Best Songs About A Crush - For When You’re Secretly In LoveBest Songs About A Crush - For When You’re Secretly In Love

We’ve all crushed on somebody at some point in life. Often, you might have conflicted thoughts on whether to express or suppress your emotions to avoid botching your current relationship.

If you’re in this situation, here are some of the best songs about a crush you could dedicate to them to try and capture their attention.

“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Song Year: 2012

“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen is undoubtedly among the catchiest songs of the 2010s. This bouncy pop track has a great hook that should encourage you to make a move on your crush.

The track is a great sing-along, and its story of a hopeful romance inspired numerous parodies. If you’ve got a crush on somebody, be it a friend or coworker, this is a great song to spark that conversation.

“Into You” by Ariana Grande

Song Year: 2016

Ariana Grande is without question one of the best current female pop stars. “Into You” is the 3rd track from her 3rd album, “Dangerous Woman.” The track is about Grande’s impatience as she waits for the man she likes to make the first move.

Ariana transitions from flirtatious indirectness to a more straightforward approach by offering him directions to win her affection. Send them this song if your crush isn’t noticing you.

“Crush” by Yuna ft. Usher

Song Year: 2016

Yuna and Usher collaborated on a single that oozes sweetness. “Crush” is the type of music that often gets lost in the flow of bedroom jams and bangers. The track concentrates on an elusive moment, the potential of a new romance.

Unlike most contemporary songs centered on the sexual elements of the relationship, this song talks about the dilemma of being in a crush. It’s a great song for your crush, especially if you share the same feeling.

“As Long as You Love Me” by Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean

Song Year: 2012

“As Long as You Love Me” is a tune about enduring anything for someone you love. Here, Bieber is reassuring his beloved that they’ll conquer every obstacle as long as he continues feeling her love.

It’s not uncommon to have a crush on your lover, even after dating for years. If so, no better song can help express those feelings.

“Can I Be Him” by James Arthur

Song Year: 2016

Once you have an intense crush on somebody, it seems like every word they utter is about you. That is just how James Arthur feels here.

The song’s straightforward lyrics describe how James Arthur is jealous of the couple’s good relationship and obsessed with the girl. So send your crush this song if you’re not shy about expressing your feelings and want them to know that you envy her boyfriend’s position.

“Crazy for You” by Madonna

Song Year: 1985

“Crazy For You” is a befitting title for this track. It depicts a girl’s infatuation with a boy and her desire to have him exclusively for herself. What’s fascinating about this tune is that it doesn’t sound like an 80s ballad, as it features dance-pop elements arranged in a sensual melody.

Madonna’s powerful voice delivers a mix of seduction and desire. The lyrics are perfect for anybody who’d like to propose to their crush.

“Grenade” by Bruno Mars

Song Year: 2010

Grenade is an incredibly moving song. It’s the story of a man who can do everything for a woman who doesn’t love him in return.

Notwithstanding the unidirectional nature of their relationship, the singer maintains he can do anything for the lady. If you can relate to this situation where your crush isn’t returning the same level of affection, try getting into their feelings by dedicating them to this song.

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1963

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” is emblematic of Beatlemania. It’s hardly a classic, but it has an innovative, gritty energy that quickly becomes infectious.

The song expresses the singer’s yearning for a romantic relationship with the girl he’s falling for. The lyrics are seductive and a great way to convince a crush to consider having you as their lover. If your crush loves The Beatles, we’re convinced you’ll win her with this track.

“Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes

Song Year: 2016

“Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes is simply a song about somebody falling for another person’s girlfriend. It’s evident in the track’s lyrics that the girl in Mendes’ mind is in an abusive or loveless relationship.

The singer wants her to leave her current relationship and come to him as he’s ready to give her the love he feels she’s lacking and needs. When you crush on somebody who’s already in a relationship, you’ll always feel like the other guy isn’t good for her, and this tune is the embodiment of it.

“How Do I Get There” by Deana Carter

Song Year: 1996

Deana Carter is a Country music icon, but “How Do I Get There” has subtle R&B elements that make for a hearty track. The song amassed huge success, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country charts.

The lyrics explain the dilemma of having a crush on somebody who’s already close to you. It’s a great song to let your crush know you want to be more than just a friend!

“I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince

Song Year: 1979

Prince fused disco, pop, soul, and funk in his unique way, creating electrifying catchy songs that sound as fresh now as they did when they were first released. As if this wasn’t enough, Prince brought a new vibe to his tracks with his superb live performances.

The 2nd album, “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” was Prince’s first-ever huge hit in the United States. He reveals that he’s not wealthy, but he promises not to let down his woman. If your crush admires commitment, here’s an excellent track to dedicate to her.

“Thinking of You” by Katy Perry

Song Year: 2009

‘Thinking of You” is about a breakup where Katy finds it hard to move on but has no other option. The lyrics demonstrate that she’s nostalgic for a former lover, despite being in a new relationship.

This soft rock ballad might sound like the perfect heartbreak song. However, you can still use the track’s sincerity to warm your way into a crush’s heart.

“Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez

Song Year: 2015

“Hands To Myself” hails from Selena’s 2nd album “Revival” and is an excellent match for any pop enthusiast. The video depicts her irrational fascination with her ex as she rummages through his residence and gets jailed.

The song’s melody and slow rhythm create a good romantic mood. Also, the lyrics are a harmonious blend of romance and passion. However, note the track is so sensual and might backfire on you if your crush isn’t on the same page.

“The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson

Song Year: 1987

If you’d like to woo your crush, there are numerous tracks the Pop icon, MJ, can offer, but none can match “The Way You Make Me Feel.” The track is undeniably charming and catchy, with MJ’s sweet vocals and incredible songwriting.

The song sounds flirty and sensual, with a nice upbeat beat inviting you to the dance floor. A great song for your crush if you’d like to express your feelings.

“I’ve Got a Crush on You” by Frank Sinatra

Song Year: 1947

If you or your crush loves jazz music, “I’ve Got A Crush On You” by Frank Sinatra is a good listen. The song features smooth vocals with characteristic jazz vibes, which makes it a great late-night jam to add to your playlist.

The lyrics focus on expressing deep emotions for your crush and how you loved them at first sight. Surprise your crush one day with this tune, especially during your hangouts.

“Crush” by Mandy Moore

Song Year: 2001

“Crush” is Moore’s 2nd single off her 2nd self-titled album. The funky feel of this pop song propelled it to #35 on the US Top 100.

The singer lets her crush know she’s fallen for him and wishes the feeling is mutual. If you hold back your feelings, your crush might never know what you feel. So, take the bold step and dedicate this track to your crush. 

“Things I’ll Never Say” by Avril Lavigne

Song Year: 2002

“Things I’ll Never Say” is the 9th single off Lavigne’s debut album “Let Go.” It’s a story about Avril’s crush on a guy, but once she meets him, she gets edgy.

The singer wants to tell her crush that she’d like to spend a lifetime with him, but she just can’t find the right words. It’s common to become tongue-tied, especially if you have a serious crush on somebody and don’t know their reaction once you share your feelings.

“Better Together” by Jack Johnson

Song Year: 2005

“Better Together” is a beautiful acoustic tune you might picture playing over a campfire. The minimalism of the guitar enables Johnson’s smooth voice to softly infiltrate itself into your consciousness.

The piano’s subtle touches also add to the chill vibe of this song. Play this song with your crush, and you’ll hum along before long.

“Crush” by Jennifer Paige

Song Year: 1998

“Crush” by Jennifer Paige is one of the classic tunes from the 90s. More than two decades later, the track is still catchy, sounds fresh, and Paige’s vocals are feminine and seductive.

The lyrics talk about the singer’s crush being something subtle that the guy in question shouldn’t feel so special about. If you’ve got that crush that’s “friend-zoned” you and need some little consolation, listen to this track.

“So Into You” by Atlanta Rhythm Section

Song Year: 1976

“So Into You” was the first single off their 6th Long Play, “A Rock and Roll Alternative.” Smoky and sexy, one could readily visualize the setting for this story.

The artist confesses an instantaneous and surprisingly powerful infatuation with a stranger who enters the room. He talks about his inability to concentrate after meeting his new crush. He seeks to capture the stranger’s interest, hoping she’ll share a similar attraction. A great addition to any jazz playlist!

“Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

Song Year: 2012

“Wanted” by Hunter Hayes is a passionate pop-country ballad. Hayes has this incredible ability to fill a track with lots of emotions that he means every single phrase he sings.

The singer talks about the desire to have somebody else love and appreciate them. If you’re looking for a track to listen to every time you think about your crush, look no more!

“Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon

Song Year: 1984

Kevin Cronin spent a decade writing the track that became one of REO Speedwagon’s most iconic ballads. Once he eventually delivered it, he disliked its title but couldn’t fight it anymore!

The track is about a man finally confessing his love for somebody he’s known for years. It’s a beautiful love song for anybody hesitant to express feelings for their crush.

“One Thing” by One Direction

Song Year: 2011

“One Thing” is a lively, fast-tempo pop-rock tune by the all-boy English band One Direction. The track amassed huge success, even peaking at #39 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The lyrics focus on an infatuation with somebody you admire, wish they could get you off their hook, but want them regardless. Everybody loves the young One direction vibe, and this song gives you just that!

“Shower” by Becky G

Song Year: 2014

“Shower” by Becky G is one of the most anthemic songs of the 2010s among teenagers. Her vocals are lively and revitalizing.

It’s clear from the lyrics that the singer is talking about an individual whom she constantly thinks about. Irrespective of whether you relate to the lyrics, you’ll adore this song for its straightforward and distinctive style!

“I Can Love You Better” by The Chicks

Song Year: 1998

“I Can Love You Better” is part of The Chicks’ inaugural album “Wide Open Spaces.” The track was the country group’s initial commercial success, peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles.

The singer assures a man that she’ll love him more and erase the memories of his former love. Sing this song to your crush to proclaim your love for them.

“Fall For You” by Secondhand Serenade

Song Year: 2008

“Fall For You” is John Vesely’s solo project. It’s a track about a couple that experiences both happy and bad times, but despite their terrible disputes, she always returns to him since they’re inseparable.

The song seems to have a dark side, but it can be a great listen when reminiscing about your crush.

“Yeah Boy” by Kelsea Ballerini

Song Year: 2015

“Yeah Boy” is the 4th single off Ballerini’s album “The First Time.” It received excellent reviews from critics, thanks to its bubbly charm and upbeat tone.

Ballerini sings a playful and flirtatious tune about a boy she likes. She desires a romantic relationship and isn’t shy to pursue him. This track might inspire you to reach out to your crush.

“Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

Song Year: 2010

“Just The Way You Are” is one of the most famous tunes Bruno Mars has ever created. It’s an uplifting tune, soaked in romanticism and enthusiastic comments directed at a dear one.

The lyrics are both straightforward, and the hook is catchy and easy to sing along to. Melt your crush’s heart by singing this track.

“Say Yes” by Elliott Smith

Song Year: 1997

“Say Yes” is among Smith’s most well-known tracks. Unlike most of his other works, the lyrics and instrumentation of this song are regarded as upbeat.

Smith stated in an interview that he composed the song when referring to somebody he was in love with. Don’t shy away; sum up the courage and dedicate this to your crush.

“Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey

Song Year: 2008

“Touch My Body” is the lead track off Carey’s 11th album “E=MC².” This song is catchy and upbeat and features her smooth voice swooning about somebody touching her body.

The melody is so infectious that it is hard not to love the song. It’s one of those songs that keeps playing in your head and is a good way to inform your crush that you’re open to a romantic relationship.

“Beautiful Soul” by Jesse McCartney

Song Year: 2004

“Beautiful Soul” hails from McCartney’s debut album. This early 2000s hit peaked at #16 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

This track expresses the artist’s desire to be his lover. Let your crush know that you don’t love her because of her physique or appearance but rather her personality by recommending them to listen to this song.

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2017

“Perfect” is a profound, intimate, and astonishingly captivating song. Ed gets emotional on this track as he describes a girl that she’s always been in love with.

The lyrics can be a nice way to tell your crush everything they mean to you. A great sing-along track to woo your crush in a pleasant, straightforward manner.

“Let Me Love You” by Mario

Song Year: 2004

“Let Me Love You” by Mario has a beautiful melody, full of passion and warmth. In this track, the singer requests the girl to give him a chance, and he’ll do her right, unlike her current cheating lover.

You can never go wrong with a classic! So, if you’d also want to plead your case to your crush, this is the perfect song!

“Crush” by Avril Lavigne

“Crush” by Avril Lavigne

Song Year: 2019

“Crush” is Lavigne’s 8th track off her 6th album “Head Above Water.” The track is about falling for somebody and eventually feeling like it could work out.

Unfortunately, the singer is still haunted by her past experiences and is afraid that her crush might eventually hurt her. A great song to listen to when contemplating whether to express your feelings for a crush.

“The One” by Backstreet Boys

Song Year: 1999

“The One” is the last single off Backstreet Boys’ 3rd album “Millennium.” The track peaked at #30 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and is used as the opening soundtrack for the anime series “Hanada Shnen Shi.”

As with other Backstreet tunes, the vocals are smooth, sweet, and charming. The lyrics are a great way to show you’re serious about your crush.

“Smile” by Uncle Kracker

Song Year: 2009

“Smile” from Uncle Kracker’s 4th album “Happy Hour” is a pleasant, feel-good track guaranteed to make you smile. The track peaked at #2 on the Hot Adult top 40.

The lyrics for this rock-pop fusion are quite catchy and nostalgic. Lighten up your crush’s mood by playing this tune during your chill time.

“You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2008

“You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift is one of the best secretly in love songs. Geeky Taylor tells the narrative of her crush on the boy who has his eye on the famous girl at school.

This song hails from Taylor’s 2nd album, “Fearless.” It became her most successful single, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel

Song Year: 1983

Often, we crush on people beyond our reach or, simply put, not in our league. “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel embodies this narrative as it talks about a high-class woman and a low-class guy.

However, the twist in this story is that the uptown lady desires to date a downtown guy. As such, Billy decides to take his chances and try to win her. You’ll resonate with the lyrics if you’re in such a situation.

“Crush” by David Archuleta

Song Year: 2008

“Crush” is a well-executed mid-tempo pop tune with lyrics about young romance and a catchy hook, perfect for airplay. This debut track had huge success, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song is about being uncertain whether you’re feeling genuine affection for somebody or just a crush.

“Dibs” by Kelsea Ballerini

Song Year: 2015

With her irresistible fusion of country and pop music, Kelsea Ballerini is conquering the country music scene. She delivers a sharp, self-assured writing lyrical perspective and infectious songs that’ll keep playing in your head for days.

If you’re convinced your crush is single and want to snatch them before somebody else does, this song is a great proposal.

“Girl Crush” by Little Big Town

Song Year: 2014

Not many songs have been filled with controversy, like Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.” While many mistakenly thought this slow, sensual ballad was centered on lesbianism, it’s actually about crushing jealousy.

The singer wishes she could tell her that the cover girl must receive similar attention and love.

“One Time” by Justin Bieber

Song Year: 2009

“One Time” by Justin Bieber is a universally relatable tune because it’s about a regular adolescent romance. Remember when you were young and believed you were in love, only to grow up and realize it was simply infatuation? That’s the song’s theme!

Nevertheless, you could still use the lyrics of this song to confess your love for your crush.

“Love You Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez & The Scene

Song Year: 2011

“Love You Like A Love Song” is about love and obsession. Selena explains that she’s completely smitten with the lad and can’t stop thinking about how wonderful he is.

The singer compares this feeling to how a love song gets hooked in your head, and you can’t resist playing it repeatedly. Play this track if you’re ready to make the big confession to your crush!

“Saving All My Love for You” by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 1985

“Saving All My Love For You” is a nicely crafted soft soul song. The soft-focus, chiming keyboards that open the track will have you thinking of a late-night romance.

The lyrics are about Houston’s admiration for a guy that doesn’t reciprocate the same feeling. This song will undeniably get you in your feelings if you’ve been in such a situation.

“Sucker” by Jonas Brothers

Song Year: 2019

“Sucker” is a straightforward, groovy jam with an incredibly catchy hook. Lyrically, the song is about the singers’ profound devotion to their significant other.

The artists take great pride in that they’re suckers for their ladies. If this weren’t enough, the Jonas Brothers want everybody to know this. If you’re tired of holding back your crush, send them a hint with this track.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley

Song Year: 1961

Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is undoubtedly one of the best classic love songs. The undisputed king of rock and roll goes out of his standard element to deliver a sweet, soulful song.

It’s a good song about a crush describing the artist’s feelings for a girl with whom he’s falling hopelessly in love, which should be soothing enough if you’re in a similar situation.

“Baby I” by Ariana Grande

Song Year: 2014

There are a few hit-makers today that can match up with Ariana. “Baby I” has a vintage “Mariah Carey” vibe. The song has the sound and style of an R&B queen from the 90s, with a touch of disco energy from the 70s.

Lyrically, the track is Grande’s confession about falling in love with somebody, but she finds it hard to express her emotions. Let this song do the talking if you’re also tongue-tied by your crush!

“Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland

Song Year: 2010

“Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland bursts with musical, melodic hooks blended with a funky beat. The song has an uplifting vibe that’ll make you want to dance or sing along, especially mid-way, where there are reggae elements. 

The lyrics talk about being so closely attached to somebody that you cannot leave them isn’t an option for you. Perfect for long-time crushes, that which seems like it’s never fading!

“Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue

Song Year: 2001

Soon after its debut, this somewhat eerie track about infatuation topped the charts in 40 nations. The track continues to be one of Kylie’s most popular songs.

The track is predominantly about the singer’s fixation with somebody who doesn’t even know she exists. While Kylie acknowledges that this obsession is unhealthy, she can’t get over that feeling. You’ll relate to this song if you are infatuated with celebrities, movie stars, and the like.

“Like This” by Shawn Mendes

Song Year: 2016

As with other Mendes tracks, you expect he’ll pour his heart out in his recording, and that’s what he does with this track. “Like This” hails from his 4th studio album “Illuminate.”

Lyrically, Mendes talks about his profound affection for a girl but is sorry for himself for not taking his chance early on before she moved on. A good late-night consolation song if your crush is already with somebody else.

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 1987

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is a song about finding love, and the artist sings it from the standpoint of somebody who’s heartbroken. Essentially, this is a sad tune with an uplifting vibe.

If you love the classic Houston tracks, you’ll love the funky beat and soothing vocals on this track. It’s also a danceable track that you could use to invite your crush onto the dancefloor.

“Teardrops on My Guitar” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2006

Often we don’t always get a chance with our crush, and that’s what happened to Taylor Swift as a teenager. Taylor was so disappointed that her crush would always talk to her about his girlfriend that it inspired her to record this sensational track.

The lyrics are so heartful yet so comforting. If you’ve ever had unrequited affection, this tune is for you!

“Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” by Sophie B. Hawkins

Song Year: 1992

Sophie B. Hawkins’ “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” isn’t your average pop song. Hawkins desires to liberate somebody by being their lover.

The lyrics are nothing short of an intense sensual desire to have somebody. Play this song any time you have thoughts about your crush.

“Enchanted” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2010

“Enchanted” perfectly demonstrates Taylor’s strengths as a singer-songwriter. The song has relatable lyrics and an infectious hook that transforms the ordinary into the spectacular.

The song highlights the aftermath of Taylor’s encounter with her crush, but she’s uncertain whether that attraction is mutual. The lyrics express romance with a hopeful undertone.

“Crush on You” by Lil Kim ft. Lil Cease

Song Year: 1997

“Crush On You” is a hip-hop song with the 90s vibe off Lil Kim’s debut album. This bumpy peaked at #23 on the UK Singles Chart.

If you’re looking for a hip-hop classic to proclaim your feelings to your crush, there’s nothing better than a Notorious BIG hook. Overall, the track is centered on somebody having a crush on somebody who doesn’t even seem to recognize it.

“Instant Crush” by Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas

Song Year: 2013

“Instant Crush” is a pleasant, laid-back song that highlights the dynamic duo’s unique electronic vibe. The song is straightforward, with a catchy chorus that emits a funky sensation.

The lyrics are quite deep, and some even mistake it for a suicide connotation. However, the track focuses on the singer’s presumably romantic interest in somebody he admires.

“Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” by Sabrina Carpenter

Song Year: 2015

“Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying” is the lead single off Sabrina’s debut album “Eyes Wide Open.” The song’s lyrics highlight being naive in love and making errors but never criticizing those who do so.

Although it appears that it didn’t work out, the artist is glad she tried. It’s a great consolation to any girl who’s experienced one-sided love.

“Check Yes or No” by George Strait

Song Year: 1995

Dana Hunt and Danny Wells composed one of George Strait’s iconic tracks, “Check Yes or No.” the song featured on his album “Strait Out of the Box.” It quickly became a hit, topping the US Country charts.

The lyrics talk about childhood innocence and love. If you’re tired of the friend zone and want to know your crush’s take, here’s a great song to play her.

“Roses” by Shawn Mendes

Song Year: 2016

As with most songs from Mendes’ album “Illuminate,” you can feel the longing in his voice. This sweet song talks about desiring a girl already in another relationship.

The singer doesn’t want to spoil her crush’s relationship but is still pleading his case to see if the girl will consider him. If you’ve found yourself in this dilemma before, you’ll vibe with this song!

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen

Song Year: 1979

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was the first Queen’s most successful track, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks. From the album “The Game,” Freddie Mercury claims he composed the track in about ten minutes.

If your crush recently rejected you, this consolation song is so good to listen to as the song has simplistic lyrics that advise listeners to avoid falling in love.

“Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum

Song Year: 2011

Lady A’s “Just A Kiss” talks about the start of a relationship and the urge to take it slow to avoid ruining everything. The vocal combo of Kelley and Scott and the lyrics produce an expressiveness and beauty that’s extraordinarily intense and emotional.

The perfect song to express your feelings for your secret crush!

“One Shot” by PRETTYMUCH

Song Year: 2019

“One Shot” is an R&B-infused pop track of PRETTYMUCH’s extended play “Phases.” This ballad is a plea to your crush to give you a single chance, and you’ll do right by her.

The bumpy beat and catch hook will get your crush jamming on this track. Also, you’ll have to let your crush know about your intentions.

“With You” by Chris Brown

Song Year: 2007

When you have a crush on somebody, you desire to spend every minute with them. “With You” by Chris Brown perfectly embodies this desire to be with your crush.

The singer is delighted to have his girl and praises everything about her. The melodious tune and Brown’s smooth vocals make up a great song about a crush. 

Top Songs About A Crush, Final Thoughts

Having a crush is an exciting experience. The strong obsession associated with it will make you believe you’ve got your long-time partner. While some crushes end up as long-term partners, others don’t work out and fade with time. Whatever the case, you’ll find great songs on this list about secretly being in love.

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