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If you’ve listened to any of Elvis Presley’s gospel songs, you may have heard him sing, He is My Everything. The song was written by Dallas Frazier.

Dallas Frazier is an American country musician and songwriter. He was born on October 27, 1939 in Oklahoma. He stated in an interview that he began writing music when he was about 11 years old.

In 1965, Frazier published a song titled “There Goes My Everything”. The song was about a couple breaking up for unknown reasons. He comes to realize how much she meant to him now that he is losing her — “There goes my reason for living/There goes the one of my dreams/There goes my only possession/There goes my everything”. In an interview Frazier stated he first wrote There Goes My Everything in the winters of 1963 and 1964, when he first arrived in Nashville {TN}. He was inspired to write the song from a friend, Ferlin Husky, who was currently experiencing a divorce.

The song was recorded by Jack Greene in 1966 and spent seven weeks at the top of the U.S. County Music Chart. According to Wikipedia, “The song also won several awards, including “Single of the Year” and “Song of the Year” at the very first CMA Awards presentation. In addition, the accompanying album of the same title won “Album of the Year”, and Greene won “Male Vocalist of the Year”.”

So, when and how the song was transformed from “There Goes My Everything” to “He is my Everything” is unknown. What is clear from the lyrics is that There Goes My Everything was clearly the inspiration for the future Elvis hit.

In my research for this article, I discovered Elvis recorded There Goes My Everything on June 8, 1970 for his album Elvis Country: I’m 10,000 Years Old.

Dallas Frazier is credited as the author of He is My Everything. When, where and how There Goes My Everything was reworked into He is My Everything is unknown. The earliest known release of He is My Everything is in September 1968 on an album by Charlie Walker. Walker was also a country singer-songwriter and radio DJ. Walker was born on November 2, 1926 and died on September 12, 2008.

To note, Presley recorded his version on June 8, 1970, in Nashville, Tennessee. The following year, it reached no. 9 on the country charts. Additionally, his version also entered the pop charts as it peaked at no. 21 on Billboard Hot 100. Overall, it stayed there for nine weeks.

Dallas Frazier was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1976. Frazier has written over 300 songs, which have been performed by numerous artists over the years. In 1988, he became a minister. So maybe, from the beginning, his own relationship with the Savior prompted him to rewrite his country hit to become He is My Everything. Frazier has also written other Christian hits including The Baptism of Jesse Taylor.

Frazier left the music industry for a while to pursue full time ministry, but he’s returned to the music scene and come full circle with the return to his creative roots.



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I long to be his possessionOh, he’s my everything
I remember my days of darknessWithout sunshine or sight to lead my wayBut a whisper of His voice softly calling
To the arms of my maker to stay
He is my reason for livingOh, He is the king of all kingsI long to be His possessionOh, He’s my everything

After the lighting and thunderAfter the last bell has rungI want to bow down before HimAnd hear Him say well done
He’s my reason for living
Oh, He is the king of all kingsI long to be His possessionOh, He’s my everything
I long to be His possessionOh, He’s my everything

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