“Don’t Leave Me Now” is a song recorded by Elvis Presley for the soundtrack of his 1957 film “Jailhouse Rock.” The film, along with its soundtrack, was released at a time when Elvis was at the peak of his early career in rock and roll.

About The Song

In “Don’t Leave Me Now,” Elvis sings about the fear and desperation of being left by a romantic partner. The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and a plea for the person not to leave. Musically, the song features a slow and moody tempo, fitting the emotional tone of the lyrics. Elvis’s delivery adds depth to the sentiment expressed in the song.

The track is part of the broader collection of songs from the “Jailhouse Rock” soundtrack, which includes several other well-known Elvis Presley songs like the title track, “Treat Me Nice,” and “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care.” “Don’t Leave Me Now” showcases Elvis’s ability to convey a range of emotions through his music, from the upbeat and energetic to the more melancholic and introspective.

While perhaps not as widely recognized as some of Elvis’s biggest hits, “Don’t Leave Me Now” remains a notable part of his discography, contributing to the overall diversity of his musical output during the late 1950s.



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Don’t leave me now
Now that I need you
How blue and lonely I’d be
If you should say we’re through
Don’t break my heart
This heart that loves you
They’ll just be nothing for me
If you don’t leave me now
What good is dreamin’
If I must dream all alone by myself
Without you darling
My arms would gather dust
Come to these arms
These arms that need you
Don’t close your eyes to my plea
Don’t leave me now
Don’t close your eyes to my plea
Don’t a you leave me now

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