Best Songs About Trying

There are many times in our lives when we must try to do many things, from overcoming obstacles to meeting a personal goal.

Check out this list of the top songs about trying that can make your day a little better.

“I Try” by Macy Gray

Song Year: 1999

Macy Gray’s ” I Try” is a slow, Grammy-winning song with an uplifting melody and bittersweet lyrics, featured on her debut album On How Life Is. The lyrics are from the perspective of a woman trying to let go of a failed love while struggling to get them out of her mind. This song might resonate with anyone seeking to move on from a relationship.

“Trying My Best” by Anson Seabra

Song Year: 2020

Anson Seabra wrote “Trying My Best” as a message to anyone experiencing their lowest points in life. This ballad’s lyrics describe Seabra being unsure about how to live his life to the fullest, despite hiding his pain from the outside. He reassures himself he can find his purpose for as long as possible. Its solemn piano accompaniment enhances the piece.

“Another Try” by Josh Turner

Song Year: 2008

If you’re a country music fan, one of the best songs about trying you should add to your playlist is Josh Turner’s “Another Try.” The song’s about a man who wants to reconnect with a former love, wishing to undo his mistakes that drove her away. Turner’s vocals and guitar accompaniment blend well with Trisha Yearwood’s harmonizing backing vocals.

“Trying Your Luck” by The Strokes

Song Year: 2001

Initially featured on The Strokes’ debut album Is This It, “Trying Your Luck” is a song about a man who tries everything to get with a woman he likes, pushing aside everything for her. Written and sung by the band’s leading vocalist Julian Casablancas, this song encapsulates the feeling many people experience when trying to impress someone they care about.

“This Is Me Trying” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2020

Taylor Swift‘s emotional songs can strike a chord with music lovers as much as her happier hits. The main inspiration behind “This Is Me Trying” stems from Swift’s personal experiences of questioning her worth. Its relatability makes it the perfect song for anyone dealing with personal struggles and how they try to overcome them. Its slower tempo enhances its melancholy vibe.

“Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying” by Sabrina Carpenter

Song Year: 2015

Are you looking for something light-hearted to listen to on a nice day? “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying,” Sabrina Carpenter’s debut single, is a slow yet upbeat song about a teenage girl trying to experience young love. Despite her multiple failures, she’s eager to learn from her mistakes, making her relatable to younger listeners.

“Trying” by Cavetown

Song Year: 2020

Cavetown’s “Trying” is a song about a person looking for acceptance from someone they care about, expressing his insecurities about being true to himself. The narrator expresses how he and the person he knows are trying their best to accept one another. The song’s mellow tempo and Cavetown’s subdued vocals encapsulate the insecurity many people face.

“Trying to Get to You” by Elvis Presley

Song Year: 1956

Initially recorded by The Eagles, Elvis Presley’s “Trying to Get to You” tells a straightforward story about a man trying to find a woman who sent him a love letter. The narrator expresses how distance won’t stop him from getting to her.

Despite having a slower tempo than other well-loved rock and roll songs of the era, it incorporates its signature sound through its guitar instrumentation.

“We All Die Trying to Get It Right” by Vance Joy

Song Year: 2014

Vance Joy’s “We All Die Trying to Get It Right” has a contrasting song to many of the previous songs on this list. The lyrics reflect the narrator’s insistence that finding his place in the world isn’t easy, but he tells the listener to try and aim high when trying anything since life’s too short for many.

“Try To Change” by Mother Mother

Song Year: 2008

Mother Mother’s “Try To Change” is a song about struggling to change, no matter how hard you try. The lyrics depict the narrator trying to change herself, but she continuously makes excuses for remaining the same. The calm vocals and indie rock guitar give the song a tranquil sound.

“Trying” by Andy Mineo

Song Year: 2021

Life is full of nothing but trying, and no song encapsulates this message more than Andy Mineo’s “Trying.” Many of the song’s lyrics describe the narrator trying to do many things to improve himself, from staying motivated and hiding his secrets to avoiding sinful behavior and moving forward, despite knowing he can’t be perfect at everything.

“I’m Trying” by Johnnie Taylor

Song Year: 1968

Johnnie Taylor’s “I’m Trying” has a soulful, old-school tone that resonates with music fans of any age. The song’s narrator reiterates how hard he tries daily to improve himself for the woman he loves, despite facing many struggles. The song has a catchy beat and exceptional trumpet accompaniment, enhancing its energy.

“Try” by Rick Astley

Song Year: 2018

One of Rick Astley’s most moving songs is “Try.” The song has a simple yet powerful message about trying your best while taking risks, despite doubting yourself. The narrator says he’s hurting inside but has to keep trying, or nothing will get done. The song’s slower piano sections complement the triumphant, hopeful orchestration incorporated into the chorus.

“The Use In Trying” by Alessia Cara

“The Use In Trying” by Alessia Cara

Song Year: 2021

One of the top songs about trying with a positive, motivational message in its lyrics is Alessia Cara’s “The Use In Trying.” Although life can be challenging and scary, and you might not always win, the narrator insists trying something new will help you find yourself after pushing past obstacles like fear.

“Trying Not to Love You” by Nickelback

Song Year: 2011

Trying to move on from love can feel impossible to many people. Nickelback’s “Trying Not to Love You” is a relatable song with a catchy yet slow guitar melody. The lyrics describe a man trying to move on from a woman he loves, but distancing himself from her only makes him love her more.

“Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” by Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2009

Alicia Keys’ “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” is an anthem about trying to heal after experiencing heartbreak. The lyrics showcase the narrator moving on from a failed relationship, despite being a difficult obstacle to overcome. The song’s message is relatable, enhanced by its downtempo R&B sound.

“Trying to Feel Alive” by Porter Robinson

Song Year: 2021

The primary inspiration behind Porter Robinson’s “Trying to Feel Alive” stems from the artist’s struggles to find his purpose in the world. The lyrics highlight how the narrator tries exciting things to feel alive. It’s the type of song anyone trying to overcome internal obstacles can listen to whenever they feel down after a rough week.

“Try It On My Own” by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 2002

If you’re a fan of inspiring pop ballads, Whitney Houston’s “Try It On My Own” is one song you shouldn’t miss out on. The song’s about a woman trying to do things independently, expressing how she’s grown from her fears and doubts. She expresses how she wants to live life how she wants, taking control even when things get tough.

“Try Again” by Aaliyah

Song Year: 2000

“Try Again” is a song about a woman encouraging a man who wants her to try asking her out again, emphasizing its message about not giving up on love when things don’t go your way. Its electric R&B sound enhances Aaliyah’s confident vocals. Sometimes, it takes more than one try to get what we want, making it relatable to anyone trying to accomplish something.

“Trying to Survive” by Colony House

Song Year: 2023

Dealing with hardships can feel overwhelming, and Colony House’s “Trying to Survive” depicts these feelings perfectly while offering glimmers of hope to its audience. The narrator expresses his frustration with trying to survive and make ends meet, from keeping friends and earning money, but he continues to keep moving forward.

“Try Again Tomorrow” by Liana Flores

Song Year: 2019

From its tranquil vocals to its acoustic guitar accompaniment, Liana Flores’ “Try Again Tomorrow” is a song that encourages people to keep moving forward when things seem overwhelming. The narrator feels stress building inside her, but she continues living and moving toward tomorrow for new experiences that will improve her well-being.

“Trying Not to Swear” by Chief Keef

Song Year: 2017

Quitting bad habits can be challenging, as demonstrated in Chief Keef’s “Trying Not to Swear.” The lyrics describe the narrator going through hard times, swearing throughout the song while considering that he should cut back on his profanity. Its contemporary hip-hop beats give it an extra edge.

“Trying” by Lifehouse

Song Year: 2000

Lifehouse’s “Trying” is a song from the band’s debut album, No Face Name. It’s about a person trying to find their purpose in the world when he doesn’t have anything planned. He strives to keep trying to do what he wants, even if it takes his whole life to accomplish it. The song’s slower tempo and classic alternative rock sound enhance its tone.

“Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)” by Janis Joplin

Song Year: 1969

This classic Janis Joplin track is about a woman trying to make love work, no matter how long it takes. Although finding love has its ups and downs, it takes plenty of strength to move past your failures to find a long-lasting relationship. Joplin’s vocals blend well with the song’s soul and blues-inspired sound, emphasizing its energy.

“Try Everything” by Shakira

Song Year: 2016

“Try Everything” is one of Shakira’s most iconic hits with a straightforward message about trying your best to succeed. The lyrics describe how the narrator is prone to making mistakes, but she won’t give up trying her best when doing new things, even if she continues to fail. Trying and failing is a part of life, and she accepts it.

“Try A Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding

Song Year: 1966

Another one of the best songs about trying is Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness.” In the song, the narrator tells the listener to try and act more compassionate around a girl they like, asserting that compassion is better than acting tough. Its soul and jazz-inspired sound give the song a timeless quality.

“Trying My Best, Los Angeles” by Mandy Moore

Song Year: 2020

Mandy Moore’s “Trying My Best, Los Angeles” portrays a woman trying to pursue a music career. The narrator expresses how she’s always wanted to go to Los Angeles but continues to wait repeatedly for a phone call about her big break. Many might associate this song’s lyrics with Moore’s rise to fame.

“Trying To Matter” by Gary Allan

Song Year: 2007

“Trying To Matter” is an uplifting country song about trying to live life to the fullest. The song’s narrator reassures the listener that it’s never too late to try anything or find people who care about them. Everybody tries to fit in, no matter what lifestyles they follow. You can’t help but feel great when you hear this song’s guitar solo.

“Try” by P!nk

Song Year: 2012

P!nk‘s “Try” is one of the most inspirational songs encouraging listeners to try taking risks when finding love. The lyrics describe the feelings many people experience after facing failed love or relationships. Although the narrator expresses that love can be painful, you must keep trying to ensure you don’t succumb to negativity.

“Today I’m Gonna Try And Change The World” by Johnny Reid

Song Year: 2010

This Johnny Reid song is about a man dedicating his life to improving the world. He tries to be friendlier with the people around him, hoping to inspire others to do the same and make a difference in someone’s life.

“Trying To Find Atlantis” by Jamie O’Neal

Song Year: 2004

Jamie O’Neal’s “Trying To Find Atlantis” tells the story of a woman trying to find the man of her dreams, comparing him to the titular underwater city. Although it seems impossible, the woman won’t stop searching for her mysterious love. Its upbeat banjo, guitar, and fiddle enhance its uptempo country sound.

Top Songs About Trying, Final Thoughts

The best songs about trying should give you the courage to do whatever you want to accomplish, no matter how hard they seem. Many of these songs vary in tone and genre, offering plenty of music variety for any playlist that encourages you to try new things.

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