Best Bride Entrance Songs

Music plays a significant role in sprucing various aspects of your wedding, from preludes to interludes and postludes. The bridal entrance song is essential in setting the mood for your big day. You want to select a piece that matches your love story.

Here are the best bride entrance songs to get you started.

“All Of Me” by John Legend

Song Year: 2013

It is hard to think of a song that sets the romantic tone for your bridal entry better than “All of Me,” a heartfelt sing-along hit. This song boasts enchanting vocals and a solo piano throughout the track, a simple yet captivating choice for your wedding.

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2014

The lyrics in this hit song don’t spell out the typical wedding vow lines “for better or worse.” However, it conjures the resolute attitude of everlasting dedication and commitment precisely.

“Thinking Out Loud” is a song full of promises of persistent affection.

“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

Song Year: 2008

If you seek to skip the norm and get a more catchy and lovely bride entrance song, “I’m Yours” is well recommended. Like other Mraz’s lighthearted sing-along huts, this song offers a calypso beat paired with captivating melodies and engaging, affectionate lyrics.

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry

Song Year: 2011

While the song may seem twee and overly sentimental, it offers much more to fit your dream occasion. As the waltz pace continues to sway, “A Thousand Years” transitions beautifully into its catchy hook.

The song is perfect if you wish to blend piano orchestration and strings into your craze for pop music.

“Marry Me” by Train

Song Year: 2010

The title speaks out loud; this is a perfect wedding song. If you aren’t convinced, the sweet lyrics and melodies will sweep you off your feet.

Also, the song’s tempo isn’t too fast for a bridal march song.

“Beyond” by Leon Bridges

Song Year: 2018

If you want a more modern song but are unsure what to choose, “Beyond” is a great option. The song is sweet to the ear, adding unique and contemporary touches to the traditional R&B sound.

The song’s production has a neo-soul flavor, with Bridges’ soulful vocals fitting in perfectly, hitting all the notes.

“Here and Now” by Luther Vandross

Song Year: 1989

Do you crave some good classic nostalgia? “Here And Now” is the song for you. The old-fashioned gem has featured in a plethora of weddings since its debut.

This timeless banger is excellent for walking down the aisle, featuring a slow-paced rhythm and an engaging melody.

“Bridal Chorus” by Wagner

Song Year: 1850

If you want a typical classic wedding bride entrance, “Bridal Chorus” is an excellent fit. Also called “Here Comes the Bride,” this song is a classic masterpiece that’s part of an 1850 opera Lohengrin.

Typically, the song is played as an instrumental in contemporary weddings, evoking the 18th-century feel.

“Your Song” by Elton John

Song Year: 1970

Another timeless bride entrance song is “Your Song,” a golden oldy that has spruced countless weddings over time.

Despite getting numerous covers, including by renowned artists, the original version by Elton still steals the show at most weddings for its fantastic melody and signature piano.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Kina Grannis

Song Year: 2017

This song covers one of the most stunning ballads in pop culture. The original song was released in 1961 by Elvis Presley and has been a fan-favorite at most weddings.

Recreate an awe-inspiring bride entry with this acoustic cover, which gives the song a touch of modern sound and Asia-centric melodies.

“Lover” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2019

“Lover,” a gentle, dreamy tune, is reminiscent of the early days of Taylor Swift’s music career, packed with romantic confessions and country undertones.

The song perfectly fits the bridal march song, combining sing-along acoustic pop and folk storytelling.

“Better Together” by Jack Johnson

Song Year: 2006

You are better together; otherwise, you wouldn’t have your wedding. This explains why Jack Jackson’s song is perfect for accompanying you down the aisle.

He employs irony and imagery to demonstrate how an impossible love becomes a reality only by working together.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

Song Year: 2010

If you want a song that’s a little out of the ordinary but has a lovely melody, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is a perfect fit.

The song was released in 1990 by Israel Kamakawiwoole, who delivers powerful vocals accompanied by a ukulele, which stands out from the overly done wedding songs.

“Me and You” by Kenny Chesney

Song Year: 1996

This mid-tempo song always steals the show and creates an unforgettable moment.

Chesney’s solid yet soothing voice is accompanied by slow and intense instrumentals, making the song ideal for an intimate bridal entrance on your wedding day.

“When I Said I Do” by Clint Black feat. Lisa Hartman Black

Song Year: 1999

As the song title suggests, this song is a perfect match for your big day. The song was released by a couple, talking about the narrator’s vow to stay with the wife till death.

So, it is proof that true love exists in life, establishing the mood of your big day.

” I Do (Cherish You)” by 98 Degrees

Song Year: 1999

If you are an ardent pop head, you will relish a touch of your music enthusiasm at your wedding. “I Do (Cherish You)” is a well-fitting option for you, offering a 90s pop-style sound.

Besides, everything in this song spells the bride’s entrance, from the lovely lyrics to the video and sweet melody.

“From This Moment On” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1997

The song’s lyrics are traditional wedding vows, hinting that it is about marriage. So, if you’re struggling to create vows for your big day, follow Shania Twain’s lead and recite the lyrics.

The song features strong vocals beautifully complemented by a string orchestra.

“Sweet Louise” by Passenger

Song Year: 2017

If you seek to infuse the country feel with a modern touch in your entrance, “Sweet Louise” is an excellent choice. Passenger diverts from his trademark breakup songs to set a romantic ambiance for your wedding in this song.

The lyrics in the song depict how the persona changes the narrator’s life with unconditional love and happiness. 

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2017

Ed Sheeran is indispensable in the modern-day pop and folk-pop scene, and I had to sneak another masterpiece from the award-winning singer and songwriter.

“Perfect,” as the title suggests, is a perfect soundtrack to usher you into the aisle on your wedding day. The lyrics of this hit song are straightforward and passionate, making it highly relatable.

“I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles

Song Year: 2013

When I first heard “I Choose You,” I knew it would be great for a memorable, joyful walk down the aisle.

This charming song will offer the ideal atmosphere for your day, but the lyrics will get all the attention. The beautiful mid-tempo piece is integrated with catchy indie pop production that can brighten a dull day.

“How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding

Song Year: 2013

Unlike most cliché love songs, Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You” is low-key and not overly sappy. Instead, the piano ballad is a simple declaration of everlasting love, spicing up the atmosphere for your wedding.

“Cowboy Take Me Away” by The Dixie Chicks

Song Year: 1999

Contrary to Dixie Chicks’ sarcastic and humorous tracks, “Cowboy Take Me Away” oozes a more laid-back feel.

This song expresses a longing and is ideal if you marry a countryman. Also, the song’s lyrics depict a desire for more tranquility, a plaintive desire for a budding romance, and simply blissful embracing.

“Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labrinth & Emeli Sandé

Song Year: 2012

If you’re seeking a more passionate and touching song, this ballad is the right combination of soul and lively pop to guide you down the aisle.

Labrinth and Emeli link up in the duet, effortlessly harmonizing with vocal contrast enhancing the slow-paced track.

“Endless Love” by Luther Vandross feat. Mariah Carey

Bride Entrance Songs For the Aisle

Song Year: 1994

When two music legends team up on a track, magic happens. After all, is there a song that a Mariah Carey feature didn’t elevate?

The piece is indispensable in your wedding playlist, and best fits a lovely bride entrance. Luther and Mariah harmonize in the slow jam, making it a famous bride entrance track worldwide.

“Yellow” by Coldplay

Song Year: 2000

Creating a bridal entrance compilation without featuring Coldplay songs is daunting, and this is where “Yellow” comes in.

Finally, a sigh of relief for rock music lovers. You can’t help but be smitten with this tune: a fantastic allegory for every marriage.

“Life To Come” by The Killers

Song Year: 2017

Despite its dubious name, the American rock band boasts a decent selection of love songs, but the one that will kill it at your wedding is “Life to Come.”

This indie rock jam is a pledge to your sweetheart that you will always be there for them, regardless of the circumstances.

“Canon in D” by Pachelbel

Song Year: 1690

This centuries-old classic has transcended time to become a wedding staple in the modern world, blending imagination and pop culture.

The timeless masterpiece is a jam that will shape the ambiance for your wedding, a lovely bride entrance song to rock as you make your way down the aisle.

“A Million Love Songs” by Take That

Song Year: 1992

Another notable classic for the grand bride entrance in your wedding is “A Million Love Songs.”

The song features heartfelt lyrics complemented by appealing vocals and slow-paced piano and saxophone accompaniments. So, if you are anxious that you may rush your entrance, this song is a perfect match.

“Wild Love” by James Bay

Song Year: 2018

“Wild Dreams” is a slow track expressing romance’s rising euphoria via deep grooves and heartfelt, passionate lyrics.

The acoustic-driven ballad is soft and pulsating, with Bay crooning an emotional, lovely tune full of affection, well-fitting for a memorable bride entrance.

“Best Part” by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.

Song Year: 2017

Duets have always produced impressive wedding highlights over the years and choosing “Best Part” for your entrance is well recommended.

Ceasar and H.E.R join in exquisite harmony to capture the essence of love infused in music.

“Spend My Life With You” by Eric Benet ft. Tamia

Song Year: 1999

Wedding accompaniment is written all over this romantic song.

Eric and Tamia’s singsong vocals compliment each other so beautifully that you may describe the duet as a lovely match made in musical heaven. The lyrics describe an exceptional kind of love that you wouldn’t wish to let go of.

“Nothing Even Matters” x Lauryn Hill ft. D’Angelo

Song Year: 1998

When nothing can break your relationship, you know the bond you share is real. In the song, the narrator says that the heavens may fall, but it wouldn’t matter if she had her lover by her side.

The sultry crooners complement each other, producing a perfect symphony for your special day.

“Good as You” by Kane Brown

Song Year: 2018

“Good as You” is a love ballad about a kind-hearted girl who pushes her lover to become a better person. This groovy country tune adds flavor to your entrance with an upbeat vibe while being slow enough to lead you down the aisle.

“For You I Will (Confidence)” by Teddy Geiger

Song Year: 2006

Teddy’s “For You I Will” is another perfect bridal march song for your big day. In the song, the narrator seeks to express her love to someone she loves by gaining enough confidence.

The song features a lyrical acoustic accompaniment, slow enough to walk you down the aisle.

“A Moment Like This” by Kelly Clarkson

Song Year: 2002

This song is one of Clarkson’s rare emotional songs about the pure delight of achieving something you’ve always dreamt about. It’s a favorite hit for bridal entrance among millennials who grew up listening to Kelly Clarkson, setting a romantic theme for your ceremony.

“Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion

Song Year: 1998

If you and your partner are romantics, “Because You Loved Me” is an excellent fit. The song showcases Celine’s impressive vocals alongside sweet and romantic lyrics that focus on thanking your future spouse, making it an absolute show-stopper.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 2012

The song was initially released in 1974 by Dolly Parton, and Whitney gave it fresh air in her 2012 rendition. “I Will Always Love You” will leave you and your guests emotional with powerful vocals and romantic lyrics.

“The Only One” by Music Travel Love

Song Year: 2020

“The Only One” is written with a wedding in mind, from its heartfelt lyrics to the video. The slow arrangement, complemented by live acoustic, sets the mood for your wedding.

Also, the duo harmonizes perfectly in the song to create beautiful melodies.

“Hallelujah” by Pentatonix

Song Year: 2016

“Hallelujah” is a famous music masterpiece by Leonard Cohen that was first released in 1984. While the original is a chef-d’oeuvre, Pentatonix’s jazzed-up acapella rendition is equally moving.

So surrender to the lovely chords and catch beatbox accompaniment as you walk down the aisle.

“God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

This song was originally written by a contemporary Christian rocker Dave Barnes and released in 2010. Blake Shelton’s 2011 ballad version, packed with emotions, became an instant success in wedding circles, catapulting the lowkey masterpiece into the limelight.

“Air on the G String” by Johann Sebastian Bach

Song Year: 1871

Classical music always adds charm and romance to your big day, and “Air on the G String” is a perfect fit. The song’s warm tones are enough to send shivers down your guests’ spines as you make your way down the aisle. But we can’t guarantee dry eyes during your bridal march.

“All I Want Is You” by U2

Song Year: 1988

This song is a no-brainer if you and your future spouse are rock heads. The lovely romantic ballad features one simple and heartfelt message – “All I Want Is You.”

You won’t be thinking about anything else as you march towards your lover, accompanied by this beautiful love song.

“You Are the Reason” by Callum Scott

Song Year: 2018

This song is a quiet yet lovely emotional ballad best suited for a relaxed, romantic bridal march down the aisle. The song was first released as a single by Callum Scott, but there is a duet version where he features Leona Lewis.

“At Last” by Etta James

Song Year: 1960

“At Last” is Etta James’ rendition of a masterpiece by the musical Orchestra Wives, arguably the most romantic song ever recorded. The iconic jazz song is a wedding staple and a perfect fit to lead you down the aisle with Etta’s smooth voice.

“The Luckiest” by Ben Folds

Song Year: 2001

“The Luckiest” is arguably the best piece by Ben Folds, which takes an intriguing approach to a love song. This song stands out as a bridal march song for its sweet, sentimental lyrics complemented by nice percussions to lead you down the aisle.

“All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1967

Although it is the most famous piece by The Beatles, it still hits the right notes.

This lovely composition carries an important message of the beauty and perfection of love, with a catchy chorus that’s easy to sing along to, making it a lively and romantic song to set the pace for your ceremony.

“Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum

Song Year: 2011

Nothing beats a kiss at the start of a new relationship. Well, Lady Antebellum have you covered with their “Just A Kiss” single, featuring piano and string accompaniments with harmonizing vocals that give the lyrics a nice touch of emotional tenderness.

Top Bride Entrance Songs, Final Thoughts

You may have spent a lot of time figuring out the first dance song with your significant other, but don’t forget the importance of the bride’s entrance to your ceremony.

You should select a song that matches the style and atmosphere of your ceremony. Do you fancy an ultra-romantic and grandiose mood or a charming, lighthearted event? Fortunately, there are plenty great options to choose from.

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