Best Songs About Working Hard

It’s time to put the work in! If you’ve a big job coming up and want some motivation, here are the best songs about working hard. Some of these could also be good if you want a song about hard work being difficult.

9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

Song Year: 1980

The country music sensation Dolly Parton composed the song for a comedy film starring Jane Fonda. The song and film tell a story of a typical American office and capitalistic society. Though the lyrics highlight the struggles of a working woman, you can use the narrative to work harder to climb the corporate ladder of your organization despite any challenge thrown your way.

A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles

Song Year: 1964

The next song on this playlist is an iconic piece from The Beatles. It resonated well with the generation when the song was released as it describes the sacrifices of a man working hard for the woman he loves. In its own way, it is a love song, as its lyrics show the singer’s devotion to his lover. The song was part of the soundtrack for the film of a similar name.

40-Hour Week by Alabama

Song Year: 1986

The classic song pays homage to the blue-collar worker instead of showing the frustration of working a manual job. The composer made the song to show appreciation to the underappreciated workforce of American society.

The anthem is the perfect piece to jam to while you push through your blue-collar job, as its lyrics are encouraging. It will surely get you in the mood to be productive, no matter how hard your work is.

High Cotton by Alabama

Song Year: 1989

High Cotton lyrics are about the flashback of the songwriter to his childhood days. It depicts the life of hardworking southern cotton farmers who took their jobs seriously. The singer also shows value in working hard for yourself as he looks back and realizes there were no effects on farmers when there was a market crash in 1987.

Morning Train (Nine To Five) by Sheena Easton

Song Year: 1980

Sheena’s Song, Morning Train, is one of the best songs about working hard with a Nine To Five title. It is about the daily grind and the happiness that comes with it. They altered the title of the song not to be confused with Dolly Parton’s track.

While we are familiar with the singer as a liberated woman, in her song, she takes the persona of a happy stay-at-home parent whose happiness is her husband working the whole day, then returning home to entertain her.

6 Inch by Beyoncé ft. The Weeknd

Song Year:

The Lemonade album is the epitome of Beyoncé’s artistic and musical expression, and 6 Inch is a masterpiece to prove it. The artists in the song sing about all the hardworking women by using heels as the symbol of their success.

The empowering lyrics show respect for all women that worked hard to get to their position of success. The Weeknd’s backup vocals add character to the marvelous and intoxicating sound of the song.

Assembly Line by Randy Montana

Song Year: 2010

The main character in Randy Montana’s song is a factory assembly line worker who puts his heart and soul into his work. The story shows he loves providing for his family but hates the monotony of working that job.

Assembly Line lyrics are powerful as it shows the tension between the man’s need to provide and being stuck on employment that is not satisfactory to him.

Shiftwork by Kenny Chesney and George Strait

Song Year: 2007

Shiftwork is one of the best duet country songs as it describes the ordinary life of a blue-collar employee. It shows the challenges of working a shift through the reciprocating cycle of the same job that wears out a worker.

The lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of being tired, working hard, and happy as a day is coming when it will all be better.

Takin’ Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Song Year: 1973

The track by Bachman Turner Overdrive will definitely raise your spirit and motivate you to work harder at your job no matter what work challenges you are going through. The lead guitarist for the band sang the lead vocals for the track giving him the confidence and a voice to sing the rest of their songs.

Car Wash by Rose Royce

Song Year: 1976

Car Wash is among the best funky songs from the seventies that probably crossed your mind if you love the classic. It is part of the soundtrack of a comedy film with a similar name that centers on a family-run car wash business.

The disco hit has an entertaining solo bass and backing vocals that reflect working hard in a relaxed environment. Norman Whitfield, a Motown composer, wrote the song, which ended up winning a Grammy.

Manic Monday by The Bangles

Song Year: 1986

If you hate Mondays, this is a song for you. The song by The Bangles reflects the feeling of Monday by a working person who wishes the weekend would be longer. Prince wrote the song under the pseudonym “Christopher,” and it peaked at number two on the music charts, with his officially released song, “Kiss,” being number one.

Beer On The Table by Josh Thompson

Song Year: 2009

Though the song’s title has an alcoholic drink on it, it focuses on the life of a hard-working person rather than drinking. Josh Thompson wrote the song as the lead on his Way Out There album to celebrate time off from working hard.

The track shows it is good to appreciate the value of honest work, no matter the remuneration you make from it. The tempo and chorus make it a great song to drink along to after a hard working week.

Hands of a Working Man by Zane Williams

Song Year: 2013

Hands of a working man is a tribute song for hardworking people, and it is the perfect piece to listen to and appreciate what you do. The lyrics show hardworking people are the backbone of society. Zane Williams shows self-reliance and hard work are the characteristics of a good person in his rootsy anthem.

Life of a Working Man by Creed Fisher

Song Year: 2018

To truly understand the plight of a working man, you will have to experience what they go through. The lyrics urge those who want to tell the story of an ordinary working-class man to live in a world where they are paid for half their work. Creed Fisher’s song got back to the roots of country music by expressing the life of an ordinary American.

Heigh Ho by The Seven Dwarfs

Song Year: 1937

This song is from Walt Disney’s show Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, which shows the industrious nature of the dwarfs. The dwarfs sing it while they are at their work. It is a great educational song for children so they can learn the value of hard work at a very young age.

Sam Cooke by Chain Gang

Song Year: 1960

The song’s inspiration came from Sam Cooke while he was on tour with his brother Charles Saw and witnessed a Chain Gang working by the road. He gave them a pack of cigarettes to show appreciation for the hard labor they were doing.

The song clinched the second position on The Billboard Charts, and there are many renditions of it from popular artists such as Otis Redding.

Dear Mama by Tupac Shakur

Song Year: 1995

Though most of Tupac Shakur’s fans see the song as his dedication to his love for his mother, there is more to it. Part of his verses shows appreciation for the hard work his mother did throughout his childhood. Tupac shows that despite their poverty and many other circumstances, there was always a way that his mother made ends meet. It is among the best song from 1995.

Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) by Styx.

Song Year: 1978

Blue Collar Man is a lament by a hardworking man who is tired of the mockery by society for being unemployed. Though he is denied several times, the lyrics show his determination to find a new job.

Though he is unsuccessful in persuading a couple of employers, we see that his satisfaction comes from a hard day, and he takes pride in blue-collar work.

Bell Boy by The Who

Song Year: 1973

The song centers around four personalities that represent each member of the band. The song starts by telling a story of a hardworking bellboy meeting the main character Jimmy.

Jimmy realizes the bellboy is a famous musician who has given up on music. The song warns the band that something could change and they could end up in the same situation.

Busy Man by Billy Ray Cyrus

Song Year: 1998

Busy Man is one of the best songs about working hard from the Shot Full of Love album. It centers on a hardworking man who is always busy and doesn’t have time for his family. It is a reminder that despite our hard work to provide for our families, we should always take time to enjoy the beautiful moments so that we don’t miss out.

Workin’ for a Livin’ by Huey Lewis & The News

Song Year: 1982

Hard work can be discouraging ‌as ‌it might seem you are not getting anywhere. Huey Lewis & The News perfectly captured the essence of the feeling in their song to motivate us to keep on with our work. The song has a rock-ability feel to it, and the lyrics are truer today than 50 years ago when it was released.

Working In the Coal Mine by Lee Dorsey

Song Year: 1966

Lee Dorsey’s song is a blend of jazz and blues. It sounds like a record you would pass down from generation to generation for your descendants to experience the beauty of oldies. The song has memorable backup vocals that are harmonic. The song has several renditions, but Devo’s cover in 1981 made it extremely popular.

She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer

Song Year: 1983

In a way, Donna Summer’s song is a feminist anthem that demands respect for all hard-working women. The song’s inspiration came to the singer when she was at a party and stumbled on Odetta, who was taking a nap at her job.

They talked, and she told the singer she was tired because she was working two jobs. Right there and then, she had the idea of the song and believed it would be a hit.

Working-Class Hero by John Lennon

Song Year: 1970

Working-Class Hero is one of the best solo songs by John Lennon outside of The Beatles. Its main theme is sticking it to the man as it highlights the plight of the common hardworking man. The song caused a bit of controversy as some listeners said the singer could not relate to the working-class man as he is from the upper middle class.

Workin’ Man Blues by Merle Haggard

Song Year: 1969

Haggard as a tribute to all his working-class fans, a majority of them are blue-collar workers. It is a celebration of their work, toiling every week for a paycheck. The song has an amazing electric guitar instrumental signifying his signature sound. It received positive critical reviews and enjoyed massive success on the airwaves.

Working Girl by Cher

Song Year:

Though most Cher fans assume the song’s title is a euphemism for an escort, it is really about a woman working hard for her independence. So if you need inspiration for your hard work to get what you want in life, this is a track you need to blast regularly. It will give you the boost to keep you going.

Hard Workin’ Man by Brooks & Dunn

Song Year: 1993

Hard Workin’ is a tribute song by two of the best country singers for the working man. The duo exhibits their exemplary guitar skill through some of the best guitar riffs I have ever listened to. The lyrics paint the working men and women as the country’s heroes, and the sacrifices they make for their families shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Let It Rock by Chuck Berry

Song Year: 1959

Let it Rock is from the perspective of a railroad worker trying to make ends meet and get through his workday. The story also shows at the end of the day, all the railroad worker wants to do is relax and play dice with his fellow workers. Though the song’s title is not mentioned in the lyrics, most music critics believe the hymn is also a tribute to rock ‘n’ roll.

Five O’clock World by The Vogues

Song Year: 1965

The best part of working hard in your job is there is an end to the shift. The vocal quartet from Pennsylvania, The Vogues, tells a story about a worker who comes alive when it’s 5 O’clock. In a way, it is a celebratory tribute to the end of the standard work day as it describes the joy that comes with it.

Working Man by Rush

Song Year: 1974

Working Man is a relatable song to most working people about the struggle and monotony of work. The lyrics start the story by narrating how the main character starts his work day. Though he deserves to earn more because he is a hard worker, he realizes he is stuck in the same cycle with limited time available to make changes.

When I’m Cleaning Windows by George Formby

Song Year: 1936

The humorous song tells the story of a window cleaner who, other than working hard, is able to observe other people’s lives through the same windows he cleans.

George Formby’s song cover was once performed to the royal family under special request. His double-entendre verses were amended to create a cleaner version. The song first appeared in the Keep Your Seat; Please film.

Career Opportunities by the Clash

Career Opportunities by the Clash

Song Year: 1977

This iconic track by the punk band, The Clash, is a call to action for all those in menial jobs with no way of advancement in life. The song also is a criticism of the culture of demonizing the unemployed. It was written by Mick Jones, a band member of The Clash who found inspiration from holding several part-time jobs.

Factory by Bruce Springsteen

Song Year: 1978

In the past, the value of working hard was passed down from generation to generation. Bruce Springsteen captures the essence of apprenticeship in his song by watching his working-class father. He comes to appreciate the work his father did for his family because he never has a job and only lives making movies.

Working Class Hero by Green Day

Song Year: 2007

John Lennon originally wrote Working Class Hero for their debut solo album after The Beatles broke up Plastic Ono Band. Green Day’s rendition has a heavy political message and commentary on social issues. The band credits the original song’s composer by using John Lennon’s vocals on the last line.

Cat’s In the Cradle by Harry Chapin

Song Year: 1974

In this song, Harry Chapin tells a heartbreaking story of a hardworking man who doesn’t make time for his son because he is always busy working hard. It is a warning to the listeners not to put careers ahead of family.

The son grows to admire his father and wants to be like him. By the time the father is old with time to spare, the roles have switched as the son is ambitious and has no time to spend with him.

Work from Home by Fifth Harmony

Song Year: 2016

Before the pandemic and working from home was that relevant, Fifth Harmony popularized the concept. The song has managed to have over 2.7 billion views on YouTube. The upbeat melody and memorable chorus will get you moving and pumped up. Adding it to your playlist will help you pass the time and inspire you to take your next tasks positively.

Work Hard, Play Harder by Gretchen Wilson

Song Year: 2009

Work Hard, Play Harder is the first song by Gretchen Wilson from her very own label, Redneck Records. It has an up-tempo rhythm backed up with fiddle and electric guitar. Her song tells the story of a hardworking girl who works hard to make ends meet. It is also part of her album, I Got Your Country Right Here.

Door to Door by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Song Year: 1972

Unlike most of the songs about working hard, this track focuses on a specific job. The lyrics make a lot of references to those who do door-to-door work, such as those in the delivery industry and sales. It highlights that some jobs, such as door-to-door sales, require hard work and some manipulative selling techniques.

Back on the Chain Gang by The Pretenders

Song Year: 1982

Other than the song being an emotional tribute piece for the band’s guitarist, who passed away the same year it was released, it captures the feeling of wanting to be unstruck.

If you have ever been stuck in the rut of day-to-day work and you have a feeling that the hard work you do is no longer enjoyable, break out and start enjoying your job by listening to this song. It will inspire you to move on forward and get back to work.

Cardiac Arrest by Madness

Song Year: 1981

Not all the hard work we do is satisfactory, and this story tells a story of a man who took drastic measures to get a job he was no longer interested in. The song shows he is too fed up until he fakes a cardiac arrest. The protagonist describes the monotony of his work as soul-wrenching. 

Cleaning Windows by Van Morison

Song Year: 1982

Being a window cleaner himself in the sixties, Van Morison got the inspiration for the song from his own life. The upbeat rock track pays homage to the hard work of fellow window cleaners. The lyrics look at the bright side of the job despite its numerous challenges by finding funny moments in life, thus encouraging him to work with a smile.

Shuttin’ Detroit Down by John Rich

Song Year: 2009

The singer John Rich addresses the government bail for the automobile industry during the recession. It tells the stories of hardworking people of Detroit who lost their jobs while politicians and conglomerates used the bailout money for lobbying and bonuses. The artist expresses his indignation that most hardworking people would not be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Cost of Livin’ by Ronnie Dunn

Song Year: 2011

Ronnie’s song is the second single after the disbandment of his partnership with Brooks, with whom they made an iconic country music duo. The retrenchment of 1900 workers after the closure of a tire manufacturing company inspired the singer to write the song. It is from the perspective of one of the laid-off workers trying to convince a new employer to hire him because he is a hard worker.

Cumberland Blues by Grateful Dead

Song Year: 1970

Cumberland Blues is a song to give hope to all those who are unemployed. It narrates about a hardworking man who is tired of searching for a new job to bring him stability in life. The lyric gives hope that no matter how hard the struggle is, through perseverance, eventually, it will all pay off.

Epiphany by Taylor

Song Year: 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare workers were the frontline service providers responsible for saving lives. Taylor Swifts connects that such hardworking people are essential, especially during harrowing times. She connects them to soldiers during world war and sees them as modern-day heroes. It has a classic feel and is one of her popular songs in the Folklore album.

Heavy Liftin’ by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2003

Blake Shelton debuted his music career in 2001, and two years later, he released this song, becoming his first number-one song on the country charts. The track’s subject matter is simple as it is about a hardworking man. The songs show that he never complains despite his hard work and is willing to do whatever wholeheartedly.

Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses by Kathy Mattea

Song Year: 1988

Here is a song dedicated to truckers, as they are considered the backbone of the country’s economy. It tells the story of Charlie, a trucker who is at the end of his service, and retirement is around the corner. We get to hear he is looking forward to the last ten miles of his route as he is going to reunite with the love of his life.

God Bless Saturday by Kid Rock

Song Year: 2010

After a week of working hard, we deserve a rest to just have fun. This tune by Kid Rock celebrates the joys of having Saturday off through its upbeat, catchy rhythm. The lyrics advise the listeners to value the time off from work to enjoy life. The anthem was originally supposed to be a heavy rock piece, but the singer gave it an organic R&B-based rock and roll song.

Got a Job by the Miracles

Song Year: 1958

Got a Job is the first song by the five-member group, The Miracle. It is their response to the number one single at the time, “Get a Job.” The humorous song tells a story of a hardworking but unlucky jobseeker who finally finds employment. It serves as an inspirational reminder that with perseverance, your luck can change for the better.

Goin’ to Work by Martina McBride

Song Year: 1993

Other than being a track about working hard, Martina McBride’s piece is also a heartbreak song. It tells a story of a woman who has just broken up with her man but rather than stay in the house and wallow in misery all day, she decides to head to work and use it as a positive distraction.

Hard Hat and a Hammer by Alan Jackson

Song Year: 2010

The country music legend Alan Jackson made this iconic song for his sixteenth album, Freight Train. It celebrates hardworking workers, especially those who do manual labor, by telling the story of a man wearing a hard hat and wielding a hammer.

The song paints the spirit of an average American worker and shows that we should have a positive attitude toward manual jobs.

Hard Way To Make an Easy Living by Toby Keith

Song Year: 2013

Toby Keith has a way of making his music have an upbeat feel that would make any listener groove to it. This song is no different from most of the songs in his catalog.

Hard Way to Make an Easy Living tells the story of a music band by showing that though fans might think it is easy, it’s not the case. We get to see and appreciate the work musicians put in to entertain us.

Workin’ Man (Nowhere to Go) by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Song Year: 1988

The next song is heartbreaking. It is from the perspective of a hardworking man who probably was a farmer. The singer narrates how he lost his land and has no place to go, and the only option left is to get a job to sustain himself. The man contemplates, and all he sees is a bleak future.

Hey, Mister (I Need This Job) by Shenandoah

Song Year: 1989

The classic country song talks about the struggles of finding employment by a hardworking man in order to take care of his family. The singer shows that he is willing to do anything, even to the point of being able to withstand the toughest working conditions. The song is relatable to those struggling to find a job.

Take This Job and Shove It by Johnny Paycheck.

Song Year: 1977

Are you tired of the frustration of your job? Then this is the perfect song to encourage you to start over. Johnny Paychecks sings his frustration of a hard working man who gave his employer 15 years of his life but has no appreciation. He finally decides that enough is enough and calls it quits. The song became a popular anthem in union worker strikes after its release.

Smoke Break by Carrie Underwood

Song Year: 2015

Carrie Underwood narrates a story of a hardworking woman working multiple jobs to make ends meet and a man who is the first person in their family to go to college. She shows she relates to the frustration of their efforts, which have not yet bore any fruit.

The song’s chorus is powerful as it shows the importance of just taking a break from all the work and stress. It is a reminder that it is okay to give your time off and appreciate the little you have.

Slave To The Wage by Placebo

Song Year: 2000

Though working hard on our daily grind is important, it can consume one’s life if that is the only thing. The song addresses the ordinary working man and advises him not to be a slave to the wage. Some of the lyrics make reference to Bob Dylan’s Hit song Maggie’s Fame which has related themes.

Top Songs About Working Hard, Final Thoughts

Songs about working hard have been an important part of society and have been around since the beginning of time. This work is a very important part of our culture.

It is no surprise that there are many songs in different genres that cover this theme. If you are a member of the hardworking force or aspire to be, may these tunes encourage and motivate you while you grind.

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