“True Love” is a classic song that was written by Cole Porter. It was originally introduced in the 1956 musical film “High Society,” where it was performed as a duet by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly. Elvis Presley later recorded a solo version of the song.

About The Song

Elvis Presley’s rendition of “True Love” was included on his album “Elvis” (also known as the “Fool” album), released in 1959. In this version, Elvis brings his own style and interpretation to the romantic ballad. The song reflects the timeless theme of true and enduring love, with lyrics expressing the depth of emotions that come with genuine affection.

Elvis Presley’s vocal delivery in “True Love” is heartfelt and showcases his ability to convey emotion through his singing. The song is characterized by its tender melody and romantic lyrics, and Elvis’s rendition adds a touch of his signature style to the classic tune.

While “True Love” may not be as widely recognized as some of Elvis’s more popular hits, it remains a beautiful example of his versatility as an artist, demonstrating his ability to interpret and connect with a wide range of musical genres and styles. The song continues to be appreciated by fans of Elvis Presley and lovers of classic romantic ballads.



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Suntanned, windblown
Honeymooners at last alone
Feeling far above par
Oh, how lucky we are
While I give to you
And you give to me
True love, true love
So, on and on
It will always be
True love, true love
For you and I
Have a guardian angel on high
With nothing to do
But to give to you
And to give to me
Love forever true
Love forever true

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