Best Eagles Songs

The Eagles are a rock band from L.A. that has etched a legacy in American culture with songs like “Hotel California” and “Take It Easy.”

Besides their biggest hits, they have plenty of incredible music worth listening to. Here are the best Eagles songs ever.

“Hotel California” by Eagles

Song Year: 1977

“Hotel California” is easily the best Eagles song ever. There have been many interpretations of the song’s meaning over the years, but ultimately, Glenn Frey from the band said they wanted to make something strange. Don Henley has said it’s symbolic of America in general, with various themes of contrasting elements and conflict.

“I Can’t Tell You Why” by Eagles

Song Year: 1979

The Eagles had reached peak success by the time they created and recorded this song. It provides a beautiful, soft, and soulful experience that’s lovely to listen to. It’s a great song to play for a dinner date or just relaxing in the evening.

“Take It Easy” by Eagles

Song Year: 1972

Besides “Hotel California,” “Take It Easy” is the Eagle’s most popular song and arguably more emblematic of the band. It’s a cheerful, spirited song with instrumentals that appropriately match the lyrics – easygoing, smooth, and inviting.

This is the perfect song to chill out on a relaxed, sunny afternoon or while driving on a road trip with the windows down – especially because it was written by Jackson Browne when he was on a road trip himself!

“In the City” by Eagles

Song Year: 1979

With plenty of strumming, riffs, and instrumental breaks, “In the City” is a classic rock anthem that sounds like it belongs in a movie.

Plenty of songs show how exciting going to a big city is and how people want to escape their small town for bigger and better things. But this song is about escaping the tiresome, lonely, and bleak nature of living in the city.

“Hole in the World” by Eagles

Song Year: 2003

“Hole In The World” by the Eagles was released in 2003 and is a classic example of the band’s evolving sound. It has heavy, emotional lyrics that focus on themes like death, mortality, and time.

The song, written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey, is a tribute to the victims of 9/11 and speaks to the immense grief and sadness that resulted. However, there’s some hope here – we are reminded to make the most of our lives and focus on creating a more positive future.

“How Long” by Eagles

Song Year: 2007

The Eagles are often seen as the 70s and 80s rock band, but many people don’t realize that they’ve continued to make great tunes into the 21st century. “How Long” is a great representation of that.

“How Long” is a beautiful ballad from the Eagles’ album, Long Road Out of Eden. It’s one of their later songs and has a slightly different flavor from their usual sound.

“No More Cloudy Days” by Eagles

Song Year: 2007

Another Eagles song from 2007 is “No More Cloudy Days,” a sad, slow rock-country song with themes of losing someone you love but being hopeful about finding new love in the future.

The chorus is particularly beautiful, with its gentle guitar sound and lyrics about finding hope and joy in the future through a new love. Even though you may have been let down, lied to, or betrayed in the past, that doesn’t mean you have to expect that with a new partner.

“Busy Being Fabulous” by Eagles

Song Year: 2007

“Busy Being Fabulous” has an upbeat country-rock sound, and the lyrics are full of sarcasm and wit. The narrator sings about how his partner was too “busy being fabulous” to care enough about nurturing the partnership.

If you’ve ever felt betrayed by someone you love or felt like they cared more about impressing and being with others than fostering your love and connection with them, you’ll relate to this song.

“Desperado” by Eagles

Song Year: 1973

Although it may seem like the Eagles picked up country tunes in the 21st century if you only listened to “Hotel California” and more rock-like hits, “Desperado” reminds us that they were incorporating country-like sounds from the beginning of their stardom.

The song encourages someone to be more vulnerable and open to love before it’s too late. It has a Western vibe that shaped and influenced country artists’ music, which is why artists like Miranda Lambert and Neil Diamond covered this country-rock classic.

“Lyin’ Eyes” by Eagles

Song Year: 1975

“Lyin’ Eyes” is about not being fooled by someone’s fake stories and lies. The narrator sings about a woman that pursues a man for his riches and big house but ends up feeling empty and lonely inside, thus deciding to cheat on him.

Meanwhile, the man knows that she’s lying to him. The man she’s cheating with also knows she’s lying when she says she’ll stay with him forever.

“Witchy Woman” by Eagles

Song Year: 1972

The Eagles’ song “Witchy Woman” has a different feel than the other songs on this list. It’s about a mysterious woman with a supernatural aura that the narrator can’t resist.

It has a bluesy and swamp rock sound, popular in the U.S. South at the time but not anywhere else in the country. The song has an eerie and mysterious vibe that’s hard to resist.

“The Best of My Love” by Eagles

Song Year: 1974

“The Best of My Love” is one of the Eagles’ most popular hits. It has a classic country-rock sound, with lyrics about being ready to give someone your best, even after all the letdowns and disappointments you’ve suffered.

The song is simultaneously melancholic and uplifting, as even when there’s no hope left, we can always find the strength to love again.

“New Kid in Town” by Eagles

Song Year: 1976

In “New Kid in Town,” the narrator is constantly looking for love and companionship but never finding it. He can’t help but feel like an outsider, and he’s never quite sure if someone will accept him.

The song speaks to a common theme in country music – the loneliness of a wanderer and the difficulty of finding a place to belong. It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like an outcast.

“Seven Bridges Road” by Eagles

Song Year: 1980

“Seven Bridges Road” is originally an old folk song sung by Steve Young in 1969, but the Eagles brought it to life with their unique style. It has a country-folk sound with drawn-out vocals and is full of longing and emotion.

The song is highly poetic and can be interpreted in many ways, but some see it as being about a man walking seven bridges road, searching for lost love. It’s a powerful reminder that although the journey may be filled with doubt and suffering, it’s worth searching and effort.

“Take It to the Limit” by Eagles

Song Year: 1980

“Take It to the Limit” was another 80s hit by the Eagles that spoke to the minds and hearts of many. It conveys the sentiment of not wasting time chasing things that don’t matter and prioritizing love and freedom instead.

Randy Meisner’s voice in this song shines, and overall, this Eagles song showcases their diverse singing and instrumental abilities.

“Tequila Sunrise” by Eagles

Song Year: 1973

Allegedly, the original riff that Frey created for this song when he was playing around on his guitar reminded him of Mexico, hence, the “Tequila Sunrise” title.

It has a country-western sound that’s smooth that’s perfect for easy listening, even though the lyrics are a bit on the more melancholy side. It’s about drinking tequila when dealing with lost love. The song title might sound cliche, but the actual story is much deeper than you’d expect.

“One of These Nights” by Eagles

Song Year: 1975

“One of These Nights” incorporated elements of the groovy, black-American-originated disco music that was highly praised at the time (and still is to this day). And it’s always a risk when artists experiment and steer away from what their fans are used to hearing.

Nevertheless, “One of These Nights” kept plenty of Eagle’s classic rock vibe and guitar riffs, and the song was well-received, becoming a chart-topping hit. This is likely because it stirred up good spirits at a dreary time in America.

“Heartache Tonight” by Eagles

Song Year: 1979

The Eagles bring the house down with their infectious, feel-good classic “Heartache Tonight.” The song comes from their album The Long Run, and its upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus make it a timeless hit.

The song is about how the narrator feels like someone is about to get heartbroken tonight. It’s almost inevitable for someone to get their heart broken because love doesn’t always last. It’s the hard truth, but it’s easier to hear this truth with a heart-beat-like bass in the background.

“Chug All Night” by Eagles

Song Year: 1972

“Chug All Night” is classic rock at its best. It has a riveting guitar riff as an intro, then becomes slightly groovier as the song continues while maintaining slightly gritty vocals.

It’s fun to dance to and equally fun to listen to while drinking a beer! Some people like the Eagles for their easy-listening hits and meaningful ballads, but this song is perfect for the party people in their fan base.

“Train Leaves Here This Morning” by Eagles

Song Year: 1972

“Train Leaves Here This Morning” is a sweet yet somber track that covers sentiments of feeling lost, unsure, and a bit hopeless. It’s one of the more melancholic songs from the Eagles, but it still maintains its signature country-folk sound.

Like many of the Eagles’ melancholic-sounding songs, it has a way of easing the soul, perhaps because of how relatable the metaphors in the lyrics are to listeners.

“The Last Resort” by Eagles

Song Year: 1977

The Eagles song “The Last Resort” expresses the idea of industries tearing down and ruining beautiful places. It’s about caring about the environment and not believing money and commerce should rule all decisions.

Although they use string sounds in this song that imitate instruments, they are just a synthesizer, which was a budding development at the time.

“Try and Love Again” by Eagles

Song Year: 1976

“Try and Love Again” is one of the titles on their Hotel California album, and although it didn’t receive as much critical acclaim as some of their other hits, it’s still very well-loved by die-hard Eagles fans.

This song conveys a message of hope and resilience in the face of heartbreak and uncertainty. It’s almost like a prayer or a mantra to remind us to stay brave and keep our hearts open. The lyrics also tell us never to give up on love, no matter how challenging things may seem at times.

“Doolin’ Dalton” by Eagles

Song Year: 1973

“Doolin’ Dalton” is an upbeat, country-inspired track from the Eagles album Desperado. It’s a fun one to play at parties but also has a meaningful message about living life on your own terms and not allowing society or anyone else to dictate how you should live.

The song has a Western vibe to it that makes you want to dance, and the lyrics illustrate the Western vibes of outlaws. While some see outlaws as scary criminals, Eagles compare their lives to them because they lead exciting, crazy lives.

“Victim of Love” by Eagles

Song Year: 2007

Don Felder was supposed to be the original lead singer in “Victim of Love,” but they decided to put Don Henley on the lead instead to achieve the “band quality” they were looking for.

Regardless of the politics behind that decision, the song undoubtedly turned out great. It also demonstrates the Eagles’ passionate lyric writing, as it’s about the nuances of love and how if you have gotten your heart broken, it’s easy to notice heartbreak in other people as well.

“Rocky Mountain Way” by Eagles

"Rocky Mountain Way" by Eagles

Song Year: 1973

Eagles’ “Rocky Mountain Way” is a guitar-heavy track written by Joe Walsh and is a fan favorite. It’s an uplifting, spiritual-minded track expressing liberation from daily struggles through constant reinvention and self-awareness.

The song has great energy and is perfect for hitting the open road with your buddies and going wherever it takes you. It’s an anthem for the free-spirited traveler, and it’s a reminder that life is about more than just getting from point A to point B.

“Life in the Fast Lane” by Eagles

Song Year: 1973

“Life in the Fast Lane” quickly became a staple rock song once it was released in 1973. It speaks of the excesses and pitfalls of living a fast-paced life and overvaluing wealth, drugs, sex, and other things that aren’t bad on their own but can easily become “excessive.”

The track is an example of how the Eagles can take a seemingly generic topic, such as living in excess, and turn it into a melodic warning to the masses.

“Wasted Time” by Eagles

Song Year: 1976

“Wasted Time” is another track from Hotel California that carries a similar sentiment about being mindful of how you live your life and what you choose to value.

In this song, the narration is about a woman who feels saddened and regretful about her lost love. But the irony is that worrying and pondering the past wastes even more time.

By the end, the song suggests that even if something didn’t work out between two people in a relationship, it’s not necessarily wasted time as long as they learned something and can move on with newfound knowledge and perspective.

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” by Eagles

Song Year: 1972

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” is from their first album and is one of the Eagles’ greatest hits, especially from songs between 1971 and 1975.

It was written by Jack Tempchin instead of any of the members of the band, but that doesn’t take away from its greatness. It’s about that feeling you get when you meet someone, and you feel like you’ve known them forever.

“Please Come Home for Christmas” by Eagles

Song Year: 1978

The Eagles knew how to write and perform great Christmas songs, and “Please Come Home for Christmas” is no exception. It’s a beautiful, melancholic song about missing a loved one during the holidays.

The track is an excellent example of how much emotion music can convey and how some of the Eagles’ most powerful songs are also their softest.

“Love Will Keep Us Alive” by Eagles

Song Year: 1994

You can be hungry, sad, downtrodden, and miserable, but once you find love – according to this popular track from the Eagles – it will help keep you alive.

“Love Will Keep Us Alive” is a lovely reminder about the power of love to heal, soothe, comfort, and bring joy into our lives. As the song states, love will keep us alive. We’re a social species, and we all crave various forms of connections, so it’s a simple but powerful truth.

“The Heart of the Matter” by Eagles

Song Year: 1944

“The Heart of the Matter” is a song by Don Henley from the Eagles, and it’s a reminder that we must go to the heart of our matters and confront them head-on.

More specifically, this song tells the story of a lost love – a failed relationship – and how the narrator still misses and thinks about this person. However, it’s crucial to learn to live without someone and through painful times in general, as they are inevitable in life.

“Pretty Maids All in a Row” by Eagles

Song Year: 1976

“Pretty Maids All in a Row” is a song by the Eagles that illustrates how it feels to meet up with old friends and lovers.

It paints the picture of the up and down emotions – feelings of happiness for the time spent with this person, but also the fact that the chapter is now closed, and it’s important to move on. This was also notably the first song Joe Walsh sang after joining the band.

“Get Over It” by Eagles

Song Year: 1994

“Get Over It” was the first song Don Henley and Glenn Frey wrote on the second live album Hell Freezes Over. That said, it was their first songwriting collaboration since 1978.

The song mocks people who complain on T.V. and play the blaming game. Many of the Eagles’ songs are empathetic to various emotional states, but this one has a more snarky tone, as it’s directed towards privileged people who have nothing real to complain about.

“After the Thrill Is Gone” by Eagles

Song Year: 1975

“After the Thrill Is Gone” speaks to the dying dance club scene and conveys the sense of things that used to seem fun and exciting – going out, finding love, becoming successful – getting boring after a while.

Instead of chasing something new, you’re just trying to ensure you’re doing everything “right” to not lose what you’ve gotten, which feels sad.

“King of Hollywood” by Eagles

Song Year: 1979

“King of Hollywood” is from the Eagles’ album The Long Run and narrates the life of a Hollywood producer as he speaks to a woman auditioning for a role, then goes back to his fancy living and feels ultimately unfulfilled.

This “point of view” approach in songwriting was unique and intriguing, giving listeners an inside look at the type of life they may not have even thought about.

“One Day at a Time” by Eagles

Song Year: 2005

“One Day at a Time” is a song sung by Joe Walsh for the Eagles Farewell 1 Tour.

The song is about growing and developing as a person as life goes on. It reminds listeners that life’s all about learning from your mistakes and taking things one day at a time without putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect.

“The Long Run” by Eagles

Song Year: 1979

“The Long Run” is the first and title track on their album of the same name. It seems to be about many different things at once – trying to grow as a person, trying to maintain a connection with someone you love, questioning your “why” in life, and more.

The band’s ability to craft such a beautiful, relatable song just speaks to why they were so successful and are still praised to this day.

“James Dean” by Eagles

Song Year: 1974

This song by the Eagles served as a tribute to James Dean, a legendary actor who died tragically in a car accident at the age of 24.

It talks about his legacy and how he was an inspiration to many and will be remembered for eternity. It also speaks about how we should all strive to live life as fully and passionately as he did.

“Already Gone” by Eagles

Song Year: 1974

Jack Tempchin, who worked on the aforementioned song “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” continued his collaboration with the band.

He wrote “Already Gone,” the perfect rock sensation that made it to the Billboard 100 due to its intense instrumentals and high commercial appeal, and likely helped make the album On The Border a success as well.

“On the Border” by Eagles

Song Year: 1974

Speaking ofthe album On The Border, it’s only right to mention the title track. The sound of “On The Border” was inspired by The Temptations, a Motown band, and it was a hit due to its soulful, R&B, funky style.

Nevertheless, this is another Eagles song where they don’t resort to exactly what they’re known for and opt for experimentation and bold statements instead.

“The Sad Cafe” by Eagles

Song Year: 1979

“The Sad Cafe” is an Eagles song that led up to their breakup in 1980, and it’s about losing your innocence, as the band felt like they had, in some ways, lost theirs over the years. It also refers to The Troubadour, a cafe where musicians would gather to write songs together.

Like many of their lasting hits, this Eagles song is riddled with poetic, meaningful lyrics that speak to the soul.

“Hollywood Waltz” by Eagles

Song Year: 1975

By now, you might’ve noticed that the Eagles were not afraid to write social commentary about their hometown of L.A., and “Hollywood Waltz” is another testament to that.

It fuses together country-like sounds resembling a “Tennessee Waltz” while telling a story about the dark side of the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle.

“Those Shoes” by Eagles

Song Year: 1979

To some people, “Those Shoes” is simply a song about being single. To others, a song about the Charles Jourdan shoes that women would often wear in the 70s.

But to the band, it was meant to be an empowering song about women standing on their own and taking responsibility for their lives. Beastie Boys and other hip-hop groups would later sample “Those Shoes” in their own songs.

“The Disco Strangler” by Eagles

Song Year: 1979

Although the Eagles were momentarily inspired by some of the disco sounds of the 70s, by the late 70s, disco was starting to die out, and many rock bands were annoyed (at best) by its popularity and thus wanted to rally against it.

“The Disco Strangler” is a unique track that came out around this time and somewhat mocks the disco culture, describing a woman who wants attention and ends up getting it from a dangerous man.

“Ol’ 55” by Eagles

Song Year: 1974

“Ol’ 55,” released in 1974, is a heartfelt and nostalgic song about taking a step back from the fast-paced life and reflecting on the past.

The title refers to a 1955 Oldsmobile, which is also featured in the music video. Fans weren’t extremely pleased by this song, originally by musician Tom Waits, but the band liked it, and that’s all that matters.

“Bitter Creek”

Song Year: 1973

“Bitter Creek” is a bold, haunting song that speaks to the nature of the Desperado album, mainly about the similarity between rock and rollers and outlaws.

There was a man named Bittercreek Newcomb in the Dalton gang (of outlaws), and although the song isn’t directly about him, that’s how they chose the title.

“Most of Us Are Sad” by Eagles

Song Year: 1972

“Most of Us Are Sad” is perhaps the most self-explanatory song title from the Eagles because it’s about just that – how many people are sad and are likely not expressing it.

If you’re feeling sad, this song reminds you that you’re not alone and that sadness is, in a sense, a part of the human condition.

“Outlaw Man” by Eagles

Song Year: 1973

“Outlaw Man” is another song on this list from Desperado that serves to compare the Eagles members’ lifestyles of traveling the country for money and women to the likes of outlaws.

Of course, they are not doing anything illegal, but the comparison still stands.

“Waiting in the Weeds” by Eagles

Song Year: 2007

“Waiting in the Weeds” is a sentimental and reflective song about the passage of time, as well as about waiting for things to return to the way you want them to be or remember them before.

Although, like many Eagles songs, it has dynamic emotions, as it also speaks to love (and life) being fragile and able to slip away in an instant.

Top Eagles Songs, Final Thoughts

The Eagles have a long history of releasing songs in many different genres, from rock to country-rock and even blues and disco-sounding hits.

These are the best Eagles songs, but they have an extensive list. What’s your favorite one? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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