Best Mother Daughter Songs For Your Wedding

The mother daughter dance is a beautiful moment in a wedding celebration. Plan the perfect song to share your appreciation for the woman who helped raise you. This list of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding has classics, country hits, pop sensations, R&B favorites, and everything in between.

“My Girl” by The Temptations

Song Year: 1965

“My Girl” by The Temptations is one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding. This popular song talks about how happy life is with someone special. Upon its release, “My Girl” was the first number-one single from The Temptations.

“Forever Young” by Rod Stewart

Song Year: 1988

Share a smile and mother daughter moment with the hit song “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart wrote this song to honor his children, whom he missed while on tour.

“I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5

Song Year: 1970

“I’ll Be There” is one of the best mother daughter wedding songs that reassure one another that you’ll be there for each other no matter what. This song is from The Jackson 5’s third album and their fourth number-one single in a row.

“You’re My Best Friend” by Queen

Song Year: 1975

If your mom is also your best friend, then this hit song from Queen is the perfect mother daughter dance song. “You’re My Best Friend” is from Queen’s fourth studio album, A Night at the Opera.

“Sweetest Devotion” by Adele

Song Year: 2015

Singer and songwriter Adele wrote “Sweetest Devotion” about her adoration for her son. This hit song about motherly love is a great choice from Adele’s third album, 25, making it an excellent mother daughter wedding song.

“I Love You Because” by Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley

Song Year: 1956

“I Love You Because” is a beautiful duet between Elvis Presley and his daughter Lisa Marie Presley. This song about parental love is one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding dance and is sure to leave not a single dry eye in the room.

“There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill

Song Year: 2001

“There You’ll Be” is a pop-country song by American singer Faith Hill perfect for celebrating a touching mother daughter moment. This power ballad received popularity following the movie Pearl Harbor, where it received a nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 2001 Grammy Awards.

“A Mother Like You” by JJ Heller

Song Year: 2019

It goes without saying that “A Mother Like You” is a great choice when dedicating a song to your mom. This soft song by the American Christian singer JJ Heller is a beautiful song all about all the things a mother gives throughout her life.

“Little Girl” by Christina Grimmie

Song Year: 2018

“Little Girl” was originally an unreleased song dedicated to singer and songwriter Christina Grimmie’s mother, who had breast cancer. “Little Girl” is one of the best mother daughter wedding songs, with a soft and slow tempo and many affectionate vibes.

“Like My Mother Does” by Lauren Alaina

Song Year: 2011

American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina covered the song “Like My Mother Does” on the popular TV show’s tenth season and again on her album Wildflower. This country song about motherly love is the perfect addition to any wedding playlist.

“When God Made You My Mother” by Riley Roth

Song Year: 2021

“When God Made You My Mother” by Riley Roth is an excellent choice if you and your mom love a good country song. This slow song features the angelic voice of Riley Roth singing about how lucky she is to have the mom she does.

“My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

Song Year: 2006

Rascal Flatts have lots of great hits worth dancing to, but “My Wish” is a popular choice for weddings. After its release, this hit song peaked at the number one spot on the US country music charts for its depiction of a parent’s eternal love for their child.

“Mama, He’s Crazy” by The Judds

Song Year: 1984

“Mama, He’s Crazy” is a hit song by the country duo, The Judds, from their studio album, Why Not Me. If you want a country song to sway and dance to with your mother or parent on your wedding day, “Mama, He’s Crazy” is about falling in love and telling your mom all about it.

“I Turn to You” by Christina Aguilera

Song Year: 1999

Christina Aguilera blessed the music world with the ballad “I Turn to You” on her debut album in 1999. This slow pop song talks about the person you turn to whenever you need someone the most, bringing motherly love and support to mind.

“Thank You Mom” by Good Charlotte

Song Year: 2000

It might be surprising that the pop-punk bank Good Charlotte has an endearing song about motherly love, but their song “Thank You Mom” is just that. This mother daughter dance song is from their debut album, Good Charlotte.

“Mom,” by Meghan Trainor ft. Kelli Trainor

Song Year: 2016

“Mom” is a beautiful song by the American singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor and her sister Kelli Trainor. This moving song is featured on the Deluxe version of Meghan Trainor’s second studio album, Thank You.

“Mother,” by Sugarland

Song Year: 2018

“Mother” is a song about the acts of kindness and love a mother displays to everyone in her life. This beautiful song by the country band Sugarland is the perfect song to play during a mother daughter dance, especially if the two of you are fans of country music.

“Mama” by The Spice Girls

Song Year: 1996

The Spice Girls were one of the most famous girl groups of their time and were at the forefront of promoting girl power worldwide. The hit song “Mama” extends that feminine power to mothers, making this the perfect song to add to a wedding playlist.

“Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2010

Taylor Swift is famous for her heartfelt lyrics, and “Never Grow Up” is a beautiful song with deep lyrics about a mother’s love. Add this incredible slow song from the album, Speak Now to your mother daughter dance playlist.

“I’ll Always Love My Mama” by The Intruders

Song Year: 1973

“I’ll Always Love My Mama” would make another great addition to your wedding playlist. This popular song by The Intruders has a faster beat than other songs on this list for a happy tune that’s fun to dance to.

“Days Like This” by Van Morrison

Song Year: 1995

From the moment “Days Like This” begins, you’ll want to hold your mom close and sway on the dance floor. This moving song by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison speaks about a mother’s comfort even on the worst kinds of days.

“In My Daughter’s Eyes” by Martina McBride

Song Year: 2003

Martina McBride released one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding in 2003 titled, “In My Daughter’s Eyes.” This soft, slow song is about how a mother loves her daughter and how, to a daughter, a mother is a hero. 

“You Are My Sunshine” by Kina Grannis

Song Year: 2018

Kina Grannis released an incredible cover of “You Are My Sunshine,” perfect for a mother daughter song at a wedding. With a slow guitar and angelic voice, this lullaby will make you want to hold your mother close.

“Where You Lead I Will Follow” by Carole King

Song Year: 1971

If you and your mom are as close as the Gilmore Girls, then you need to play “Where You Lead I Will Follow” by Carole King at your wedding. This song is the theme for the hit TV show about a famous mother daughter duo with an enviably close bond.

“God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys

Song Year: 1966

Bring a joyous song to a happy occasion by playing “God Only Knows” for your mother daughter dance song. The Beach Boys are famous for their upbeat songs and epic harmonies, and this song features touching lyrics about appreciating someone being in your life. 

“Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder

Song Year: 1967

It’s hard not to smile and dance when Stevie Wonder’s hit song “Isn’t She Lovely” plays. This popular wedding song talks about how lovely a woman is, making it meaningful for both a mother and a daughter.

“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Song Year: 2003

With swelling violins and soulful lyrics, “You Raise Me Up” is a song about the love and support people offer at their lowest and highest of times. This hit song by Josh Groban is from the album Closer.

“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

Song Year: 2000

When trouble comes along, instead of getting you down, Lee Ann Womack hopes you dance instead. “I Hope You Dance” is a wish for anyone to find the happy moments in life and rejoice, making it an ideal song for a mother to send her daughter off into her new married life.

“Mother” by Kacey Musgraves

Song Year: 2018

“Mother” is a beautiful song featuring soft piano and the dreamy voice of country singer Kacey Musgraves. This song is about the encouragement and care of a mother and is a great addition to a wedding playlist.

“A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men

Song Year: 1997

Boyz II Men is a popular boy band who sings the beautiful ballad “A Song for Mama.” This touching song is about how a mother will always be the most important woman in someone’s life.

“You Are So Beautiful to Me” by Joe Cocker

Song Year: 1974

Nothing beats the soft piano and husky voice of Joe Cocker telling you how beautiful you look on your wedding day. “You Are So Beautiful to Me” makes a great dance song because the lyrics ring true for both parties.

“Oh How the Years Go By” by Amy Grant

Song Year: 1994

“Oh How the Years Go By” is a cover song by Christian pop singer Amy Grant from her album House of Love. This beautiful song is about all the joy and sadness as the years pass.

“Lady” by Brett Young

Song Year: 2020

Take in the mother daughter moment with “Lady” by country singer Brett Young. This heartfelt song is from the perspective of a father looking at his daughter and hoping she turns into a woman as wonderful as her mother.

“Utopia” by Lykke Li

Song Year: 2018

“Utopia” is an alternative indie-rock song by Swedish singer Lykke Li. This slow song is a great addition to a wedding playlist for a sweet moment between mother and daughter on the dance floor.

“Promise” by Tori Amos ft. Natashya Hawley

Song Year: 2014

American singer-songwriter Tori Amos released the hit song “Promise” in 2014. This song uses vocals from Natashya Hawley to echo lyrics simulating a mother daughter conversation about a promise to always be there for one another.

“Twenty Years From Now” by Kylie Rae Harris

Song Year: 2019

“Twenty Years From Now” is one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding because Kylie Rae Harris wrote this song for her daughter. Alongside soft guitar and Kyle Rae Harris’ country voice, the heartfelt lyrics make this song a perfect choice to share a special moment.

“Butterfly Fly Away,” by Miley Cyrus and Billy Rae Cyrus

Song Year: 2009

From the moment you hear the soft strumming of the acoustic guitar of “Butterfly Fly Away,” you’ll want to hold your mom’s hand and get on the dance floor. This sweet duet between father and daughter works just as well for a heartfelt mother daughter dance.

“Morning” by Sarah Jarosz

“Morning” by Sarah Jarosz

Song Year: 2021

Sarah Jarosz is a singer-songwriter with the sweet song “Morning” on her album, Blue Heron Suite. This lovely song is about the memory of her mother. Choose this beautiful tune and make the most of your time with your mom on one of the happiest days of your life.

“Shiny” by Sara Bareilles

Song Year: 2019

Sara Bareilles released this song honoring her mother right around Mother’s Day in 2019. “Shiny” is an amazing pop song from the album, Amidst the Chaos that you and your mom will enjoy dancing together to on your special day.

“Mother” by Ashanti

Song Year: 2008

“Mother” by R&B singer Ashanti is a song dedicated to her mom. This pop and R&B song has smooth music that’s easy to dance to at a wedding and lyrics that will make you both want to cry.

“You’ll Be in My Heart” by Brent Morgan

Song Year: 2021

In 2021, Brent Morgan covered the well-known song about parental love, “You’ll Be in My Heart.” Originally performed by Phil Collins for the Tarzan movie, this soft piano tune is a beautiful way to relive some childhood memories and remind each other that you’ll always be in each other’s hearts and minds.

“Stand by Me” by Ben E. King

Song Year: 1962

The classic hit “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King is a crowd favorite for a mother daughter dance song. The meaning behind the lyrics is easy to understand by everyone in the audience and on the dance floor, making this song an awesome choice for a dance song playlist.

“Her” by Anne-Marie

Song Year: 2020

“Her” by Anne-Marie mentions the word mother within the first few seconds after the piano starts playing. This song is written from a daughter’s perspective towards her mother and mentions the many ways she appreciates everything her mother said and did.

“A Mother’s Prayer” by Celine Dion

Song Year: 2004

The voice of Celine Dion is iconic, so if you and your mom are a fan, then there is no better choice for a mother daughter dance than “A Mother’s Prayer.” This tear-inducing song has meaningful lyrics sung beautifully by the motherly voice of Celine Dion.

“Blue” by Beyoncé

Song Year: 2013

Beyonce and Jay-Z famously gave birth to their baby girl Blue in 2012. The song “Blue” by Queen Beyonce is about how alive she feels every time she looks at her daughter.

“In My Life” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1965

The Beatles have many great hits, but “In My Life” is a melodic song about there being many people who you meet and love in your life, but one person stands above the rest. This incredible mother daughter dance song is from the Rubber Soul album.

“Every Mother’s Dream” by Teresa James

Song Year: 2006

“Every Mother’s Dream” is a moving ballad with soft piano and the angelic voice of Teresa James. This song is from the perspective of a mother to her daughter, letting her know that she is blessed to have a daughter in her life.

“I’m Blessed to Call You Mother” by Molly Pasutti

Song Year: 2013

Molly Pasutti released the piano ballad “I’m Blessed to Call You Mother” in 2013. The title gives away the meaning of the song, making this an ideal song for a mother daughter wedding dance.

“You and Me Against the World” by Helen Reddy

Song Year: 1974

The song “You and Me Against the World” is a beautiful tune by Helen Reddy. Let the swelling violins and meaningful lyrics of this hit song be the background music for an unforgettable moment.

“What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Song Year: 1967

Sway to the soothing sounds of one of Louis Armstrong’s greatest hits, “What A Wonderful World.” This iconic song adds feel-good vibes to a happy moment shared between a daughter and her mom.

“Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)” by Doris Day

Song Year: 1964

Doris Day talks about the best advice her mother ever gave her in “Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera).” If you want to share a light-hearted dance with your mom, this song is a wonderful option.

“You Will Always Be (My Baby Girl)” by Angel Sessions

Song Year: 2021

Angel Sessions is an urban Christian singer with the song “You Will Always Be (My Baby Girl)” dedicated to her daughter. This song talks about everything a mother would do for their child and features beautiful vocals.

“Mother’s Love” by KEM

Song Year: 2010

“Mother’s Love” by KEM is one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding. This piano ballad speaks about the virtues of a mother’s love, sung by the dreamy vocals from American R&B singer KEM.

“Right By You (for Luna)” by John Legend

Song Year: 2016

If you and your mom are fans of John Legend, then “Right By You (for Luna)” is an incredible option for a mother daughter dance song. This song talks about always being there for someone, even in their darkest moments.

“Loves Me Like a Rock” by Paul Simon

Song Year: 1973

Not all mother daughter wedding songs are slow piano ballads, “Loves Me Like a Rock” by Paul Simon is a happy tune with an upbeat tempo perfect for dancing. The lyrics talk about the unmoving love of a mother.

“Mother Like Mine” by Band Perry

Song Year: 2013

“Mother Like Mine” by the American country band Brand Perry is one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding. This slow song talks about how much better the world would be if everyone had a mom like lead singer Kimberly Perry’s.

“Teach Your Children” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Song Year: 1969

Sway to the sounds of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s hit song “Teach Your Children.” This band is famous for singing poetic lyrics, and this song is about the love and life advice a parent gives to their children.

“Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel

Song Year: 1977

“Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel is an amazing 70’s love song for a mother daughter dance because it talks about loving someone as they are. With a slow rhythm, this song is easy to dance to.

“Mama’s Song” by Carrie Underwood

Song Year: 2009

Country singer Carrie Underwood released one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding in 2009. “Mama’s Song” is dedicated to the singer’s mother; the video for the song features Carrie Underwood singing to her mother on her wedding day.

“Somebody’s Hero” by Jamie O’Neal

Song Year: 2005

Jamie O’Neal released the country song “Somebody’s Hero” in tribute to her mother. The song talks about how a mother is a hero for doing all the little things. Find this awesome mother daughter dance song on the album Brave.

“Whenever I See Your Smiling Face” by James Taylor

Song Year: 1977

It’s hard not to smile when James Taylor starts playing “Whenever I See Your Smiling Face.” This is the perfect song for a mother daughter moment because it’s a happy song to celebrate a joyous occasion.

“I’ll Stand by You” by The Pretenders

Song Year: 1994

“I’ll Stand by You” is a ballad from the English-American rock band The Pretenders. With heartfelt lyrics about being there for someone even when life is hard, this is one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding.

“You’re Gonna Be” by Reba McEntire

Song Year: 2005

Country singer and TV star Reba McEntire released the song “You’re Gonna Be” in 2005 about her children. The lyrics make this ballad a perfect mother daughter dance song.

“Lullaby” by Billy Joel

Song Year: 1993

Mothers are famous for singing lullabies, but Billy Joel allows moms to take a break by singing “Lullaby” on their behalf. This piano song from the album River of Dreams will have every guest at your wedding swaying to the music.

“My Darling” by Wilco

Song Year: 1999

If you’re searching for mother daughter wedding songs, look no further than “My Darling” by Wilco. This indie-rock song has a rhythm for dancing and heartfelt lyrics any parent and child can relate to.

“Your Song” by Elton John

Song Year: 1970

“Your Song” by Elton John is one of his most famous songs, and a wedding is incomplete without it bringing people to the dancefloor. This moving song features violins, piano, and the iconic voice of Elton John singing about how amazing life is because someone special is in it.

“26 Cents” by Wilkinsons

Song Year: 1998

“26 Cents” peaked at the number-one spot on the Canadian country music charts and is one of Wilkinson’s greatest hits. This moving song’s lyrics talk about the small gifts a mother gives that mean everything.

“Love Can Build a Bridge” by The Judds

Song Year: 1990

“Love Can Build a Bridge” by the country duo The Judds is a touching song about the sacrifices one makes for someone one loves. Hold your mom close as you two sway to the soft guitar and let one another know how much you mean to each other.

“I Believe in You” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song Year: 2004

Steven Curtis Chapman released the Christian pop-rock song “I Believe in You” in 2004. This slow song is one of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding because the lyrics apply to parental love or have a religious interpretation.

Top Mother Daughter Wedding Songs, Final Thoughts

The bond between a mother and her daughter is special, to say the least, and the subject of many songs throughout the years. Choose from this list of the best mother daughter songs for your wedding for meaningful songs that will remind you of that special bond and how this relationship shaped you as you move into married life.

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