise Me Up,’ is a compilation that dares to get you feeling better at a time when you seem weighed down by life circumstances.

It pays tribute to family and close loved ones who stay with us and help us endure tough times.

32. I Love Me – Meghan Trainor ft. Lunch Money

Year- 2016

It’s easy to say ‘I love you’ to others, but how often do you say it to yourself? ‘I Love Me’ is a song that challenges you to make it a habit to express affection for oneself even when it feels hard to mean it.

The song’s catchy and unforgettable tune reminds you to feel good about yourself and express tenderness to yourself even more than you do others.

33. Changes – David Bowie

Year- 1972

Personal growth requires a change in perspective. You may have to change how you define beauty and how you see yourself and rewire yourself to adopt different beliefs.

‘Changes’ emphasizes that through change and transformation comes fear and anxiety. The lyrics tell you to embrace the discomfort and look forward to becoming your best.

34. True Colors – Cyndi Lauper

Year- 1986

With so much uncertainty in the world, it feels like you are a tiny insignificant factor that few pay attention to. Despite this, Cyndi Lauper reminds you to appreciate yourself.

‘True Colors’ is an old yet timeless tune reminding you that while many others exist, you beat the odds by showing off your uniqueness. What’s different about you is what makes your beauty shine.

35. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Year- 2010

Perfection is an illusion that many are after, but few truly achieve. Bruno Mars boasts magical vocals reminding you that you needn’t change anything about yourself.

At the start of his music career, Bruno Mars wowed many by blending classic style with a rather trendy sound. In his debut single, this song tells you that you are beautiful, amazing, and a gem, just the way you are.

36. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Diana Ross

Year- 1970

Do you feel like setting a particular goal is insane, or are your dreams too far-fetched? If yes, Diana Ross reminds you that no challenge is too complex nor a dream too wild, despite how massive it seems.

Whenever you feel like financial constraints, mental struggles, or health issues are too massive to beat, remember that no mountain is too high, and no valley is too low to keep you from emerging victorious.

37. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Year- 2011

The boy band that once won everyone’s hearts, One Direction, pours their hearts out in this tune to urge girls to appreciate their beauty. The song speaks about girls looking for makeup and fancy outfits to feel beautiful or worthy.

Instead, the band urges you to cultivate inner beauty to beat the inferiority complex that makes you feel less than others. You are enough as you are.

38. Music of My Heart – NSync ft. Gloria Estefan

Year- 1999

Dominating the 90s is one of the most famous boy bands, N’Sync, who joined hands with yet another iconic artist, Gloria Estefan, to pay homage to those you love.

Music of My Heart is a song that reminds you how far you’ve come and thanks the people that work tirelessly to support you on your journey of personal growth.

39. Hey Jude – The Beatles

Year- 1968

Shyness and fear are the leading culprits behind stagnancy in life. If you feel stuck, incapable, or weighed down, ‘Hey Jude’ is a song that urges you to channel inner strength and gain the courage to overcome whatever’s holding you back.

The Beatles sing beautifully, letting you know you must get out there and seek what you want despite feeling uncertain or afraid.

40. One Moment in Time – Whitney Houston

Year- 1988

In the 1988 Olympics, Whitney Houston’s ‘One Moment in Time’ swept across the globe, won an Emmy Award, and became the theme song for people who’ve endured great struggles.

The song sends a message to listeners to take that one chance to unleash their passion and hard work to seize the moment to emerge victorious.

41. Hero – Mariah Carey

Year- 1993

It’s hard to do it all alone whether you are a student, parent, recovering addict, or trying to climb the corporate ladder. Whatever your circumstances are, you often have someone you look up to that helps you through the hardships.

‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey recognizes these irreplaceable people in your life but quickly lets you know you can be your own hero. She says you’ve got the strength to find the answers yourself.

42. Firework – Katy Perry


This song compares you to fireworks alluding to the spectacle that graces the skies on the 4th of July celebrations.

Like fighters do before they enter the ring, this is the type of song you play when you want to pump yourself up, your emotions seem to waver, and uncertainty plagues your mind. Katy Perry churned this dance-pop song to get you up and moving, instantly lifting your spirits.

43. A New Day Has Come – Celine Dion


Popular belief dictates that each new day brings forth new blessings. Celine Dion’s song is inspired by the difficulties she faced conceiving and birthing her first child.

She uses her experience to evoke strength and courage for anyone going through a tough time while looking to grow.

Top Songs About Personal Growth, Final Thoughts

Out of countless songs about growth, not all elicit the same result when you need a pick-me-up. Above are the best songs about personal growth that are easy to relate to and convey a positive message.

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